Are there negative aspects affecting 10th house & 7th? Career & relationships

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I tend to agree with your mom to do something short and cheap like an associate level program at a community college that could provide you with a marketable skill. If those things that you love aren't high earning skills (save if you turn them into a business - but do you have it in you to be a business owner/entepreneurial?) then we can aim once step down -- what are those career fields that you think you can stomach, that also pay fairly well?

What is the reason that you couldn't complete your nursing cert?

Medicine seems to suit you based on what you would describe a meaningful work environment/career. Here is a video on medical careers that pay well, and the video starts off with qualifications that take within 1 - 3 years to complete.

The CNAs and RNs in my country make joke pay (I am talking worse than call center workers), that's why the ones that can afford to leave the country for greener pastures in countries that will pay them well.

The predispotion to a caring profession is obvious, with the dominance of water in your chart.

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I understand that you may not agree with or like the more corporating and bureaucratic aspects of a hospital. And yes, patients can be needy and harsh on nurses -- while I have seen crabby behaviour on the part of nurses towards patients (I am speaking as someone who has been treated not as a professional). A lot of nurses look disgruntled and its no wonder.

I did see you mention working in health insurance, back office and information systems... and there are some short courses you can take along those lines. Management information systems for instance.

What kind of payscale are looking to make? Have you thought of a figure in mind?


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hello! Tell me please is it a correct time? do you have atag from maternity hospital. I want to watch your directions
Do you have doctors in your family? I see the ruler of the 6th house, the moon, in conjunction with the ruler of the 4th house, mercury. Usually this happens when there are already doctors or some hereditary diseases in the family.


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I think you've been on the right track whether you realize it or not. Looking at your chart from a whole sign perspective, puts your Sun in Gemini in the 5th house children. Teaching kids would be very satisfying for you. The Cancer planets in the 6th house could speak to healthcare or work that involves nurturing others. Your Scorpio 10th house ruler, Mars is in the 4th house in Taurus which is in detriment as Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio which Mars rules. This can give a feeling of being a bull in a china shop. Right now and for the past year or so, Transiting Uranus has been conjunct your Mars making you feel desperate for change in career and living situation. Along with this, Saturn is transiting your Ascendant (we both share the same degree in Aquarius btw) - this causes you to feel like you are in the process of reinventing yourself. A new cycle is approaching and you will feel this especially when you are in the midst of your Saturn return which begins March of next year when Saturn moves into Pisces. Also playing into your confusion is transiting Neptune squaring your Sun.

My sense is that perhaps there is a way to blend your interest in working with children and all your investment in the healthcare field. Perhaps something like pediatric nursing or play therapy or something along those lines? Whatever it is that you decide on - make a plan and take some steps during these transitional years so you're setup to take off in the next 3 years when Saturn moves on. Below is your chart in whole sign format which I work with as a traditional astrologer. One very noticeable factor is that you have no planets in Fire in your chart. Somehow you are going to have to learn how to "fire" yourself up to create motivation to continue projects you start (which are many with your Cardinal sign emphasis). Spend some time researching what might be the best blend of interests for you and how to apply it. I suggest your pick up a book called What Color is your Parachute and do the work in it - it will pay off in spades.,aps,156&sr=8-1