Are stationary planets more or less powerful?

dr. farr

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In my personal experience I have not seen stationary or stationing planets exerting any special increase of influence BEYOND THE INFLUENCE INDICATED BY THEIR OVERALL SITUATION IN THE CHART; I understand the theories about this but I myself cannot say that I have seen the alleged phenomena take place in actuality.


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describes a planet making a heliacal rising

aka rising before the sun :smile:

standardized to 15 degrees by Hellenistic astrology
- within 7 days before of after native’s birth.
Rumen Kolev one of the few living practitioners of Ancient Babylonian Astrology
based on his own observations of the skies
states that the 15
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]º standardisation[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif] is obviously a variable dependent upon local conditions.[/FONT]

This should be taken with care.
There are software out there which showcase if a planet is actually visible or not in the prior/following week from birth.
Sometimes, Mercury and Venus, will be 15 degrees ahead/behind the sun but not actually visible
Healical rising needs to be observed in mundo, not just via ecliptic.


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Planets in TRANSIT play important role being STATIONARY (direct, retrograde). Making double transits, triple transits. Trans-saturnine make even more, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 transits to the same point - at time making a person feeling out of the World, sometimes feeling doomed.

Triple or double transit of traditional planets are significant. At the time of being stationary (plus minus 0.30 degree, some give ORB to 2.00 degrees) at a point, more influence can be felt.

Natal STATIONARY is not a dynamic stuff, making out a feel of it difficult.