Anyone else with Chiron in 7th House?


How has it affected your relationships?


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I have Chiron, virgo, 7th house & I don't have a lot of friends...but I find myself as a counselor or guide to them. I've read a bit about 7th house Chiron, & I've found people have had similar experiences of feeling like people unable to help/heal you in the ways you have helped them.
I've had a few friends in the past whom have changed drastically good after they met me. I think we have a stronger intuitive understanding to healing than others, therefore no one can help us, they don't know how...
I've come to learn I can only heal myself & the best that anyone can offer is their support & acceptance through my own sufferings...


I sooo agree guardian00angel…I have Chiron, Aquarius, 7th house….
I have read that the house Chiron is in is where we tend to have recurring problems and
it shows where we help others more than we can/do for ourselves---the sign Chiron is in
tells us how our problems will work out.


I have retro Chiron in Taurus in the 7th. I have felt like my romantic relationships end up being very karmic/co-dependent and I generally end up helping my partner through issues while they create issues for me.

In regards to friendships, I am generally the helper/counselor. I have definitely had friends that wanted to return the favor. I won't say they never help me but it's more through listening. There's really nothing they can "do" for me. Going to counseling would help to an extent but it's very similar in that the listening helps me work my own stuff out. The advice is always the same as what I would give myself. In many ways this has pushed me toward spiritual studies such as astrology for answers.

I have also experienced the difficulty with having others help me or perhaps more accurately understand me. However, I feel that is more likely because I have my sun in the 12th house than due to Chiron.