Anyone else here have their sun in the 12th house?

I recently discovered that I have my sun in the 12th house,does anyone here have the same? If so I would love to ask what your career path is as well as how you deal with life in general lol,

much love.:love:


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My father has Sun in 12th in conj with Mercury
And my sister has Sun in 12th in conjunction with Mercury and Venus.

Both of them are doctors



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Hi!! I have my sun in my 12th house in Virgo. I am a Libra ASC and moon in tarus in my 8th house.

Both the 8th and the 12th house can be indicators of someone who is sensing the beyond, psychic or intuitive. Also interests lie in things that are "odd" maybe like astrology lol.

I am a chemist. This fits me perfectly. I am an extremely analytic person.
Although, I would prefer to help people in some manner. I do not like the fact that my job doesnt involve people. I sit alone in a lab :-(
I do enjoy the science though.

We as 12th house suns are here for the emotional needs of others. To heal others. To help.

As for how I deal with life.. well that has to do with the placements and aspects of eveything in my chart. As well as my virgo sun.
In general... I just want to love and spread happiness. I tend to be extremely naive and live in a fantasy land where everyone should just get along. lol


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Veronica youre speaking my language :) im a libra ascendant virgo sun pisces moon and though i cant help myself to the fullest i spoon feed people with as much love , support, and compassion they could take. some like it and some dont. i dont really like adapting to someone who thinks im living in fantasy cuz they're just trying to ruin my happiness. Im thinking of going into pharmacy as a major in college. how weird? lol


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Would you post your chart? Im interested to see what we have in common! I almost went to pharmacy school. My moon is in Taurus so.. I enjoy material things and I now wish I had gone to Pharm school.. they make GREAT money!
You have your moon in Pisc... WOW! Nothing but love saying this... you really do live in more of a la la land than I do!! LOL!! Am I right? AND you are a virgo sun! Do you criticize your emotions all the time and then get upset with yourself!! MUAHAHA <---- I hope you see the humor in that! I say that only because I am a virgo sun and my mom is a pisces sun and she says I criticize her too much and I tell her she is too emotional. lol!!
Where are your North and south nodes?
heres my chart for those who want to see it:happy: daisy24.png

screenshot-astro cafeastrology com 2015-04-30 21-46-01.png