Aries Initiation


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The Ram

This is a discourse on the idea surrounding Aries energy. The symbol of the Aries energy is the Ram, who always pushes and pioneers forward. Here is how the Aries energy works in life. Aries is cardinal fire, which is a projection of inertia.

Now the day unfolds and an inertia begins to built by default based Newton's law "An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force." Now Aries though, is the body, and he or she is motivated! Aries is the part of self that realizes and has an awareness of itself as "in the game." So what is going to act here is another inertia started by the individual from the standpoint of being at the center of his or her own world and power. The Ram archetype inserts a competing wavelength within the fray of all else that is going on. It starts out slow as it is initiation. That is why Aries energy is both "first and last" as it is either a binary "win" or "lose" depending if it's accepted or rejected by those who you wish to make the wavelength vicarious with. It's insertion by the definition.

Aries energy is impulsive and spontaneous, it begins a new acceleration point. All of your current focal points already have momentum going, and this is the place of inception. Jesus said, "the seed is in the plant." And the band America had a song with the lyrics, "Oz never gave nothing to the tin man that he didn't already have." With that in mind what makes Aries the sign of conquest is making the energy vicarious through the mirror and lens in the creative minds of other people. This is why Aries is the leader and represents leadership and initiation.

Aries puts the Hero out on the leading edge where he isn't going to have friends or followers at first. Why? Because of the law of the universe. The Hero will mistake a lack of resonance for "why are they being mean to me, or why are they ignoring me, or why do I keep making mistakes." Aries though is motivated by the bloody battle that is going to take place. The Hero may say "I don't mean to be rude but" however this is a major art of tapping into the vicariousness of the creativity of the individual. The ram's potential is in the mind's of those who have decided to consent to join in the game. "Mortal Kombat!"

Our relationship with other Heros, is what brings the art of the game to life. James Blunt wrote a song called "Same Mistake" and in it he wrote powerful lyrics in my life pertaining to being the Hero, "remember rights that I did wrong" and it shows in the song, events of what looks to be a backwards evolution. "If I only knew then what I know now." The thesis of Aries if you can catch it with your Capricorn energy, is grace. In other words it is generally accepted by all of nature "All is fair in love and war."

However let's isolate this what I call a troli (a wavelength to be unfolded) of the "same mistake" a person makes over and over and then learns only after the fact. Charlie Sheen was on Dr. Oz and said I figured it out, "Everything I do I always make exactly the wrong choice, perfect every time." There is something mighty powerful here if you can pick up how the universe works by the laws of resonance and attraction and frequency.

The troli came to me about this one day when I was pushing grocery karts at Walmart with an electric machine. I thought to myself, "Would it be a better idea to get the karts from the left or the right side of the parking lot isle first with the way traffic is going. I don't want to get in anybodies way." Thinking "Murphy's Law" was out to get me I knew either choice I had I would slow down cars. And then I held the thought in grace long enough that as Jesus said, "and all these things will be added unto you." And I was aware for the first time "Whatever decision I make it is the right decision." I was like Lou Reed in his Velvet Underground song "beginning to see the light" pertaining to all things being lawful.

Now concerning synchronicity and timing, Aries energy has none it is both tactless, troubled, and pioneering. Aries doesn't equip itself with staying power as it is a cardinal sign, and at that fleeting is the fire with the absence of the energy. Aries always "wants something" and at times can be annoying and bossy. With Aries energy when you strap on the helmet you are when using this initiation energy walking into the war, and the fray, and the commotion. All the words that we as resonant beings are not energetically a match to feel "off." And it is that "other wavelength" that feeling of being "off" that is so subtle that initiated the birth of all of us.

That is the insertion point, the inertia for which the Hero in all his hollow glory, is going to add something new to the fray, to be digested and dissected at a later point when the resonance is then found. The Aries wavelength is a big conversation, as it does give the Hero the grace to use his own mind with the clarity of his creativity.


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Regardless if it's in the wrong subforum (can be moved), it is an intriguing post. Thank you ScorpioMinistry. :tongue:

I am interested in your analogy to inertia. Frame of reference is important here. You could define the system/body as the sign itself, or the three signs in procession of modalities (cardinal -> fixed -> mutable), or then entire zodiac.

I would think that inertia increases as you pass through each procession of modalities, as a way to think of it. Aries-Taurus-Gemini have the least inertia, while Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces has the most. The force required to move the body is less and increases as you go through the zodiac, but once in motion the procession with greater inertia has greater velocity and is harder to stop.

So Aries would be the acceleration point of the first procession, requiring the least force to get going. It just goes, really. Perhaps it accelerates due to the force of the last procession, since we are talking about a cycle.

To me, this analogy is useful because I spiritually and emotionally and physically find myself a body with mass that has inertia. And looking at in this light explains a lot about how I move, and perhaps it is useful to think of the signs in how they move as a primarily modal expression, colored by elemental analogies in terms of physical laws.

Aries as fire: Fire burns fast with enough oxygen. Fire doesn't wait without at least smoking. It's doesn't take a while to make it's presence known -- it's either there or not there. And when it's there you know. It's an appropriate beginning for the ending of the beginning.

When I think of Aries I also think of forgetting. When in the womb, our body trying to catch up to our spirit, perhaps reincarnated (Pisces). In those first years, many children talk about having past lives (some to a level of detail that can't be denied), but as they grow older, learn a new sense of self in their new body and new life, and they forget. They start over. And starting at the beginning again they are free from knowledge of the world and new lessons are learned along with old ones as we experience more and more of the universe. Aries forgot timing, forgot the rhythm, and begins the journey to find it again.

In a way, Aries approaches all aspects of life as if they were never experienced before (depending on where the energy is in the chart, how strong it is, and what other influences might modify it). This would also go along with your idea of learning the same lessons over and over again.

I'm curious what other views people have on Aries, just as a free form thought on what the sign means.