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THE NATION'S COMMUNICATION and telecoms industry

Shocking New Facebook Pop-Up
Begins Warning Users
About Dangerous Ideas

DM CLIPS Rubin Report


"...There is no better evidence that BigTech is out of control
than that they banned the sitting President of the United States..." :smile:

Former President Donald J. Trump
comments on being banned from social media platforms
during the final weeks of his term as President
in the aftermath of the events of January 6th

- Via Newsmax.



Matt Gaetz & Josh Hawley both warned us months ago that the suppression of Truth & Facts & Rational Debate would end up with TYRANNICAL gov't in place.

Yep, they are like the old Prophets who saw the future.

Gaetz even filed a criminal refferal against android Zuckerberg to try to stop the Big-Tech oppression. AND Josh Hawley tried to initiate anti-trust legislation to break up the huge monopolies. The Dems just laughed at him because they know the media & the tech companies are on their side.

Zuck reminds me of a certain world leader who had the third reich implementing his brutal & insane ideology.

Matt Gaetz files criminal referral against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
1,449 views•Jul 27, 2020
Speaking of a certain world leader who had the third Reich implementing his brutal & insane ideology, you know Trump used the same political hoax as Hitler right? He just swapped the word "Jew" for "Democrat".


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Here is the thing:
If democrats believed Trump cheated

- why didn't they do something about it?

its obvious than an audit on the 2016 election
would have shown that Trump did win, fair and square.

At the same time
why do they oppose the current audits?
it shows Trump won by landslide and democrats cheated.

Twitter Tries to SILENCE The Audit! :smile:
Twitter has just shut down
Eight major accounts
reporting on the 2020 Maricopa County Arizona Audit of the 2020 Election

This is full on censorship for wrongthink

is an extension of the media narrative about the 2020 election
that's been going for years. Spread the news.



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Speaking of "killers", add Trump to the list--13 unnecessary executions in less than a year!

Maybe you should have focused on her message instead of automatically retorting, "your side s*cks, too".

And just to make it very clear, she literally did not mention Trump anywhere. You felt the need to mention Trump because you felt that any criticism against people on the left was like an attack. You felt that you must "fight back". You don't care to find out whether her criticism was justified or not. Whether her argument had any merit or not. You just go, "but..but..but...Trump!!!" This is a classic, "us against them" mentality. I hope you are aware of that, David.
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To everyone in this thread who is concerned about the left:

Yes it's bad that those on the left are censoring those on the right. But, I believe we can still try and build our own community. For example, we can choose to migrate to Or those of us who are good with technology can try to build a website specifically for deplatformed voices, the dissenters. The lefty tyrants can ban us from their sites but they can't ban the entire internet. At least not yet. Let's get to work.


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Zuckerberg is so weird!
He doesn’t even resemble a human. He even struggles to move like one.
If you’ve seen him for more than 3 seconds in motion there’s a very bizarre inhuman like quality to him. It gives me the creeps.

OK what I am about to say is akin to hitting below the belt but:

I believe that in real life, zuckerberg is short. And he is probably not very good with women. I mean, he married a Chinese woman. I know this sounds very weird coming from an Asian woman such as myself, however I really believe that zuckerberg cannot get a Caucasian woman. And I am not pulling this out of my *ss. Almost all of the Caucasian men who have shown interest in me were defective in some way. Either they were socially incompetent, or they were lacking in the confidence department. And there was always something "off" about them. They were just a very unappealing bunch of nerdy losers that no normal women would pause for one second to spit on. They are not worth the saliva because saliva has good use. Women need saliva to soften food. But these men have no use. No worth of any kind.

Also, my personal observation is that there is some overlap between the afore-mentioned losers and the Caucasian men who are interested in countries of the Far East. Not all of them are losers but there seems to be some link. There was this fat, nerdy loser who sat next to me when I was training for a job I had with eBay (a lefty institution. Do not give them any of your business). He was short, fat, and his limbs were disproportionately short with respect to his torso. As if his physical defects weren't bad enough, he seemed to think that he was very smart. Very conceited. And not only that, he also gave off a nerdy vibe, but he apparently thought if he acted confidently enough, told enough jokes, that he could offset that. How little he knew. All in all, a very repulsive freak. And he was carrying a bag that had some Chinese characters on it, so I surmised that he was into Asian cultures and stuff. He also sexually assaulted me. My ex-manager was quite probably an Asio-phile too. I couldn't find anything wrong with him, at least not yet, because I hadn't spent enough time around him, plus I was into him, so I could have been biased. But be assured that there was something off about him, too. I mean, he literally said he was very intelligent. And I am not saying that he wasn't, because I simply did not know him well enough, but the thing is you NEVER say that you are intelligent. Regardless of whether you are actually intelligent. It is something meant for other people to say. One simply does not self-diagnose one as being smart. It is something that charming, elegant people don't do. But I guess my ex-manager wasn't a charming, elegant person. He also said something that was very stupid too. I won't get into the details but suffice to say, he was both off-putting and literally not as smart as he thought he was. I was just too polite to say anything. In fact a lot of feds are like these two men I mentioned above. Always un-charming, inelegant, very conceited, with an overinflated view of themselves, and always, always overestimating their own intelligence. And to top it off, feds are very unethical. I know this for a fact because they hacked into my personal computer and are still watching my every move online. And wouldn't you have guessed, Asio-philic losers and feds are almost always left-leaning. And you wonder why normal people hate the lefties so much. There is a very good reason for their hate, and contempt, for these losers and freaks.
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.........Twitter, Facebook, Google, all claim to be common carriers under Section 230 of the Communications Act. That means they are NOT publishers or editors, they are basically - the town square, where anybody gets to speak, distasteful as the company may find it.

