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Ok, another question about retrogrades...

It seems as though you are always told -not- to start to do anything important during a retrograde if the action concerns the planet, like don't shop for expensive stuff during venus retrograde and don't file any sort of paperwork or whatever when mercury is retograde.

So, here's my question, what if you plan ahead to do something, and the only time that works is when the planet concered is retrograde?

For example, I am hoping to color my hair drastically soon, and it might end up that the only time I can do it is late december, right when venus is retrograde, and it seemed to me like changing appearance could have to do with venus.

Summery Joy

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Are you settled on your new look? It wouldn't be wise to choose it under Venus Rx.

And, about this whole "don't do anything new issue", it's not like life should stop alltogether. Do not forget that's a fate Vs free will issue. It would just be wise not to *finalize* things under Rx motion. But discussions and looking into things are fine (that's cautious discussions for both Mercury and Venus Rx) :D

Also.. how funny. I was considering having my hair cut awefully soon. Maybe we should go together somewhere in the middle. Does Spain sound ok? :lol:


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If you don't do anything during a retrograde period, you would spend more than half the year absolutely doing nothing and you would have no life. That is not what astrology is about, IMVHO.

I think retrograde periods are about really considering how you are using a planetary energy and why. As one of my many teachers have said, one needs to focus on the re- of retrograde and make sure whatever you are doing with that retrograde energy is taking you more toward's your soul's goals in this lifetime.

For instance, you ask about coloring your hair during the Venus Rx period, possibly thinking you might get a horrid dye job just because Venus is Rx. The coloring job may be excellent but it is how you react to it that is going to determine whether or not it is a good dye job for you.

Think of it this way: are you having your hair colored because it makes you feel good about yourself and it doesn't matter what others say (Taurian Venus) or are you coloring your hair to impress someone with your beauty (Libran Venus). If you are doing it to impress someone else, you may not be satisfied with how it looks after it is done, no matter if it is the exact color that you selected. Libran Venus takes that Taurian issue of self-worth and balances it with the views of the "other". If the scale is weighted in favor of the views of the "other," then you may never be satisfied with the color until after the retrograde period is over or you start washing it out as soon as you get home. A dye job will fade rapidly if it is washed every day.

Another scenario is that when you get your dye job you may love it but the person (if it isn't for yourself) you were doing it for either hates it or, worse yet, doesn't even notice it. Again, it is a balance between self-worth and the other's perceived opinion by you. The person may hate it on you because it makes you look better and that causes dissonance within that person. Now that person may try to reflect that dis-ease back upon you because you are upsetting that person's equillibrium and focusing the "other" energy (because you may be the 7th house other for that person) back on the person's first house. Remember that the dis-ease is that person's issue and not to make it your issue, degrading your own self-worth in the process.

So you have a choice to make. A retrograde planet, no matter what it is, is asking you to delve deep into the reasons you are making that choice that is under its influence. It is asking you to become more conscious of your unconscious processes when you are making decisions that fall under its energy domain and make the decision that is for the greatest and highest good of all.

Hope this helps. My 2¢ worth, keep what fits and ditch the rest.


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Hi Angel, I concur with the other replies, and will add, very humbly (once again):

astra inclinant, non necessitant, which means, the stars incline, they do not determine.

that said, last month I got a great dye job, put 3 colors in my hair (former chemo patient who lost her hair now goes WILD!!! now I have hair), and I LOVE it, brown, red and blonde all through, and the spouse says, hey, it looks like your head is bleeding right there (where there was a red streak). nice. that's why we are separated .... but that's another thread. What I'm trying to say is, Elianah is right, I did it for me, I love it, and I ignored it. If I had done it for him, I'd be devastated by that.

Hey if you do get it done, let us know, it would be a great case study for our retro lessons. 8)


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Hi Angel

I'll add my two pennies worth:

Go on, get the dye job - you can always change it back. Afterall, even permanent's never that permanent these days. I just had tr Venus conj n sun and tr sun conj n venus on the last colour change.

When I am old, I shall wear purple

i don't think they meant hair, but who cares?

Your post inspired me to look at my ephemeris, and when ever I decide to go even more shocking - Venus is retro - I redo the hairdye??

Go on, do it! You may love it, feel better, be completely different person. If you don't like it? So what? You'll only feel 'bad' until you can get to the hairdressers or a quick trip to the chemists to do it yourself! :oops: Wear a hat??? The main thing is, you will have tried!

But do it for yourself, and yourself only!

If someone else wants you to change your haircolour - then get them a box of hairdye, they're probably projecting an unconcious desire to change their own hair! :twisted: Or. as I say to the men I work with: "At least I've got hair!"

Have fun with it, and take care


Summery Joy

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baker said:
and the spouse says, hey, it looks like your head is bleeding right there (where there was a red streak). nice. that's why we are separated .... but that's another thread.

