and the Tie breaker is....

I received two opposite readings about my upcoming Moon-Sun dasha and am looking for a tie breaker.

The first reading said it would be a horrible time. The worst part of my moon dasha and probably worse than any other dasha ever. It said that authorities or superiors would be after me and "corner" me. And that many expenses would potentially put me into debt.

The second reading said it would be a glorious time for me. That authorities and superiors will be on my side and that my social circle will give me much happiness and I will be making more money than before.

These are extremely opposite readings for the same period! I was born aug 4, 1979 10:45am New York, NY, USA. The Moon-Sun dasha is coming up sometime next year I believe. Can you help break the tie?

What do you think will be my fate during that time period?
The major period? Well financially I did very well for most of the period, but I was not good with saving. I worked until the very end of my Moon-Mercury Period and then was laid off due to Covid right at the start of Moon-Ketu. Moon-Ketu was very bad for social life as people that I thought were friends ended up being enemies for no good reason that I could see. By the end of the Moon-Ketu period I had lost almost all of my savings.

A few months into Moon-Venus I was able to get a job that eased my depression because it is a somewhat fun job. It is my first physical job instead of behind a desk with a computer like I've done in the past. However it does not pay well. I have been unable to go for a better job at the moment because of some government paperwork that I have to fill out in regards to my identity. Due to Covid closing many of the government offices I've been unable to adequately get this paperwork straightened out. So I remain in this dead-end low paying job until that gets fixed.

In a nutshell- Was emotionally lonely for most of the period. But also I did very well financially during the period until July of 2020.

Would you take a crack at what you think will happen during Moon-Sun?


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Indeed first said is true retro 10th lord gives problem in profession mars 8th and 3rd lord in 10th is not good gives many bitterness and unwanted troubles and changes in career 10th lord joining 12th triggers loss of job any time but since mercury aspecting 10th profession will be there but it will be struggling . in d10 also 10th lord mercury retro 11th lord in 8th cant shine in profession field .

Your next dasa is mars and ,and mars is own star no need to say . you hardly have job . dasa like mars rahu should not come to kanya lagna . many traumatic events in life . reg profession health home mother childrens take care .

current sun bukti either gives problems in job or fired . 12th lord is in 10th lord star so loss of job or change of job ..
Thank you very much creative for your input. It seems you side with the more negative reading and I look forward to letting you know at the end of the period what turned out. Since you mention the 12th house I am hoping I will not having any medical or legal troubles during those months, but we shall see.

Mathur_dinesh: Major moon Period overall was great financially, but bad socially. Extreme loneliness as the dasha rolled on. Depite making excellent money I had too many expenses because I did not save well and tried to spend it on a social life. Very good Money came in until the start of Moon-Ketu period where I lost my job due to Covid. During Moon-Ketu I moved often as I had to leave my pricey apartment behind when I lost the job. Despite moving to several humble places, by the end of Moon-Ketu I lost all my savings. Got another job in the first few months of Moon-Venus period, but it is an extremely low paying job. At first I thought I was only going to stay in this menial job for 3 months and move on to something better, but obstacles involving identification paperwork with the government has prevented me from trying to go for another job. COVID has drastically delayed gov't departments and has made it extremely difficult to ask anyone with knowledge about how to handle my paperwork, so I've now been at this menial job for half a year and still no end to it. Though the job pays very low, I do enjoy the work because it is simple and a bit fun- reminds me a little of playing with crayons as a child and it is the first job I've had that does not require a computer. Still I want to leave it for something more challenging and with better pay.
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The issue before us is the sub-period of the Sun in the major-period of the Moon that is starting from 22/August/2022 and runs till 21/February/2023.
Your Moon is debilitated. It is however in sambandh with exalted Jupiter. The Moon is better in the navamsha. Money therefore had to come in this major-period.
Before we consider the Sun we should take a look at Venus the sub-period of which is continuing till that of the Sun starts. Venus runs from 22/Dec/2020 till 22/August/2022. Venus is an excellent planet for the chart. It owns the second and ninth houses. This is an indication of wealth. Venus is joined by Mercury, Sun and Jupiter. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus is a good combination and is likely to give good results. Venus is in the ninth house from the Moon. This too is good. Venus is handicapped by the close association with the Sun otherwise it should have given you sufficient money. The Sun is the owner of the twelfth house.
I am sure in some spells the sub-period of Venus has been monetarily good for you and so it will be during the rest of the sub-period. The period from April/2022 to July/2022 should be good for you.
Insofar as the sub-period of the Sun is concerned there is no redeeming feature. It owns the twelfth house. It can get you some money only if you have some dealings in the international market.
Ah so it seems the tie is broken then and all agree that the first interpretation is correct. I wonder why in the hell that other guy gave such an extreme opposite conclusion.
You mentioned the international market. Since I won't be able to fly overseas during that period, do you think moving out of state during that time would help?