Are my traumas associated with past lives


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This is your D-7 chart, who shows children, for the year 2012-2013, thus for the period when your child was born.
Tithi Pravesha Chart system is like a Solar Return.In this chart one of the most important planets in a years is the lord of the hour when this chart is cast.In that year, the HL (lord of hour) was Sun.In TP chart, if the HL planet is connected with the Lagna, we will have a new beginning in the matter of that chart, in that year.In your D-7 chart for that year (see above), the Sun, the HL planet, is in Lagna, and this shows clearly the birth of a child in that year.The 9th house in D-7 is the house who shows the first child in the case of a female chart.Lagna is in Saggitarius, and the 9th house (Saggitarius is the odd sign, so we count normally) is exactly in Leo, whose Lord is Sun, the HL planet.

Tithi Ashtottari Dasa of Janma tithi in D-1 (useful especially in Tithi Pravesha charts):

Maha Dasas:

Sat: 2012-08-27 (12:22:09 pm) - 2012-09-29 (3:19:40 am)
Jup: 2012-09-29 (3:19:40 am) - 2012-12-01 (5:36:10 am)
Rah: 2012-12-01 (5:36:10 am) - 2013-01-09 (1:32:54 pm)
Ven: 2013-01-09 (1:32:54 pm) - 2013-03-19 (1:45:34 pm)
Sun: 2013-03-19 (1:45:34 pm) - 2013-04-07 (6:27:19 pm)
Moon: 2013-04-07 (6:27:19 pm) - 2013-05-27 (4:41:41 am)
Mars: 2013-05-27 (4:41:41 am) - 2013-06-22 (4:12:24 pm)
Merc: 2013-06-22 (4:12:24 pm) - 2013-08-17 (8:26:20 am)
Sat: 2013-08-17 (8:26:20 am) - 2013-09-18 (1:57:07 pm)

If we arrange the planets in Saggitarius from the point of view of maleficience we have: Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mercury.Sun has given the results of Moon, and Ketu the results of Mercury.Thus, in the Annual Dasa for the time when the child was born is the period of the Moon, who has given the results of Sun.Sun, as already I have said, shows this birth in that year for 100%.

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Your calculations are incredible. I didnt knew vedic was that complexo AMD accurate ar The same time. Thank u só much for all your extensive analysis. I believe yes this current depression could existe coming from The past really. As with all, we always reap what we sow.

Im Searching treatment believing all can be undone, cause i might having Doné errors in The past, but in this life we havê an oportunity to evolve, become better beings and expressing The best part of ourselves.