Any other Capricorn Moons out there?


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I'm sure I remember there was someone here somewhere who started a thread, asking if his Capricorn Moon was 'evil.'

It was the kind of thing that almost brought out a thoroughly tedious inner agony aunt on my part, in a response I didn't make, along the lines of 'you are probably perfectly normal, and everyone has all those urges and drives and tendencies to some degree.'

But then there was the suspicion rumbled, that maybe the poster quite liked the idea having an 'evil' side, If that was true (and it could be it was not), it was probably hoped this evil was more a magnificently Byronic Steerpike-type evil than the more banal variety though.


When I was in high school my best girlfriend and my first love were both born on the same day ....and both had Cap moons.

I guess I was destined to meet them since with Cancer rising I have Cap on 7.
She had the Cap moon rising on her Cap ascendent. He had Aries rising with the Cap moon in 10.

Both of them could be extremely funny...a dry dark wit...which is something I don't think has been mentioned here.
Yes I think they have both struggled with depression over the years and they have that Cap moon insecurity abt looking good and reputation which I think makes them tense.

My daughter just married a Sun Virgo/Cap Moon...he works very hard and is super smart and practical. She would like him to be more adventurous...but she loves his loyalty.
He has Mars Leo in 10 so is capable of surprising people and putting on a show when he feels really safe and comfortable with close friends.

Another friend of mine is Taurus Sun/Cap moon..moon being in the first house. He is very sarcastic/witty...a musician at heart...but shy as can be around women...his feelings come out in his lyrics (Merc in 5) but not out of his mouth except when he's singing...


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Well, yeah, I am bringing to life this old thread once again, but that's because I find it pretty intreresting and I wanted to share a opinion, because, I am a proud Capricorn moon. And I am well aware how hard this placement can be, especially when having Cancer sun, which you know ... wants love, wants to be expressed, it's really high sensitive. Moon is dominant planet in my chart, making aspect which almost every single planet, mostly oppositions, conjuctions and come quinquxes, so it sounds nightmarish
Lunar Pisces has really interesting oppinion, based on experience while watching people with this placement which is good, though, but I don't think this is fair enough, considering the fact that he can't know how this Moon possibly works on the inside of the person. Yeah, I see the idea, it leads to depression, it is indeed hard to handle and it can be quite dangerous. But I think people having problem with these things are people who have big issues accepting the moon working for them. Capricorn moon truly is not what you want to see in yourself as emotional state when looking at the others. Because people around you say that you have to be smiley:biggrin:, generous :biggrin:, talkative :biggrin:. So if you are not, ***** you, you are damaged little pathetic thing, you are little Adolph ( TEH FACE OF THE CAP MOON). So you, know, when society tends to bring these models into manifestation, when they are considering as something you HAVE TO DO. And you ... just can't be these you tend to be a little frustrated, you tend to twist your soul, to squize it in order to make it show what people want to see. Because, of course, you want to have friends and you don't want to be looked on the street like, again, little Adolph walking down the street.
At some awkward moment the giant patience which you have dissapears out in the thin air, you are done trying make yourself fit the models and you just begin to hate, first how the Cap moon represents feelings, and next, you begin to hate yourself, because you are too weak chaniging that.
Can you imagine what happens at the human soul on energy level then? Because, heeey, we are astrologers! Most of us tend to believe in methaphysics! Maybe a lot of us even do other spiritual stuff. So, say, each planet represents a part of the human soul and when you don't like what makes you different from others, it's like realising a bunch of hell hounds (the other planets) to the Cap moon which objetively, by universe law, not the morals of the human society has done nothing wrong here, it's just trying you know ... WORK ... like the others planets.
And you can't imagine how actually simple is to make the Cap Moon energies flow correctly. JUST ACCEPT YOURSELF AS WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Just give the Moon a CHANCE! Some here complaining - I can't laugh in front of people, some other - it's in the fourth house, so maybe it just gets worse? Nope, it doesn't. And I tell you why.
I had really hard life, my dad left when I was young, in really unappropriate manner and time when I was about to make the first important steps in my life. I've had horrifying years at school, because of psychological violence. I am not close to the family, I have good friends, yeah, but there are some issues which friends can't resolve. I always lose love in my life because ... I don't know, it seems like fate is like that - I am trying eveything possible, but just doesn't work. And it's big drama, you know, for every man in this planet, because love is significant thing, but in the life of a Cancer love is something which is considered as the only thing worth living. Like they are MEANT to give love. And it's truly a big emotional pain when you don't have whom to give this love to. Anyways, too much information. The point was ... no offence, but I can imagine myself still alive considering all the **** if I didn't have this Moon placement.
Because it makes me naturalborn warrior in life. It's couregous, it's strong, it's holding on when everything else seems to fall. It's what preserved me human when all people around me were behaving like angry animals. Because deep inside me I am not capable of emotional drama. And don't tell me that is something bad. I never say " OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, what will happen now, my life is destroyyeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd ;( " because when I think about it, and I really think about it a lot, I mean, I am a Cancer, but there is always part of me saying " Ohhh, comeee onnnn, stand up don't be such a baby. " it's steel when it comes to emotional pain. So there is absolutely nothing in this life that can broke me that much, so I would be unable to go on. You tell me that is bad and that's not dignity. It's not the ordinary Lunar dignity, bit it's still dignity. Because ... truly I don't see the purpose of my life at this moment, but I am not in some big fat depression, I am not suicidal A AM STILL KICKING AND I AM STILL FIGHTING HERE. And bunch of drama Leos (no offence for Leos, I respect them) and hyper-sensitive self-pittifying Cancers in my chart don't explain why. And if a genie appeared amd tell me - heyyy, dude, I am in Natal Moon changing mood today, which new one do you wanna have, I surely and undobtedly will stay with that one. Because it's my favorite part of my chart. :D
And one last thing I want to say for this moon is I don't think the flow of the emotions is meant to be forever like closed. When people treat the Cap moon with the proper respect and accept it, the flow will be "unlocked". I am saying that, because in perviouse years I was like that:
O hi! :pouty:
Good for you!:pouty:
That sounds so cool! :pouty:
Oh, that was a good joke indeed. :pouty:
Don't you see you are hurting me.:pouty:
Now I am shouting in the streets, I am talking in outloud manner and I am expressing emotions freely. I mean the Cancerian part in me is pleased, so I think the Cap Moon can make big things hah? :D :w00t: You just have to work, work with it. :wink::wink::wink:
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The Moon Sign is very important in relationship, I believe, most primarily, to the Sun. I tend to look at Astrology in the literal sense of how the Milky Way Universe works, and so, to that end, the Sun and the Moon have an immensely powerful and unique connection. The Sun is what lights the Moon, and it is the Moon which absorbs the Sun and reflects its light and magnifies its presence.

