Another Sagittarius :)

Hey peoples, i'm not really good with intros but i'll tell you i joined this forum to learn more about astrology while meeting new people who share the same love of learning, talking about and hearing about astrology :)

If you wanna know what's in my natal chart then here:

Sun, Mars, Asc Node:Sagittarius
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto: Scorpio
Uranus, Neptune:Capricorn

And i can't be asked to list the houses lol.

Well...there's my intro and i hope i'll make some new friends and learn more about astrology as well. Ciao!


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Hi Σεϊνε, its great to meet you, and welcome to this forum.

I haven't been a member long but i can tell you there is some really interesting posts here. I have learned so much from the education board. And the people here are really knowledgeable and friendly.

So, I hope you have a great time here. :biggrin:
Welcome to AW

It's so refreshing to hear yo want to learn astrology, definately come to right place.

Welcome to the World of Astrology!

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