An Eclectic Delineation of Stephen Paddock's Horoscope

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My delineation of the Paddock horoscope will cover a number of postings to this thread. First I shall give a summary of the placements in the natal map, Then I will post a series of delineations of what I consider to be the salient points in his horoscope.

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Summary of the Paddock Horoscope: Placements & Connections

Date of Birth: Thursday, April 9, 1953 @ Clinton, Iowa
Time: 11:09 AM
Source of Horoscope: Astrodienst
Zodiac: Tropical
Houses: Whole Sign; the sensitive point-cusp-of each house = 22 degrees 37 minutes of each subsequent sign/house

(Note: I have rounded all minutes in the following Summary to the whole degree)

Ascending degree = 22 Cancer
(Rising sign =Cancer)
Ascending degree conjunct the star Pollux

MC degree = 4 Aries in 10th house

North Node: 9 Aquarius in 8th house
South Node: 9 Leo in 2nd house

Sun sign = Aries
Moon sign = Aquarius

Sun @ 19 Aries, in exaltation, in the 10th house
: parallel the star Procyon (see my delineation of this star connection in my post to the thread "Mandalay Massacre")...Sun opposition Saturn, square Uranus, opposition Neptune, trine Pluto, square ascending degree

Moon @ 22 Aquarius, on cusp of the 8th whole sign house (all houses are in whole sign)
:Moon is ruler of the nativity
:Moon square Jupiter, square Part of Fortune, trine Saturn, trine Neptune, opposition Pluto

Part of Fortune @ 25 Taurus in 11th house
:pOF conjunct Jupiter
:pOF conjunct the star Algol

Mercury @ 22 Pisces, in its Fall, in the 9th house
:Mercury conjunct the star Markab
:Mercury sextile Jupiter, sextile POF, trine Ascending degree

Venus, retrograde, @ 25 Aries, in its detriment, in the 10th house
Venus is Grand Dispositor of all planets in the chart but is in Mutual Reception with Mars
:Venus in parallel of declination with the star Aldebaran
:Venus parallel of declination with Mars; opposition to Saturn, Neptune; trine Pluto; square the Ascending degree

Mars @ 14 Taurus, in its detriment, in the 11th house
:Mars in conjunction with the star Menkar
:Mars in parallel with the star Aldebaran
:Mars parallel of declination with Venus; Mars sextile Uranus; parallel of latitude with Uranus

Jupiter @ 23 Taurus, in the 11th house (Jupiter's house of joy)
:Jupiter parallel of declination with the South Node; squared by Moon, sextile by Mercury; conjunct POF; square Pluto; sextile Ascending degree

Saturn, retrograde, @ 24 Libra, in its exaltation, in an elevated degree of Libra, in the 4th house
:Saturn conjunct the star Arcturus
:Saturn conjunct Neptune; opposed by Sun, trine by Moon, opposed by Venus; square Ascending degree

Uranus @ 14 Cancer, rising in the 1st house, in an elevated degree of Cancer
:Uranus conjunct the star Canopus
:Uranus parallel declination with Pluto; squared by Sun; sextile Mars

Neptune, retrograde, @ 22 Libra in the 4th house
:Neptune conjunct the star Spica
:Neptune conjoined with Saturn, opposed by Venus, trine by Moon, squared by Sun, sextile Pluto, square Ascending degree

Pluto, retrograde, @20 Leo in 2nd house
:pluto trine by Sun, opposed by Moon, trine by Venus, squared by Jupiter, sextile by Neptune

Dark Moon Lilith @ 11 Virgo in 3rd house

Lot of the Anareta = 22 Cancer (conjunct the Ascending degree)

Lot of Murder = 12 Libra, in the 4th house, conjunct the star Algorab

Part of Decaptitation = 15 Taurus 06, in the 11th house, in partile conjunction with Mars (20' from exact)

Such are the basic data of the Paddock natal chart.

