Anyone willing to give 2nd opinion on my tarot reading?


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I realize this is a long shot since I don't see any other tarot posts... but what the heck there may be tarot readers on here. :D

I got a tarot reading and although I trust the tarot counselor, I think she sugar-coated things for me even though I asked her for the 100% stark truth as she saw it.

I went to her for insight into relationships (yes, yes, everyone always wants insight on their love life but this is such an ongoing issue with me--even through all the countless number of healing workshops I have done--that I need guidance!). Based on various signatures in my natal chart I have started to wonder if my life path for soul growth isn't supposed to include marriage and that is what I asked.

She said she used the Judgement Card as the "life path" querent and did a celtic cross over it.

Here are the cards:


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Here are the issues I am stumbling over...

The Lovers card does show up in the reading, but it is in the placement of Hopes and Fears which shows my current mental state but not any glimmer that it is anything beyond wishful thinking. The vast majority of the time I find the Hopes and Fears placement card as useless in an obvious way. Yes, I am hopeful that The Lovers is in my future and fearful that it is not, that is the whole reason why I paid for this reading… I am not sure how telling me that again serves any purpose?

The card I can’t stop thinking about is the Ten of Wands in the placement of Future. That card feels like it is smacking me upside the head with: I have burdens that are so massive I can’t see around them.

I also find the Chariot card in the position of “outside environment” to be startling. That is a driven, whip cracking, hard control card.


It does seem your immediate environment and concerns are very stressful. You seem to have just been managing and still there are hostile intentions around. You seemed to failed thru no fault of your own, but the consequences on you are still due
The hanged man shows you have to endure this abyss and realize that you
Your sense of the future is true. Stay on the path your intuition has given you. You are expanding
and resources will come when you move with conviction. There is a point of balance you can reach, not extravagant but sufficient. It is easier to wish for good fellowship that look for a love


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I do not use the Celtic cross spread however I look at the spread as if the right hand side is how you are feeling and the left is the situation. The right indicates you are without hope and drive and the energy of love is diminished and the left shows that your love life is in conflict and this conflict and betrayal is very karmic. The solution as was posted above is to view love from another position, hanged man, and let things just go. How do you need to change your view on love so your relationships will be mature and not chaotic? This may also be non romantic relationships as well. The hanged man always means you are tied up right now and cannot do much about it so mine as well use your time wisely. The queen of pentacles on top means you will come out of this more worldly and more mature. I do not look at this being about love but more about you becoming the queen of pentacles being the and relationships are just the impetus.