Aries Rising with Mars in Libra

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Soo I have Aries as my Ascendant sign and this is a very important thing in my chart to which I could never relate, it's very sad...
Aries Risings are said to be leaders, aggressive and impulsive, but I am the complete opposite. I am shy, thoughtful, indecisive and pretty calm.
Others seem me as a quite detached and introverted. Really, I am not an outgoing kind of person and rather analyse situations in my mind and think about my emotions.

I wondered, if the position of my Mars could change my appeareance so drastically. My Mars is in Libra, house 7, and retrogard. What i've read about Libra Mars seemed to fit me perfectly, I am really a diplomat and don't like confrontation and action. But this would still not change me being an Aries Rising, would it? This confuses me...

If anyone would like to have a look on my chart, my birthday is the 8th of May, 1999 at 4:30 AM in Mindelheim, Bavaria, Germany.
Could anyone tell me, why I'm not the Aries Rising I'm supposed to be? :sad:


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You should post your chart rather than just giving your data.

The condition (which involves consideration of multiple factors) of the lord (ruler) of any sign determines how that sign will operate in each individual chart.

In your case Mars is not just lord of Aries but because Aries holds the Asc is also Lord of the Horoscope. This honor, for good or ill, influences the entire chart (life).

From what you have said (I have not seen the chart) we know that Mars is:
1. In his detriment, or exile,
by sign (Essential weakness).
2. In the House opposing his Natural house, a very similar sort of debility, but Accidental rather than Esssential.

Essential means inborn, inherent, of your nature. Accidental means circumstantial, experiential, what you encounter as you walk the path of life that influences your development.

So there you have 2 of the conditions of Mars. There are more. I have put this to you in astrological terms. You will want to study these and understand them in terms of living Life.

Mars in the 7th House is Angular, another condition, which makes him more powerful or influential, whether for good or ill. Mars is receiving a great deal of emphasis in this chart. First, he is lord of the horoscope; second, he is angular; and third he is doubly exiled (of itself enough to make me look twice).

First step: study what Mars as a planet symbolizes. What, in the human psyche and human life, does Mars represent? Whstever that may be, it is strongly emphasized in your character and destiny.

P.S.: I wonder what Venus is doing, what her conditions are? She rules Mars, and the two planets form a natural opposing/complementary pairing of energies. But first understand what Mars, taken alone, represents.

Now do you have some idea of why you are not the "typical Aries"?
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Are you now or have you ever been married?

Often the Mars in 7 represents traits of the partner or people you are drawn to (or who are drawn to you.

Mars retrograde explains why some of the descriptions and expectations don't fit.

Also, other aspects to the ASC or to Mars would impact that sense of identitication with your ASC.

By the way, not all leaders are aggressive and hyper active. There are many ways to lead.

Also, how old are you? And do you have planets in the 11th house?