Next I shall begin a series of posts delineating the indications of a number of what I consider to be key elements of this chart.
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In the Paddock natal, Venus, 25 Aries, detrimented, 10th house, retrograde, is the Grand Dispositor of all chart planets but is in Mutual Reception with Mars.
-Mars, 14 Taurus, detrimented, 11th house, in Mutual Reception with Venus, is also in "Mutual Detriment" with Venus.
-Venus and Mars are also parallel of declination (9' of exact), so, defacto, are conjunct as far as influences go. This Mars P Venus has, via the fact that Venus is Grand Dispositor of the chart, an influence-via Venus-on all planets in the chart.
-Mars is also in parallel of latitude with chart co-ruler Uranus, defacto equivalent to a conjunction of Mars and Uranus regarding influences.
-So, in effect, we find Venus/Mars and Mars/Uranus combinations exerting very significant influences in this horoscope.

-The defacto conjunction (parallel) of Venus and Mars is an indicator of 2 opposing tendencies, one being the benefic, kind, loving, gentle Venus, the other the aggressive, bold, daring, possibly violent Mars. Venus, being Grand Dispositor and elevated by house placement above Mars, tends to predominate: yet Venus is flawed by being retrograde and in detriment in Aries, allowing Mars to especially exert its influences upon Venus and thus-through the flawed Grand Dispositor Venus-upon ALL planets in the chart.
This Mars influence would have been even stronger (throughout Paddock's life) except that Mars, too is flawed, being in detriment in Taurus.

-However, that Mars influence regarding tendencies is still there. Venus/Mars in Mutual Reception indicate the benefic potential of Venus and Mars, yet Venus and Mars ALSO being in mutual detriment indicate the possible shadow side, malefic potential, of these planets especially so since they are also in defacto conjunction (parallel of declination)-and a Venus Mars conjunction is a difficult connection, as all astrological textbooks indicate.

-Venus and Mars are also parallel in declination the star Aldebaran: again we see 2 opposing influences, this time regarding this star's connection with Venus and Mars.

On the one hand we find (Robson) "...intelligence...eloquence...integrity, courage, gain of power and wealth through others...responsible position...creative abilities..." All of these indications being fulfilled in Paddock's life.
One the other hand se find (Robson) "...ferocity...a tendency to sedition...benefits of the star seldom prove lasting...danger of violence...liable to a violent death...", these latter malefic indications of Aldebaran coming to the foreground toward and at the end of Paddock's life.

-Mars in Taurus gives much strength to persevering with diligence, to keep going for a long time, toward the native's various goals. Endless stamina. The placement indicates a strong, solid, sensual person who often achieves material security.

However, this placement can also indicate a "Time Bomb" (see various German astrological authors such as Banzhaf & Haebler): pent-up aggression (Mars) building over a long period of time (Taurus) leading to an "explosion" which might result in devastation (eg, the Mandalay Massacre); a slow building up of aggression with a violent discharge. This underlying aggressive or even violent potential is specifically enhanced in Paddock's case by 3 factors:
1) Mars being in detriment
2) Mars being parallel the powerful, rising first house Uranus
3) Mars being conjunct the star Menkar

This Mars/Menkar connection gives a particularly malefic underlining the the negative potentials of Paddock's Mars in Taurus placement.
Mars conjunct Menkar has the potential for (Robson) "...immoral (actions)...violence...MURDEROUS...violent death"

I shall add that, in calculating the Part of Decaptitation (8th whole sign "cusp" + mars - moon) for Paddock's natal (my doing so because Paddock killed himself by shooting himself in (I believe) the mouth-thus he "blew his head off" as the colloquial saying goes), this Part falls @ 15Taurus06, conjunct Paddock's natal Mars (20' of exact), and Mars' Menkar conjunction.

