Any one use Makemake?

Lion o ness

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Makemake is a dwarf planet, I can't find much more meaning on it besides some stuff aboutEaster island...

What's the meaning of Makemake?

I have it at 15leo, which is a critical degree..
Plus it's conjunct my sun,moon, and mercury...
It's also exactly conjunct my sun/moon midpoint.

Would this have any specific meaning?


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Hey dear, I haven't use till now and also not heard about it. Will your please tell me more about makemake.. Is it about astrology related thing??

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It's a dwarf planet like Ceres, Pluto etc....

I don't know the meaning... It's confusing... I was looking for clarity myself :lol:


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1. time
2. upper octave of saturn
3. limits
4. calculus: mathematics of time and distacne and action
5. "I've had enough"
"I've had enough" as in "I am full now and I am ready to give birth"?* These types of words are heard from pregnant women around 8 1/2 months into gestation.*
6. Meaning: "I'm done, its over, I've had enough, NO MORE."


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zarathu stole that from me. But he didn't include. LOVE

If you love what you are doing you are going to CONCENTRATE big time.
You have to love what you're doing.
Newton had it opposing sun


Lion o ness

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it also means concentration?

yes I can go deep into concentration, when I need to..

it's conjunct my Sun, moon, mercury


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Lion o ness

You study astrology.
My brothers, all the people who went to my high school with didn't study it.
Think about it.
Running into a person who studies it(astrology) is rare.

Steve Jobs and bill gates had uranus conjunct makemake. Steve had jupiter also there. Now that's concentration. Also Jim Sparks(ufo guy,nov 1954) had it.

I have it squaring my moon. I wanting to get OUT of the classroom and play sports. No concentration here.