Are all Cancer Ascendant doom to marry later in life?


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You were given solitude for a purpose. Use it wisely, enjoy its gifts, and be happy.


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Allow me to disagree with you (of course not about your mom although I am cutlrious to see her chart) but about Saturn giving rewards in the end. There are some natal charts that for some reason whenever Saturn transits or progressions touch natal placements the native gets something good via being patient (not trying hard but trying for a long time.. for example college). There are other charts like mine that whenever transit Saturn goes even into an empty house it destroys anything in that house and when it gets out of it deals the final blow which leaves the native devastated to the core.
What makes me more angry is the fact that Saturn's punishments are not something I personally deserved based on my choices or my actions. A great example would be when transit Saturn went through my empty 4th H.. When it entered my 4th H I learned about my father having cancer. I was at the hospital all day for about a little less than 2 years (with my dad) and when Saturn entered my 5tH house my dad died. Why? What was the Saturn's gift exactly? Then it entered my 5th house and the guy we've been trying for about 2 years to be together (because of the so many obstacles) told me that he had never had so many obstacles with anyone and that he thinks that the obstacles would never end for us.. The best part of all it's that he is Saturnian! A person witb capricorn and Saturn aspects saying that he never had so many obstacles before and that he was tired of it.. I mean even a Saturnian couldn't handle it..
We already had Saturn synastry aspects but all our trying hard to be with each other was leading to nothing.. what was the reward again? Nothing but pain in the end.
I can keep going on about everything that happened whenever transit Saturn touched a planet or a house of mines.. even when transit Saturn trined a planet there was some kind of dissapointment or pain just not a huge one compared to harder aspects.
Also I want to say that Saturn synastry aspects making relationship stable or last long is a huge HUGE myth. I've been through that not only once.. the reality is that those aspects put so many obstacles and the more of them you finally get over the more and the bigger ones keep appearing.. Everything prevents you from being with that person.. after a lot time has passed by trying it comes to a point that all you remember is trying.. and you wonder what the hell I was trying about? Where are the efing good times? Should I keep trying until I am forty? Fifty? Sixty? Until when?? The reality is that there is not a good end.
My longest lasting friendships and platonic relationships are the ones who have no synastry Saturn aspects AT ALL and here comes the best part.. not only they don't have Saturn aspects.. but they have tons of Uranus aspects! believe it or not..
I don't know why Saturn is so negative to the point of being seriously destructive for me since there aren't any hard tight Saturn aspects in my natal chart.
You have to see how Saturn affects you.. I know now that trying to get over Saturn obstacles for me is a no no.. so i run away when I see Saturn aspects in a synastry.
Look at how Saturn affects you.


U are simply blaming one planet ....
Saturn is not the only planet that is affecting u....

Pls let me know ur birth details...
I will chl the things...


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I am a Saturn 5th house, Cancer ascendant. I have just flown into love even when i didn't like it and ended up bitter and disappointed. Moreover, the 5th house adds painful elements like having to be with an older woman and to be excessively passionate. Really sad placement. Ruins life even before it begins.

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I am a Saturn 5th house, Cancer ascendant. I have just flown into love even when i didn't like it and ended up bitter and disappointed. Moreover, the 5th house adds painful elements like having to be with an older woman and to be excessively passionate. Really sad placement. Ruins life even before it begins.
Excessive passion sounds like the total opposite of Saturn. What do you mean by that?

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I‘m a Cancer ascendant and 20 years old. I never had a serious relationship but this is due to my Venus in Cancer in the 12th house so I‘ve got ridiculously high standards in love. I did have a lot of one-night-stands (maybe like 15) and the first time I had sex was with 14 (maybe Jupiter in the 8th?). I also have Uranus and Neptune in the 7th so I‘m not really into marriage because I just don‘t understand the idea behind it. It‘s too conventional for me and it‘s too restrictive for me. The concept is too religious for me and has nothing to do with love. I‘m also scared of having to give money when divorced because I‘m from a rich household. Don‘t know why everyone is so obsessed about marrying. ;) It has nothing to do with the Ascendant I believe though every Cancer ascendant that I know has been single for quite a few years but they either have Venus in the 12th or Uranus in the 7th.
Your family wealth opens legs m8. You do not share the plight of the people in this thread


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Capricorn on the 7th house cusp can also mean finding Capricorn-like people attractive. They may not have their sun or rising sign in Capricorn, but there is something about this sign's qualities that the Cancer rising finds attractive in a partner. How well this works out depends upon aspects to the DS and to Saturn.

Cancer rising people tend to be shy. They like to retreat behind their shell. So the problem is more that they don't like to risk getting out and meeting people, for fear of rejection and hurt feelings.


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Hi, I'm a Cancer Ascendant, and my Saturn, which rules my 7th house is in Aquarius in the 8th house. Saturn is square Pluto(5th house) and sextile Venus(10th house).
It was never easy for me to make friends, and I have never dated.
There's an astrologer that says that a Cancer Ascendant can not be happy in a marriage, or get married, before she/he turns 36! That's a lot. There's no time to have kids, and I really don't want to have my first kid this late in life.
Though, many other astrologers say that I have to wait after my Saturn return.
What are your thoughts on this? In case you're a Cancer Ascendant, what do you think about this? Do we have a chance to be young and happy and in love? Are you happily married? Please let me know. I really want to discuss about this.
P.S. I will turn 26 next month. I wasn't born in 1988.

Interesting my wife is a Sun in Cancer and I am her 3rd husband... She is my 2nd wife in my life. He first marriage was young like 16 I think... but she is a southern girl from the south.. they marry at a young age down there.