-I believe these negative tendencies were triggered into manifestation in Paddock's case IN PART by 2 factors:
1) the natal Mars is in the Manilius Decan of Leo: the 8/21/17 solar Eclipse-and its lord, Mars-were in the SIGN of Leo
2) Paddock's natal Venus, Grand Dispositor, Mutual Reception with Mars, parallel Mars, is in the Manilius Decan of Gemini: the 8/21/17 solar Eclipse, its lord Mars, plus Dark Moon Lilith, Saturn and Uranus, were ALL in the Manilius Decan of Gemini in the Eclipse chart.

Uranus is in a quite powerful place in this chart, and is co-ruler of the nativity. Uranus in 1st house gives a love of freedom, uniqueness, originality, quick to decide, full of ideas, completely convinced of one's own uniqueness and self-value. Yet it can also indicate cool, calculating, an impenetrable "exterior" (as Paddock seems to have had); the person can become rebellious, seditious, reclusive and could possibly develop an extravagant sense of self-worth, of self-importance.

-Such a strong Uranus impels toward interests in technology and its practical apllications: in the Mandalay event we find this in Paddock's use of devices to turn his rifles into rapid-fire weapons (like machine-guns) and also in his installation of numerous remote cameras, to allow him to view the area of his shooting field, the hallway to his room, etc.

-Mars and Uranus are in parallel of latitude-a defacto conjunction regarding influences in the chart. This connection adds martial qualities to the Uranian qualities.

-Uranus and the Sun are in square aspect in the natal chart- a most unfavorable relationship. This connection can indicate the native being individualistic to the point of anarchy; self-will likely to be extreme, yet the quality of judgement is often perverse; even when the personality is amiable (as Paddock allegedly was), the person can still tend to be fickle, stubborn and misguided. Charles Carter says that this Uranus/Sun disharmony could "...possibly lead to catastrophe"...Carter writes of this Uranus/Sun connection that..."sometimes the person is, as it were, impelled as if from without to work their own injury or destruction."
Placement of Uranus, rising and in an elevated degree in the 1st house, combined with an exalted Sun (in Aries) in the 10th house, make this unfortunate Sun-square-Uranus aspect a very significant influence in Paddock's horoscope.

-Uranus is parallel of declination with Pluto in the horoscope. This Uranus/Pluto connection amplifies the already intense Uranus need for individualism and freedom. It also gives a potential for vigorous upheavals, for extreme INNER tension, for vacillation between the highest heights and the lowest depths. Combine this Uranus/Pluto connection with the Mars-in-Taurus placement mentioned earlier, and we can clearly see the TIME BOMB potential in Paddock's horoscope.

-natal Uranus is conjunct the 1st magnitude star Canopus: in this connection we see yet another instance of 2 opposite tendencies, as we did with Mars/Venus and the connection of Mars/Venus with Aldebaran. On one hand, Canopus indicates (Robson)"...voyages...wide and comprehensive knowledge...turns evil to good"...On the other hand Canopus can indicate (Robson)"...materialist...dishonorable...estranged from family..a violent and possibly public death." Which actually happened: Paddock's death was both violent, and quite public.

Next: further delineations of significant chart elements.
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The Moon: Ruler of Paddock's Nativity

...Moon @ 27Aquarius17, right on the whole sign cusp (sensitive point) of the 98th house.

The Moon is waning, in its last quarter: to me, this suggests that only a portion of Paddock's inner nature and emotions, was "apparent", could be "seen" in everyday life. That most of "what was inside him" remained largely in the shadow, not obvious, not "open to view"; that what he really felt he did not generally openly express, did not exteriorise, but rather kept to himself, not freely shared with others.

Moon in 8th house suggests to me that Paddock "inherited" a great deal, not financially, but emotionally: the Moon is disposited by Saturn, Saturn is in Paddock's 4th house, and Moon is in trine to Saturn. I believe that Saturn here represents Paddock's FATHER, and that Paddock "inherited" much-or was much emotionally influenced-by his father, or by the effects (upon Paddock) of the things that happened to his father.