So, you can't really examine the Moon without the Sun, is what I think. I myself am a Capricorn Moon, but I have a Cancer Sun, which means the Moon was fully lit by the Sun, increasing the luminosity of both, and therefore, the power and influence.

Capricorn Moons, I think, at the very worst, can simply come across as cold and self-absorbed, but it's not easy when you're trying "feel what you're supposed to be feeling." I think that's the youthful response of the Capricorn Moon. Later, once we learn and trust our emotions, we are incredibly thought-ful, with great foresight, insight, and hindsight. Remember, Saturn rewards!:joyful:


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Well I'll be the 3rd cancer sun cappy moon in a row to post here. There are so many positive sides to a capricorn moon in the big picture - but in the little emotional window of a soul expressing feeling it can be tough sometimes. Discipline, practicality, down-to-earthness, not over endulging self, not expressing openly but cautiously - all cappy moon things.

And the barter system logic with the emotions - what is in this investment for me? It isn't that cappy moons don't have deep emotions we do - but we are slow and structured about expressing these - time is on our sides - as anyhting to do with cappy/saturn will work its way out through time.

Tell a cappy moon person that you love them and they will listen to you and if they like you they will practically go about rearranging their life to make you a part of it. They will take your words very seriously, and we are the people who can carry a mighty load on our shoulders - whatever it may be. Long-term endurance not the in-the-moment brilliance, but in the end who really gets farther?

Now in the big picture the positive traits of a capricorn moon. Let's actually get something done in this lifetime! When others are distracted we will keep focused on our goals and work away because this is just who we are. We will have goals whatever they may be - for me spiritual, for others outward success, and maybe for some building a rock solid, up front relationship with another person.

