Am I wrong in not going to my brother's wedding?


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As stated in title. Yes I am a British Citizen (since birth).


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Well the obvious answer would be to not go without looking at horary, but this is an end to my communications with my family. I know from asking with previous horary charts with my family that the best thing to do is move on with my life...but I'm scared to be alone with no family even horrible ones. This sounds strange, but I feel like an overgrown orphan.


That doesn't sound strange, at all.

However, I clicked on your thread while it was in Active topics... I didn't see that it was the Horary section.

I'm not familiar enough with the process to tell you anything regarding the query.

In the absence of any other info, what would make you feel comfortable enough to move on with your life?

And where is your moon, if you don't mind me asking.... have you posted your own chart, here?


Ok... and wow; so much centered on the 4th and 10th (home and work, put simply), but you ran your chart on equal houses, I think.

Would be nice to see in Placidus. :joyful:

Regardless, your NN is in the 11th (groups and friends) so you should be heading in that direction (more on that at the end).

First, you have Uranus conjunct Jupiter, which makes your situation (whatever it may be) feel more urgent. Not your fault, just be aware of it so you can take a step back and look at the big picture. Also, Saturn opposes your Sun... and it looks like it's at less than a degree. Google that aspect and read everything you can on it-- I think part of what is getting in your way is your perspective. Try to get out of frustration, and into action.

For instance: What you would do, if you could leave tomorrow?

Do you have a realistic plan?

Also, it may be that you aren't getting any money because your family knows you will leave, immediately... and though it's wrong for them to withhold payment, it would benefit you to use a little strategy, here. They don't need to know what your plans are; keep that to yourself. Further, you have all the resources you need at your disposal via the internet.

Find a group of people (NN in 11th) who are in similar situations, or who have been in similar situations... find out how they changed it. Find out how they got back home to the UK. Think: adult survivors of abuse... it may be that someone in the UK could tell you of resources available or a sponsorship to get back home. Because from what you've said, you are in a way being held against your will.

I'm no expert (can't emphasize that enough! lol), but some of this is basic stuff.... and truly, where there is a will, there is always a way. You have strong placements: Taurus sun, Leo asc and Leo moon... Taurus Mars, it may be in detriment but it gives you staying power, regardless. If you focus all of your energy on this, you will get it accomplished; I have no doubt of that.

Hope this helps you. :joyful: