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as an aquarian moon i think detached from others. I'm independent and a bit of a loner, which helps me to understand myself more and more everyday i realized i am completely unique from others especially as growing up even when i was a young child i felt as if i don't fit i with any human being whereas we didn't come to an alignment on an agreement of any such thing my brother is an aquarius sun and we think so much alike of course, he seems to understand me and we think of the weirdest things such as outer space-like things. I don't know about you all who have these or this placement but I just feel as if im the only one walking on on the ground and whereas i come to realizations of certain things such as why people act the way they do and such of how they become this way or again why they are that way and yes i analyze people a lot and i figure them out especially out from a distance. On the other hand you have my nurturing side whereas where i start to think why people aren't so sensitive to nature as much as i am i mean yes not everyone thinks the same however, do you know what i mean? for example lets say someone is into someone or talking, dating whatever. And one of the partners cheat on that person. How? is that so? because when i fall in love i fall deep depending on who you are and i stay attached so bad that i let myself down so much but then again you can't love someone if you don't even love yourself. I just wanna know how you people think. Why are there so many followers and no more leaders? not to brag but ive been a leader since a young age which is why people never understood me and judged me so much but then i came out of that quiet shell ( i was a quiet kid).. I literally showed the world who i truly am and didn't care if they accepted me or not and i believe this is what made me such a strong moon aquarian. what is your story? by the way yes i am a starseed-which is another thread i will be posting soon.


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The life of a typical Aquarius moon like myself (conjunct Aquarius sun) is not a social butterfly at all. We can be humanitarian, egalitarian, compassionate for others and very caring, and still we don't make a huge circle of friends. And we're the most open-minded of the zodiac which could get us into trouble and lose a friend or two.
yes exactly dear, it is upsetting but i believe many aquarians are very beneficial for others who need advice even if they get upset. and nice ! my mc is in pisces :kissing: i love your energy btw! feel free to msg me about any questions too or any other discussions!:smile:

david starling

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I have no problem going against convention, when it's warranted. But, with Sun, Asc., Mercury and Mars in Pisces, I've deliberately avoided leadership positions.

That said, I personally have my own reasons for considering Aquarius and Taurus as "companion-signs"--and, a very powerful combination.
Indeed. David I actually wrote to your thread that you told me to look at and i agreed so much i wrote my own perspective but i guess it never posted and it was a lot of explaination :confused: anyways i will be re-writing that since it is important to share for me, and others. I enjoyed your thread! i learned a lot from it.