Friend: "Why are you so structured, don't you want to just let yourself go sometimes - and just feel, feel, feel this world without stipulations the way most everyone else does?"

Cappy moon: "But I get insecure in new emotional situations, I can calm myself if there are goals and people are taking life seriously, and if I can have some outward control of things and others."

Friend: But that defeats the whole purpose of feeling! You are putting limitations and quantifying feeling - don't you see the illogic in this?

Cappy moon: Well you've got a good point. If I really know who you are, and I trust you then I will show you how loyal and emotional I can be, I just don't like to be spontaneously "out-there". If you are willing to build an emotional bridge with me over time I like no other moon placement will make this investment, and I really understand building something that is meant to last.

Friend: Basically what you are saying is that you feel things like the rest of us do but you are so insecure about your emotions in terms of others that you figure no risk is safer then any risk? So you redirect this energy into things that you find safe like worldly success, structuring things, etc?

Cappy moon: Now you are getting to know me. I don't blame you if my overseriousness is stifling to you. I am always going to be goal orientated and a little driven, but I see others laughing lightly through their lives and I would like to develop these qualities within myself, too.

Friend: Face your emotional insecurity head-on. You are practical aren't you?

Cappy moon: Hmmmm....
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Yeah, bothj of you are right. :)
I don't tend to redirect my feelings, though. I am so much attached by that moon, that I feel it would be best to do things, but not attaching to people or making myself over-emotional. Yeah, I feel, I get over-emotional and accept that but it's a short periods of time. I overcome crisis situations when everything is sooo scewed up for me with work - reading for exams or just reading books, just making myself better and more educated person.
The thing I like most is when there are coflicts between some people I know. They tend to get very emotional, to shout at each other and then their friends come on their side just because they are friends, not considering if this is actually the right choice. So I feel like in some Latin American series where everything is sooo over-emotional and I just know the right answer, according to the facts. But I guess the ascendant has something to do here, too. :)


This thread got me thinking a lot about my Capricorn Moon, and I've become more conscious and aware of its limitations. I think that's how I would describe a Capricorn Moon, limited, and I think in this case, they are self-imposed with the idea of ultimately being liberating from having to rely on others. It is a tough road to go, because I think the Moon is linked to relationship with others, and allows us to share and emote in a more basic way. It is about nurturance, connection, and support, and yet, for the bulk of people who would seek to have this in abundance, the Capricorn Moon does something very different. It limits these things, and in that, the person can choose to either say they never really needed those things in the first place (which I think is why a lot of Capricorn Moons are incredibly self-involved and depressed), or, to understand the value and meaning in these things, that they are amazing and wonderful, but must be experienced and appreciated wisely and diligently. I think it can get confusing because Saturn makes a Capricorn Moon think what they want will "run out soon" or is that they have to "earn" these things, but I think the primal lesson is about cherishing, even in abundance.

A connection I make to this is the use of fossil fuels. They have been heavenly, allowed for all kinds of things to happen, make lives easier and more enjoyable in some cases, and have allowed us things that have enhanced many of our lives. But they also wreck the environment if used to excess, and are also limited in their supply. Sure, at one point, we had abundance, but, if we could apply the lesson of a limiting Capricorn Moon on the things we hold dear and bring us comfort, to cherish and appreciate these things, to see them for their good and their bad wholly, for their limits as well, then we remain ever able to have this in our lives.

People, our emotions, the way we relate, they do amazing, life-giving, expressive things, but they can also be falsified and used against others, damaging if expressed to the point of over-doing it without consideration for others, and also lead us to things like War. I think its funny Hitler was a Capricorn Moon, and I think that actually made it very hard for him. I believe the man was said to have done crystal meth and I'm sure it was the numb the ever-growing feelings of the Capricorn Moon, to duty, honor and respect and to twist them. Just my two cents. :whistling:


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I'm so thankful to have found this thread! How insightful to read about all of your Cap Moon experiences. I'm a Sag Sun (In the 1st w/2 stelliums), Cap Moon @ 9 degrees (2nd House), and a Cap Venus @ 22 (2nd House). 2nd House is in mutual reception w/Saturn, thank goodness.

My Cap Moon is square Saturn, Quintile to Pluto and has 2 trines to Chiron & MC.

