Anyone actually believe in Muses?

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:uranus: is being referred to as the "higher octave" of :mercury:.

Notice the similarities in these archetypal lineages:

The Roman god Mercury was a son of Jupiter and grandson of Saturn.
The Roman goddess Urania was a daughter of Jupiter and granddaughter of Caelus (Roman name for Ouranos).

So, if Mercury can have his name associated with a planet and be a sign dispositor, why can't Urania?
Actually, consider how appropriate it is for a planet literally discovered by astronomers to be named for a Roman goddess specifically KNOWN for inspiring astronomers?

david starling

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Just need to point out that the Muses were NOT biblical angels, nor were they faeries or sprites. They were actual GODDESSES, daughters of Olympian god Jupiter and Titaness Mnemosyne.

And, one of those Muses, Urania, was specifically the goddess of astrology/astronomy. Which explains why the planet :uranus:, that rightfully should have been named for her, is known as the successor to Mercury as the inspiration for (Modernist) astrology.

david starling

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So, by naming the planet :uranus: for Urania, she becomes an important member of the planetary hierarchy. Why not? She's as qualified as Mercury in Greco/Roman lineage.

And, best of all, the name of the planet itself is recognizable as "Uran", which works for both the Latin name "Urania" and the modern English name "Uranus" (which is derived from the ancient Greek name, "Ouranos")!
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I do-for me they are a type of spiritual creature similar to angels.
For me the spiritual creatures exist in hierarchies; the lords of the planets occupy a different hierarchy than the ancient muses, and so too the various angelic & intelligences orders.
Yes, most books about the western esoteric tradition talk about the concept of hierarchy; eg, gods/goddesses, angels, intelligences, elementals, fairies, spirits, etc.

Yes, and this great Neoplatonist was hacked to death by an enraged Christian mob, ending the glory days of old Alexandria…
Ms Houlding has made very valuable contributions to our art; personally I can’t stand her, and I was banned from her site years ago; nonetheless, her works have been of stellar quality and I thank God she chose to grace our ancient art.
Yes-it was my eclectic approach; I am a mongrel, but it works for me, and that’s my justification.