If they just came out and admitted they're behaving like publishers, they'd lose significant protections they have under the Act.

Sure, if there are threats, like a few that were posted on Parler before the riot on 6 January, they'd be reported to the authorities. Which Parler did, albeit the organising took place on Twitter and Facebook. Funny how government, amazon, Apple, and Google acted in lockstep to shut down Parler when Parler did nothing wrong.

As Jen Psaki said, the White House is telling Facebook, et al, who to ban for disinformation, albeit Facebook, Twitter, and Google were doing the government's work before (maybe? we don't know for certain) the government was involved. But now the government is involved, it even has the postal service (WTF?? but it's true) spying for dissidents on social media, and the big three are helping the government to compile dissident lists.

Dangerous misinformation: I was banned from Twitter for telling (check with Stats Can if you don't believe me) that only about 7000 of our 25,000 covid deaths were people outside of institutions, largely care homes, some people who caught covid in hospital, plus a few prisoners.

Is that in any way dangerous?

I'll also mention that Joe Biden/CDC's suspension of private property rights is both illegal and unconstitutional. So why did they do it?

I'm guessing it's because they've got the guns, and nobody dares to stop them. That's kind of how dictatorships work, and I'm more than a little afraid that's the way the US is heading.
Quite :smile:



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The People Who Want Censorship :smile:

I know things are getting more invasive and intrusive as rights and liberties are being eroded. And I can't agree with it.

Since I am an Old Person (tm), I tend to do computer things on the computer. Also, since I am an Old Person (again) (tm), I know how to read a map when the need arises. Ergo, I carry a flip phone - it doesn't use Apple or Android OS. It calls and texts, and that's it. Good luck to anyone trying to find pictures on it. Of course carriers here may well be surveilling texts and calls for 'covid misinformation' as well as in the US (that's got to be one of their weakest excuses yet), not much I can do about that.

And yes, I use a VPN based outside the Five Eyes when I connect to the internet. That, having a decent indie ISP that's big on privacy rights (rare in Canada), end-to-end encryption for actual private emails (not a lot of those) and keeping sensitive documents offline is about as much as I can do on that front - not perfect, but discourages casual snooping. If you're concerned about cookies, it's pretty easy to block invasive tracking ones, and dump the whole mess after you shut down your browser.

I suppose I write the requisite number of cheques for taxes, insurance, rates and what have you. Seldom use a bank card. Am I the only (Old Person) who was simply - irked - that the bank seems to need to know how much I spend at the grocer, pharmacy, or hardware store? It seems like pointless snooping to me. Yes, they'll easily find out that I subscribe to the 'wrong' news services (conservative), and I occasionally buy a computer part online, but that's about it. Only had the twitter account, to which I might've posted three times in a year and that's gone now. Not a big fan of social media, but I did like twitter for being able to pick up news before the censors got hold of it. Ah, well.

It sort of terrifies me that so many young people I know haven't used cash in so many years they can barely remember what it looks like. But they grew up with this, which is a terrible shame - surveillance is normal to many of them. You and I didn't.

I'm not doing anything nefarious. I simply don't like snoops. And I reckon a lot of us feel the same way.

That's my story.

Okay, what has Apple done? First, they've made a big advert for buying android if you're doing evil things on your phone, no? Why else announce it in advance? Because if you're doing a 'sting' operation (which they shouldn't be anyway, btw), the last thing you want to do is tell people about it. Not that Google's any better.

And we once again hit the problem of fascism - why is it okay for private companies to be doing criminal investigations for the government, and starting out with a presumption of guilt? Do you believe this will be different to any other surveillance programme? Do you honestly think there won't be mission creep here? I don't, not for a minute.

How many child predators you reckon they'll catch with this? One or two, perhaps? I take it you find it worthwhile to surveil everyone who uses Apple in order to do this? It's worth giving up more privacy for? Or are you simply resigned to living in a fish bowl?


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Federal lawsuit Ayyadurai v. Twitter, et al., :)
- in SEP 2020

- I uncovered the entire GOVT & #BigTech Censorship Infrastructure
Over 400M people learned about it.
The MSM & grifter media INTENTIONALLY concealed it

This video shares that journey

Dr.SHIVA™ - Exposes MSM Concealed 2020 Govt Censorship Infrastructure



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Jimmy Dore’s Wikipedia Page Edited By CIA! :)

In 2007 a hacker and tech whiz named Virgil Griffith revealed
that the CIA, FBI
and a host of large corporations and government agencies
were editing pages on Wikipedia to their own benefit
- or the benefit of associates.

Now Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger is reporting that
the intelligence agencies are still at it
routinely editing pages relating to the Iraq War body count
treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and China’s nuclear program.
Jimmy and The Convo Couch host Craig Jardula discuss this modern-day version

of information warfare taking place on the pages of Wikipedia :)



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Police in Marion County, Kansas recently conducted a raid
on the offices of a local paper, the Marion County Record,
as well as the homes of the paper’s co-owner Eric Meyer
his 98-year-old mother, Joan Meyer.

The raids were ostensibly :)
conducted to investigate whether the paper
had illegally obtained information about a local resident charged with a DUI
but many suspect that the true motivation was to silence a media outlet
that had been critical of the police force in the past.

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how the raid

may have led to Joan Meyer’s death the next day.