His father was a notorious criminal who escaped federal prison and made the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. His father's bank robbing career, prison escape and later recapture (8 years after making the FBI's Most Wanted List) did not happen during the period when the younger Paddock was an infant : young Paddock was about 7 when his father first went to prison, 16 when his father made the Most Wanted List (1969) and 24-just graduating from college-when his father was recaptured (1977)
Young Paddock was quite aware of all that happened with his father. What effect did these events regarding his father have on young Paddock's inner nature (Moon)? The Moon-ruler of Paddock's nativity, and also being in the 8th house, shows a susceptibility to being very much affected by this "inheritance". Just how deeply did all these events involving his father affect young Paddock's inner nature and emotions (Moon)? This is not a question about the controversial issue of "criminal genetics" (which is a 4th house matter, although Saturn conjunct Neptune is in Paddock's 4th house), but rather about "emotional inheritance", about the possible impact of his father's life and notoriety upon Paddocks inner nature and emotions and-since the Moon is ruler of this nativity-also upon the potentials of ALL elements of this chart, being influenced thereby.

Next: more on Paddock's Moon
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Moon in Aquarius: the person mi9ght have a feeling of being a stranger in the world, yet also have a feeling of being very special. Certainly this placement indicates a very independent person-as also does Paddeock's rising Uranus in Cancer-original, creative, (emotionally) self-sufficient: might feel he doesn't really need anyone, and cannot take too much closeness, especially too much emotional closeness.

The Moon is square Jupiter-this indicates difficulty with religion and spirituality, Paddock himself allegedly being an atheist. This aspect can also indicate conflict with legal and government authority-we know that Paddock left early jobs with the government-first as a postal carrier, later-for 6 years-as an IRS agent. We also know that Paddock was often involved in lawsuits (Jupiter), usually as the plaintiff, often against tenants of his rental properties. Moon square Jupiter also indicates losses from gambling-and we know that Paddock was a regular high stakes gambler.

Moon sextiles Sun-a most beneficial connection; Moon in the same sign as the North Node-another beneficial connection: I believe both of these connections of chart-ruling Moon enhanced all of the positive qualities of the various planetary placements in Paddock's chart.
Similarly, Moon trine Saturn-this aspect I believe enhanced all positive stabilizing influences shown in the chart and-with Saturn also being conjunct the benefic star Arcturus and in its exaltation in Libra in the angular 4th house-indicated much success for Paddock in the field of land speculation and real estate investments.

I believe that chart ruler Moon sextile Sun (Sun exalted in Aries in angular 10th house) PLUS North Node in the Moon's sign PLUS Moon trine Saturn, all worked together to keep the positive streams of astrological influence predominant-or mostly predominant-over the negative underlying streams of astrological influence-for most of Paddock's life.

His known life history does not show criminal convictions, jail, chronic or recurrent unemployment, poverty, homelessness, nor any records of violence, fanatic episodes, suicide attempts, psychiatric treatment, alcoholism, drug addiction or chronic illness.
We find, instead, a college degree, employment with the postal service and as an IRS agent, then followed with much success in land speculation and real estate investments, home ownership, and the accumulation of wealth (Paddock died a multi-millionaire)
Only at the end of his life did the underlying streams of negative astrological shadows rise to drown him, at 64 1/2 years of age, in that October 1st, 2017 orgy of mayhem, murder and self-destruction.

However-as with other planets in his chart-the Moon, too, has its underlying shadow streams: the Moon is waning, the Moon opposes Pluto (I'll discuss this aspect when I take a look at Pluto), and the Moon is parallel to the malefic star Khambalia: this star can indicate (Robson)"...changeability and SWIFT VIOLENCE..."

So, chart ruler Moon had its underlying shadow stream, too.