I'm still unsettled to as whether Cap Moon is a negative or positive for me. I'm pretty emotional but I try to keep a straight face except in the presence of those I trust.

I believe that I'm open and love deeply but I also know what needs to happen on a practical level to create concrete & lasting happiness, love or success. Sometimes, I like to let go of these things (My Uranus in stellium w/Sun) and rebel but somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I can't let go of reality.

I've always thought my Cap Moon reflected my family's emphasis on responsibilty and therefore it's fitting that I've recieved a Cap Moon by the higher powers. My only sibling has a Cap Moon as well.

I'm a little bit nervous that the eclipse on July 1 is at 9 degrees Cancer which is my 8th house since my Cap Moon is at 9 degrees in the 2nd. I'm expecting more domestic or emotional changes.

This placement has made me emotional (internally more than externally), practical and even keeled in the heat of the moment. However, there are times when I would like people in my life to know how they've hurt me or treated me-good, bad, or ugly. I may explain later when it's too late. My thoughts are sometimes unable to be expressed into words (Cap Moon, maybe?). I truly regret that. I try to be strong as situations occur but sometimes I wish in the heat of the moment they knew how I felt or could be the one that's not composed, logical, & responsible. That to me is the Cap Moon drawback. We tend to mask things for our protection or those that we care about.

Either way I don't know any of this has to also do w/my Cap Venus (chart ruler) as well. It's pretty debilitated and squares everything but Mars, which it trines, and conjuncts my South Node. Mutual Reception saves me since Saturn is in Libra/11th House.

Saturn delays but rewards is the ancedote I must keep saying to myself.


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Also, since all of you are a part of my brethren I wanted some insight into this information that I came across. Thoughts, please.

I was reading William Lilly online & if my understanding is correct he states:

If native's Cap Moon falls below 12 degrees it leads the future spouse of Cap Moon to widowhood, dissolution of union for native before actual marriage or marital discord ensues if marriage is actually realized.

=/ This is frightful. My Cap Moon is 9 degrees!
HI i found this very interesting, thanks!
Someone i care very much about is an aries with a capricorn moon, i have been reading for months about this as i see the extrmes of the sun sign in conflict with the moon sign, so reading your views has helped me no end, i am not going mad with analysing!!!!
I understand how this can bem it really helps to read all your views.
many thanks


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Also, since all of you are a part of my brethren I wanted some insight into this information that I came across. Thoughts, please.

I was reading William Lilly online & if my understanding is correct he states:

If native's Cap Moon falls below 12 degrees it leads the future spouse of Cap Moon to widowhood, dissolution of union for native before actual marriage or marital discord ensues if marriage is actually realized.

=/ This is frightful. My Cap Moon is 9 degrees!

Not too sure I'm buying this BUT it is very Interesting because me and my partner both have Capricorn Moons at exactly 10 degrees actually. hmmmm


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Hello fellow lunar Cap! Mine is right on the 0 degree. I'm a female and thus connect immediately to the traits of Capricorn.

I feel whenever the more lively talkative people are around me, they tend to sink into some blackhole because I don't say much or anything at all. Like I am a mood killer or something... I simply can't be spontaneous or open about feelings in public. Its better to not say anything at all-- for me.

Some people assume I'm depressed or angry at something too.. I'm not, but it does feel like there is a heavy stone that sinks in deep! :p

Oy--I'm the same way! My moon is at 29 degrees capricorn though. I've gotten better at this, but I've always had a really hard time expressing myself especially in public. If someone asks my opinion or especially my feelings on something, for some reason I am too insecure to express it. I don't deal well with emotions or know how to properly express them a lot of the time so I just choose not to. Not very healthy, I know.

Like I said, I am getting better, especially at learning to be more spontaneous.

When I was a child it was really really bad! I was basically mute in most situations. I even had a hard time expressing joy or happiness! Opening christmas presents in front of others was torture because I knew they expected me to be overjoyed at every present and it made me really anxious and insecure so I ended up making really strange faces that looked as if I hated each present.

I've also always gotten the "are you depressed?" or "are you angry?" questions when I am fine.

What aspects are formed to your ascendant? I have saturn/pluto square to my ascendant which I always assumed makes these traits stand out more.


