Are we going to break up?


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am totally new to horary astrology. I have a question and here is the chart I got. I would appreciate it very much if you could share your views. Thank you in advance.
- I am the querent in Libra (17"45") in 1st house. Significator is Venus in 11th House but very close to 12th house. The sign is virgo (fall), a very weak venus. I think this indicates I am not happy which is true.
On the contrary, his significator is mars in Aries (dignities) (19"32"). He is in his first house.
Venus inconjunct mars- not good
It seems that the venus and mars placements and condition indicate this is one-sided and I am the disadvantaged one in this horary.
Moon in Scorpio (25"43") in 2nd house, co-significator is mars in 7th mars. I don’t know what that means.
My impression is that the outcome looks like a disappointing one
- Part of fortune in virgo (18"00") in 11th house
- Juno in 1st house in Scorpio (9"25")
- Is Mars in the 7th house not a good sign?


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Moon in Scorpio is not great, too intense. However sun in 1st means he thinks of you. He is in his house, Aries in Mars, so he is also keeping his best interest in mind. But Sun and Mars are in opposition, so he was having conflicting thoughts about you. He may be thinking of breakup.


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doesnt look like a positive relaitonship to begin with

venus is in fall
mars sits in its own 1st house
mars/jup are squaring (looks like the end)
Moon to a new sign probably shows the timing when relaitonship will end


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Hi everyone, thank you very much for sharing your views. I really appreciate it. :smile: We talked and resolved the mis-understanding we had, so we didn't break up . Our situation is not easy but we love each other and will working together to overcome any difficulties that we have.