Another Lost Soul Seeks Answer



I am new to this forum but was reading it today and found it very interesting. I have a very limited knowledge of astrology. My life has been a bit in the doldrums for quite some time and I wondered if anyone could shed some light as to when things might get a bit easier

Major events that have happened in brief:

Left my (well-paid) job 2 years ago for some time out because of stress
Left my husband 18 months ago as was very unhappy in relationship
Parents separated last year after 42 years of marriage

I had a tough year last year, lots of emotional stuff going on in my life, especially the impact of my parents separating which I took harder than my own marriage ending.

Set myself up in business as PR Consultant a year or so ago and finally got my own place again last October. Met a new guy (who I am still with) around the same time. Life started getting better for a while, lately though, the depression I was going through the last few years seems to be resurfacing. Low self-esteem, lack of motivation, boredom, insecurity etc. etc

Just wondered how responsible the planets are for what's been and what is going on and what the outlook looks like. Would appreciate any help or advice.

I was born on 1st December 1967 in Wellingborough, England at 00:03hrs


A time of unstructuring...


It sounds like a most challenging time! And, you are correct, astrology has something to say about will find that astrology ALWAYS has something to say about the "interesting times" in your life. In your birth chart you have Saturn (structure) opposite (energy is over-excited by) Uranus (unstructuring), indicating that there is a struggle in your life between building things up and breaking things down. The "breaking things down" energy has been particularly powerful because you currently have transiting (planets in the sky) Uranus conjuncting (energy is combined with) Descendant (others), so right now (and for some time) things having to do with others have been breaking down around you.

Since this Structuring/Unstructuring is in your birth chart, it is a basic theme/challenge in your life. Now is an excellent time to decide what NEEDS to be unstructured with others (such as relationships that don't work out, jobs that don't work out, etc.) and USE the energy to your avantage. Since you also have in your birth chart a lot of energy conjunct your Nadir (inner world), when things aren't "going right" it effects your feelings, moods, etc. Right now you also have transiting Saturn (restriction) opposite Mars (action), so in this case Saturn can be acting as a restriction on your ability to act. This feeling of being unable to act should ease up later in the year when Saturn moves off of Mars.

Taking a look at the "Relationship" issue, you have Libra modifying Venus (relationships) conjunct the South node (easy goals, the past), so relationships, although they are an easy focus, hold you back in your life. Aries (action) modifies your North node (future goals) focused in the 8th house (transformation, also healing, other people's money), so your goal is related to some type of transformation or healing, or maybe something involving other people's money.

Learning astrology can help you understand the issues in your life as they occur, so you are best prepared to use the challenges in the most helpful way for you. You can learn basic astrology at my website:

Wishing you the best with your unstructuring and restructuring,



Thanks Tim, that was very helpful and certainly clarified a few things. I can certainly relate to the 'inability to act' part.

I would like to know more about astrology so will certainly take a look at the link you provided

Many thanks again.