Next: Jupiter and the Part of Fortune

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Jupiter, @ 23 Taurus, is a favorable chart influence. Jupiter is posited in fertile Taurus, sextile by Mercury, conjunct the Part of Fortune (25 Taurus) and is placed in the 11th whole sign house, Jupiter's "House of Joy". Abundance, material fortune, physical comforts, are all influences of Paddock's Jupiter placement. There also can be extravagance. excessive pleasure seeking and self-conceit, indicated by this Jupiter placement.

Jupiter is squared by chart ruler Moon, so gambling-connected with a degree of financial loss-is likely. Jupiter sextiles the Ascending degree, so Jupiter benefic influences support Paddock's "outer face" of personality (the Ascendant).

Moon square Jupiter afflicts Paddock's "belief system" regarding spirituality and religion. The materialistic Taurus placement of Jupiter, coupled with the square from the Moon, together with Jupiter's square to Pluto, made it difficult for Paddock to accept spirituality and particularly conventional religious spirituality in the form of organized religion. Paddock was allegedly a confirmed atheist, and his natal Jupiter connections show this likely to be true.

The shadow stream of Jupiter in Paddock's horoscope is indicated by Jupiter square Pluto: smugness and an underlying power seeking drive, an underlying will to power, are both indicated by this aspect.

This Jupiter/Pluto connection indicates an inner "glorification" of power in Paddock's mind, an inner desire to rule over others, to control others completely. This Jupiter/Pluto connection also indicates a likely tendency toward obsessive-complusive neurotic behavior.
Now-as far as we know-Paddock never had people under his control, never dominated the lives of others, never had any significant power over other people.

Except for 11 minutes on the last night of his life, October 1st, 2017.

On that night the lives of many hundreds of people were completely in Paddock's hands. He had CONTROL of many hundreds of lives. from his command post at the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. He destroyed 58 of these lives, and significantly impacted-forever-the lives of 479 more.

The long-underlying Jupiter square Pluto shadow stream-always there, but never actually manifested-rose to its dark fulfillment on that night.

For 11 minutes-his final 11 minutes of life-Paddock did in fact experience the "glorification of power", he achieved complete control over hundreds of other lives: the underlying, long dormant Jupiter square Pluto drive for power, became a terrible reality.

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The Part of Fortune (25 Taurus) is well placed in the fertile sign of Taurus, in the 11th whole sign house, conjunct Jupiter-all indicating favorable influences relative to material, financial potentials for the native. And so it developed-at THIS level-in Paddock's life. Success in real estate, becoming a multi-millionaire, owner of several homes, 2 airplanes, extensive travel, enough money to do pretty much whatever he wanted to do-all these things were accomplished in Paddock's life.

However, we find a shadow stream with the POF, as we have with other chart elements. Indeed, this horoscope's THEME is that of 2 opposite streams of astrological influences: an apparent, generally positive stream, and a hidden, underlying shadow stream, only occasionally visible at times in Paddock's life, but rising to the surface as a catastrophic flood at the end of his life.

Paddock's POF is in a pitted degree, and is conjunct the malefic star Algol.

The POF does not relate ONLY to one's potential material fortune, but the POF ALSO relates to the well being-the inner well being-of the native. And the POF ALSO indicates the relationship of that individual to the outside world, to that person's "impact" upon the world at large.

A pitted degree means blocks, barriers, inhibitions, and Paddocks INNER life seems to have been full of such blocks and inhibitions. Paddock's inner life, from various available evidences, his inner sense of well being, was not one of satisfaction, of contentment, of an inner sense of "good fortune". His POF in a pitted degree indicates this.

