any mantra good for me? particularly for marraige and luck


I have posted here before .. I am currently located in new jersey usa here are my details

DOB: OCTOBER 14 1990
TIME OF BIRTH: 22:37 (10:37) P.M.

I am working as a doctor here.. I am 29 and still single and had terribe luck with love .. i know some of you have mentioned this could be due to rahu.

ANyways my question is generally is there a particular mantra that will be good for me in life? I am huge believer in shiva .. but is there any particular mantra i should do everyday which will change my luck and give me everything i desire especially in regards to my love life etc?


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You have Gemini ascendant, Lord Mercury is involved in Planetary war with Venus lord of love relationship, indicating that love relationship may be influenced with your own approach and thoughts. Which is causing some issues for love relationship
Marriage house has Saturn and afflicted by Mars, no auspicious connection. Indicating delay in marriage may be further delayed.
One chance may develop after August 2020, but you must give your best of efforts.
Any mantra related to Brihaspati and lord Ganesha may be useful for you.