Are we going to separate?


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Him (Mars) and me (Venus) both in 4th house, having applying conjunct after Mars conjuncts with Pluto. So, separation in 3 weeks ?

Mars has already changed signs and Venus is now gonna follow.

Venus trine moon is a positive sign though. It's in 8th house, what does it signify ? I met my partner at work, 10th house is moon so Venus trine Moon would mean Moon likes Venus ?

There's is Chiron in 7th house, this relationship is hurting him more or me ?

Please correct my readings, if you would like.


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Yes, within 6 months. Your Moon is applying to his Sun.
Or you can say Moon (work) translate the light from his Sun to Venus.
Keep us informed.


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The part of divorce should be able to help. Look at the part and see how both are in reception to the depositor. Beyond that this is a question of reception - most people don't want to stay with people they don't love anymore. You are Venus exalting him. You are idealizing him and too deeply in the infatuation stage that I don't think your seeing him clearly. The moon is following suit in Venus domicile but emotionally you don't really like this man as you also sit in his fall. It doesn't look like this while be changing anytime soon The sun is in its detriment and mars also dislikes the sun. Something going on with him as a man - good news is that I don't think that actually has much to do wth you.


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Not idealizing anymore. I am legit bored of chasing him, I cringe hard. Well, he said he loves me on Valentines Day.

I am there for him, to support if he is going through something bad. But, if he is not communicating it with me, I cannot force him. I hope he gets to talk to someone he feels comfortable with, though.


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I am aware it has not been 6 months yet, but we still haven't broken up. I think I want to, because I am not happy with him. He says "I love you too" though. Which I don't think he does because he is unavailable most of the time. The part which hurts me is, he does not contact me unless I do. "I really appreciate when you reach out to me" so there's a trust issue going on as well. I asked him if he likes anyone else more than me and I would let him go and he denied.
He likes to be entertained, so he would talk to any women/men as far as they are entertaining him .
He used to be very communicative, say love you every night before bed - all of this is gone.
I do not think he would initiate break up, unless I do.
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