The POF conjunct Algol indicates Paddock's "impact"-his potential, ultimate impact or effect upon, the outside world. Algol was named by the Chinese the "Star of Piled-up Corpses"-I need make no comment here.
Algol can indicate (Robson)"...violence... mob violence...a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or to others...decapitation..."
Paddock caused death to BOTH others and himself, killing himself by "blowing his head off" ("decapitation")

Algol conjunct the POF indicates "poverty" (Robson)-now, this Algol/POF connection did not result in FINANCIAL poverty for Paddock-no, here the term "poverty" refers to the fact that-in his impact upon the world at large, his "net effect" upon the outside world, Paddock left this world a POORER place, for his having lived...
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Saturn, the "Greater Malefic', was not so for Paddock. Rather Saturn was a stabilizing force in Paddock's life, helping to keep the underlying shadow streams below the surface, until the last months of his life when-by Pauline sub-Profection, natal Saturn (and natal Neptune) profected into Paddocks natal 12th house (Spetember 9 - October 9 2017)

Saturn, angular (4th house), exalted in Libra, and conjunct Arcturus, one of the most benefic stars, chart ruler Moon trine Saturn, allowed Saturn to well stabilize the currents in this chart. Now, Venus and Sun both opposed Saturn-this put a damper on the full expression of both Venus and the Sun in his life, but I submit Saturn also blocked-for a long time-the eruption of the shadow streams underneath the Sun and Venus & their connections in the chart (eg, dark influences behind the Sun were its connection with the star Procyon; behind Venus, its connections with Mars and-together with Mars-their connection to the star Aldebaran)

Saturn exalted and in the 4th house gave impetus to much success in land and real estate, which was the source of Paddock's wealth. Saturn's placement and condition also contributed toward giving Paddock a strong will (along with Mars in Taurus), which, with Saturn being in opposition to Sun, Venus and the ascending degree, might have often come into conflict with other elements of Paddock's personality (eg, Sun, ascending degree) and with his emotions (Venus). Saturn's materialism directly dominated over the potential higher spirituality (Sun).

In the end this strong will (Saturn, Mars) turned into a negative expression of Saturn potentials (finality, termination, death): natal Saturn being retrograde indicated this potential reversal of what had been Saturn's previous stabilizing influence during most of Paddock's life.

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Neptune, conjunct Saturn in the 4th house, indicates that-joined with the Saturn qualities of materialism and practicality-there also existed an underlying dreamy or illusionary factor, deriving from the Neptune connection. Paddock always had a basic (4th house) background of fantasy and illusion (Neptune) behind materialistic, matter of fact, very practical Saturn. For example, his belief that he had developed a unique method to "beat" video poker machines, is an expression of such underlying illusions-and remember, Paddock wagered as much as $1 million a year in putting this delusional belief into practicve.

But mostly the Neptune illusions, self-deceptions, fantasy tendency was held in check by the dominant natal Saturn-until near the end of Paddock's life.

Neptune can indicate the possibility of potential psychopathic disturbance when natal Neptune is posited in certain natal houses and afflicted by certain aspects: 1st, 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th houses being most often indicative of this potential (Carter) We find Neptune posited in Paddock's 4th house-furthermore we find the Sun (higher mind) and Venus (emotions) opposing Neptune, and Neptune in square to the ascending degree (outward expression of the personality). Neptune in the 4th house coupled with these aspectual influences upon Neptune, the potential of an underlying psychopathic tendency in Paddock's horoscope is certainly a possibility.

However, I believe that this potential was kept largely non-activated for most of his life due to the following counter-balancing astrological influences in the horoscope:
+Neptune being conjunct with angular, exalted, "down to earth" Saturn
+the trine aspect to Neptune from chart ruler Moon
+the favorable sextile aspect between Neptune and Pluto
+Neptune being conjunct the strongly benefic star Spica

I submit that something happened in the last month-or few months-of Paddocks life which activated the underlying Neptune potentials the the sudden manifestation of a psychopathic episode: I believe that a combination of:
-planetary profections beginning at Paddock's last birthday (4/09/17) and also occurring during the September/October 2017 period
-the influence of the 8/21/17 total solar eclipse
-certain transits at the precise time of that eclipse

...all combined to activate Paddock's long standing, though mostly dormant, Neptune psychopathic predisposition-Neptune's "underlying shadow stream"-allowing it to rise to the surface and manifest in Paddock's final insane acts of mass shooting and multiple murders.