Aries, why so sexy?


Everytime I meet someone I like or someone approaches me it happens to be an Aries (Aries are sexy, but I'm a Scorpio).
Is there something in my chart that denotes this? My Midheaven and lilth is in Aries?

Sun Scorpio 11.33
Moon Cancer 1.24
Mercury Scorpio 16.34 R
Venus Libra 23.36
Mars Scorpio 26.15
Jupiter Libra 28.38
Saturn Aquarius 23.14
Uranus Capricorn 18.49
Neptune Capricorn 18.43
Pluto Scorpio 24.55
Lilith Aries 12.45
Asc node Sagittarius 3.09

Ascendant Leo 19.36
II Virgo 5.43
III Virgo 27.52
IV Libra 29.41
V Sagittarius 12.10
VI Capricorn 21.16
VII Aquarius 19.36
VIII Pisces 5.43
IX Pisces 27.52
Midheaven Aries 29.41
XI Gemini 12.10
XII Cancer 21.16


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It could be transits. I've noticed that at different times in my life I will start attracting or being attracted to a particular sun sign. Then time will pass and another sun sign will show up. A couple of years ago every guy was Aquarius and now it's Sag. Interesting.
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I've read somewhere recently that you should check out your Venus return to see where the Sun and Moon fall ... those signs will be of your attraction/love during the circulation of Venus around the zodiac...a new relationship may form and the partner would have Sun or Moon in those signs. And check your Mars return to see where the Sun and Moon fall and those will be the signs you sexual partners will have either their Sun or Moon.


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Your fire ascendant helps you to get on nicely with other fire signs, at least superficially.

Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Mars, and thus have some things in common like strong passion and sexuality. If you are a female, you are looking for the traits of your Sun and Mars signs in a partner so these commonalities will trigger you. However Scorpio is deep and goes in for emotional intimacy and Aries is less predisposed that way. And if an Aries Sun squares your Cancer Moon in synastry there will be major problems.