I just want to say.. LOL :lol:

baker, I didn't know you were a chemo patient. My cousin was on the treatment for 6 month herself. She is my age and we were about 19 at the time. Although her case was "easy" and sort of "minor" as she had "only" 50% chance of death (freakin' doctors!), it was a traumatic experience for all of us. I don't know which is worse, to be the patient or the helpless family, but if you were able to beat this then I do know that you are a fighter.

I am happy you are among us today. Enjoy your hair and be a babe :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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Colored hair and the public...

This is just an aside on colored hair—

Several weeks ago I was taking a walk when a child about 10 years old came riding up to me on her bike and asked:

Is that your real hair color or is your hair dyed? I don't think it is your real color. It looks fake. Is that your real hair color? Why don't you answer me?

As you probably guessed, I chose to not answer the child. Now, naturally, my mind was racing with things like, "who taught you manners?" or "does your mother allow you to ask questions like that to her friends?" or "do you know how rude you sound?"

By the time I reached my home, I decided that it didn't matter what she thought (although her manners still bug me to this day), that I had dyed my hair and I liked the color of it. And I will continue to do that color because it works well with my skin tones.

But there will always be a critic. It all depends upon how you let it affect you. :D :D


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Hey Sore: thanks for the note, little boost never hurts! Your sister had it too huh? and at 19, wow, that had to have thrown your family for quite a loop then, that is so very young to get it. I see children with it all the time and it always breaks my heart, cause I still have to go to the oncologists every 6 months for my meds and tests and **** like that (I am SO over those people :wink: ). I'm good now, really, and you are right about those doctors .... how they put stuff but what really bothers me is the stuff they don't tell you, you gotta find out for yourself. So, I'm assuming your sister is okay, right, hope so, no recurrence? The chemo is pure hell, well you've seen what it does, I'm 3 years out of treatment right now, but it's still like yesterday the day my hair fell out, 16 days from the first chemo, that fast, strong stuff. So don't ya'll know, I'm all about having "FUN WITH HAIR"!!!!!!! Let's all get a dye job!



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I wannit long, straight, curly, fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty,
oily, greasy, fleecy, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen, knotted, polka dotted, twisted, beaded, braided, powered, flowered and confettied, bangled, tangled, spangled and spaghettied.

Oh say can you see my eyes if you can....
Then my hair's too short!

Down to here, down to there, down to where it stops by itself.... :shock: :lol: :lol:

Summery Joy

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I love your mood too :D


It's was my cousin who had it. But she is pretty like a sister to me because we are all the same age and we grew up together. Same school, same Church, same friends.. and same family :p God, she lost her hair in like a day! When I first saw her, I felt like shaving off my own hair. I just didn't want it anymore...

That was 5 years ago. She's all better now and has even stopped getting the check ups coz the doctors say she doesn't need them any more. So *now* I do want my hair :D I'll dye it blue (imagine!). :lol: No, it's naturally curly and fuzzy.. maybe I'll straighten it for the new year.

Angel, see what you've done?! :D :D :D

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Ha, a conversation about hair color and surviving cancer.

Let's see... the mother of someone who used to be my best-friend had cancer. I think she did dye her hair once it grew back.

On topic for a small moment, though, ha. Yeah, it would be pointless to do nothing during retrograde periods, but I was thinking more of doing or starting important things (and I would want the hair stuff to go well). And about who I was doing the hair stuff for, it -is- for me, except that if it leaves a good impression on my parent, I might actually be able to do it again sometime soon (although I would only have to wait a year and a half even then).

(Hmm, I'm almost feeling now as if I was blowing the dyeing-hair-stuff out of proportion... I probably was, and there's always later if I can't do the dyeing now.)


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Initially, I got the wild Hair to do it when I got up and said Good Morning Starshine as a welcome to the Age of Aquarius. Then I looked out the window and saw the cold grey clouds of Flesh Failures and felt like I needed Hashish to lift my mood. Failing that, I decided to get a little Air outside and ran in to Frank Mills, who told me all about his trip to Manchester England. When I saw some White Boys picking on some Black Boys and realized how Easy to Be Hard it is. I then found out I Ain't Got No gas in my car. So I shrugged my shoulders and Let the Sun Shine In and went on my merry way to a Be-In at work.

Now it is My Conviction that we Don't Put It Down by digging a hole with a Colored Spade by talking to Donna while I figure out Where Do I Go so I Got Life.

Now I can't say I'm Black like Abie Baby, who has discovered What a Piece of Work Is Man. So I'll take the Three-Five-Zero-Zero back to the Horsehead Nebula and keep Walking In Space and reporting back from time to time to all of you.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

As for the aspects affecting me, pick whichever one you think fits best. :wink: