Antiscion/ Contra Antiscion


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A while ago I attended a lecture about Antiscions and Contra-Antiscions (solstice points). These are quite valuable in relationship astrology as they can make sense of charts that have no strong affinity in synastry, but appear very much attracted to eachother.

If I understood correctly;

The Antiscion is calculated as follows:
From the Cap/Cancer axis. The antiscion of a planet in 28 degrees capricorn is in 2 degrees Sagittarius. They act a lot like mirror points but aren't the same.

The Contra-Antiscion is calculated as follows:
From the Aries/Libra axis. The contra antiscion of a planet in 15 degrees aries, is in 15 degrees pisces.

The aspects most valuable to partners natal chart are the conjunction and the opposition. Does anyone have further opinions on trines and squares?

It is apparently pretty rare to have a lot of antiscion to natal. But what about antiscion to antiscion? Do they count?

What does an Antiscion Sun conjunct Natal Sun in a synastry chart mean? How does it differentiate from Natal Sun conjunct Partner Natal Sun? What's the difference in interpretation between Antiscion/ Contra Antiscion?

I'm really interested in this technique and would be grateful if anyone had more experience and/or ideas on how to interpret these points.


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The Antiscia are:

1. Cancer/Gemini

2. Leo/Taurus

3. Virgo/Aries

4. Libra/Pisces

5. Scorpio/Aquarius

6. Sagittarius/Capricorn

I read before that they're called the "signs of equal power" (interesting that Jupiter is in fall in the sign of it's equal power sign). It's based on the signs the Sun moves at the same speed through and is based on the solstice axis.

Conversely, there's signs that rise at the same speed, fastest to slowest:

1. Aries/Pisces

2. Taurus/Aquarius

3. Gemini/Capricorn

4. Cancer/Sagittarius

5. Virgo/Libra (this one's weird)

6. Leo/Scorpio