Anna Nicole Smith is Dead....


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I am in total shock right now.Her poor little daughter!! My prayers, and deepest sympathy to all invloved.


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Wow that's interesting, her son passed away 5 months ago, then she gave birth, now she's dead. Wonder if anyone can translate those events in her chart: Nov. 28, 1967, in Houston TX


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moon conjunct venus is interesting to her situation as its "madonna vs whore" issues brought up with these two planets interacting. with these two possible "failed" motherly experiences happening to her in such a short timespan (her son dying and the paternity issues around her daughter), it must have had a deep impact on her. she has very much in her past identified with the "whore" aspect of this conjunction, and now identifying with the madonna aspect, a part that is as intrinsic to her as the whore part, she failed at it. i wonder how that made her feel. since these two energies are so integrated in her, and she may have seen herself as failing in this regard, it may have been extremely depressing, a feeling of very deep failure on her part.


Mortal Chart:

Scorpio Moon in 5th house: "Fun Death"

Venus, Uranus, Mercury in 9th house Pisces: "Mind altering religious experience."

1st guess: drug overdose
2nd guess: sexual asphyxia


I told a friend about a dream I had of Anna Nicole Smith and she looked at me like I was a freak.
Anyway, it was short but vivid and it makes me think she's okay wherever she may be.
In the dream, she was standing all around recieving white light with her son and another baby, I think her son and her own head seemed to hang low as if she were disappointed or something. I didn't think anything of this dream until I found out she died two weeks later. I guess what prompted the dream was the thought of her son's death, and I felt so awful that she had to go through that experience because her son as some people have stated was a stabilizing factor in her life. And when he left, so did she. I guess it was precognition, I dont know i cant trust my intuition strong enough, but at least I wasnt too sad about her news of passing away cause the dream suggested peace is with her and her family.
Also, I just thought it was so out of the blue cause I dont really watch her shows, tv, porno, nada, i just heard a news snippet.
Well God loves us all, so im sure she's feeling it.


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There are 100 types deaths in the Vedas,and the type of this death called death of 101 type.average human life is 120 years,and this death surprised to everybody in world,I am Vedic astrologer and making pray to God Vishnu,for make peace to her great soul,and give beautifull life to him.This Body is like a vehical,We decorate,we maintain,we are doing for others good or bad,it is the nature of God,The Atama,Jeeva,and Prana,three,are making co-journey,and all three are going to the way of world,making work,for others,not for ourself,our works made by others and we are doing for others like giving back the,as they gave us before.
The Atama is always living,Jeeva back after death,and Prana make living to body,After death the Atama backed to stars,Jeeva take effects of past life work,like Swarga and Naraka.
Anna the great name,and the Birth time by India astrology,Time of Birth is 14:00:00 on Dated 28th November 1967.Lagan is Aries,and the lord of Lagan is Mars having place in 10th house,Saturn(Retrograde) in Lagan,Venus in 7th,with Ketu,and Moon,Jupiter in 6th House,Mercury in 8th House.Rahu is the head of Publicity having place with Saturn in 1st house.
Describing of Birth Chart
The Jupiter Star of Luck,having place in the 6th House,giving full strength to Mars in 10th,Mars giving full effects to 1st house,and also controling to Satrun and Rahu.In Vedic astrology Rahu is a Elephent and Mars is a Tool to cover all activity of Rahu,called Ankush,and Mars also Covering by the Saturn,from 1st house.Jupiter and Mercury both having place in 6th and 8th,and the unknown death created,no Docters will make any kind of report for the death of this great lady.
Mars of 10th house,the place of mars like hotel,reason of death declairing by the musical instrumants,voice and hypertension,the Chart describing full report of Anna's death.
The report of Death time,Chart is saying that Mars in 11th house,with Mercury (Retrograde),Saturn in 5th,having full oppositions with Mars and Mercury(Retrograde),and Sun,(The Soul having palce with Rahu in 12th house,The controling of Rahu by the Mars,out of covering area,(in 12th House)Moon is covering by the Saturn from 5th House,Jupiter in the 9th and giving full support to Mars,but Mercury having full strength through,Saturn from 5th House,Mars is weak in this time,The lord of Death Yamaraj,atteckd to soul and and Jeeva,forshake the body,Doctors and Medicines out of reach,it is the effects of body and full blames of death is going on Hotel,and Hotel is punishing to the service class workers.Like Ketu in 6th House giving informations like The bad Mars(having conectivity with mercury and Saturn) giving Blames to Hotel staff and hotel staff will give blame to low service servents.The story finished.