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A life-long challenge for me has been Capricorn Moon intercepted in the 2nd House, opposed 8th House Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer, all square 10th House Neptune in Libra as part of a Cardinal T-Square. I certainly haven't looked to any of that for career inspiration, instead favoring elevated 10th House Mars conjunct MC in Virgo for its technical acumen. (Maybe now that I've retired from engineering management and income is less of a driver I can start a more Neptunian second career.) The only other aspect the Moon makes is a tight sesqui-quadrate to 9th House Saturn in Leo (which disposits the Moon) and, considering the rather impractical apex-Neptune T-Square, that translates as a kick-in-the pants from my slave-driving "super-ego" to get things done - and it sometimes works!

I think the Moon's condition also indicates my domineering "alpha female" mother who effectively squashed my early artistic aspirations by spending ("stealing," really) my college savings that she was supposed to be banking for me while I worked between school-years. ("Nobody expects the maternal indiscretion . . .") I had to drop out of art school, went in the army, eventually got a business management degree and spent 31 years in technological employment. Thanks, Mom!


Yep I'm a Leo sun, Cap moon and Aries rising.

I should be all fiesty and outgoing, but I'm the most introverted, shy, gloomy Leo that ever walked.

Cap moon totally does my head in. I have had bouts of depression, no faith in myself whatsoever.

It accurately describes my parents. My mother is a cold Taurus/Taurus/Aries who I sometimes have to beg to hug me. My father (Saturn in tenth house) is simply not in my life.

All together I am a total cold fish who does not know how to love!

If anyone has a solution that would be excellent.. I'd love to be the happy positive fiesty Leo/Aries but Cappys killin me!!


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Yep I'm a Leo sun, Cap moon and Aries rising.

I should be all fiesty and outgoing, but I'm the most introverted, shy, gloomy Leo that ever walked...

You might want to look at the planets aspecting your Sun, Moon and your Asc; and the houses they are located in. Yes, the Moon is extremely important, as what is a human being without emotions and feelings. Having said that any and everything affecting or aspecting your Moon is sure to colour it. As an example, I have a Cap Moon, but it is easy to ruffle its feathers (Moon conj Mars), and it is perhaps the softest Moon (Moon sextile Piscean Venus in 7th). So a lot of the stereotypical Capricorness (hardness, stoicity, etc) gets tempered down by Mars and Venus in my case. I can also be jealous and loaded with fears of losing what is precious to me (Pluto square Moon). However, my Moon can at times also be a bit hard when I find someone trying to intentionally hurt others (Saturn aspects Moon).

What I am trying to say is just the sign of the Sun or Moon is very little to describe it. You may take is as just the bare face with each aspect adding its own colour and contour to that face. Then you also have to look at the whole chart, if such a person has most of their planets in houses 8 and 12, they are not likely to be a usual fiery Aries Moon (as an e.g.).



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That's a good point Aqua7000

I know in my case it makes a difference. In some ways it evens out though. For instance, I have moon square both saturn and pluto. Ouch. But then I have moon sextile sun, merc and venus. Also uranus but I have no idea what that doe s haha!

I think the sextiles softens some of the harsher aspects of capricorn moon, but then I still have those really hard aspects and while some features are absent or toned down, some are definitely still there!! (esp issues with saturn)

And yes, aspects to sun and rising as well!! If you are going just by signs, it would be easy to assume a person with a leo/aries/capricorn trio would be a slightly toned down version of a firery personality. But when you add aspects to it, it can give a whole different picture!

I have leo rising but act NOTHING at all like the sign. (granted I have scorpio/capricorn for my other placements) but I also have those pesky saturn/pluto planets square my asc!

Imagine if someone had capricorn rising but neptune in conjunction to it, or uranus square! Quite different than the average vision of capricorn! Or libra rising but mars conjunct or square!

Aspects are extremely important. It's easy to get caught up in a sign placement but aspects can tell us a lot,even more than signs I think.
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True... My moon conjuncts Uranus and Neptune and trines mars and Pluto. Nothing too gloomy. I'm probably just having a long transit of some sort. I'm only young so my moon hasn't reached its potential!


Perhaps tr Neptune opposing my sun? It's been opposing for a long time. That could explain it. I remember being fun and happy during my early to mid teens until Neptune opposed.


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I have capricorn moon too at the 10th house!
My question is:how do you feel now that transit pluto conjuncted or is conjuncting or will conjunct your natal moon?