Am I seeing this with rose coloured glasses?


I have tendency to see my romantic interests with rose coloured glasses but I feel really good about this one. Thoughts?

Would greatly appreciate any input.. Thank you!:biggrin:


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To do a proper job on a synastry bi-wheel we need to read the actual degrees.

Including the Astrodienst table of degrees that came with the synastry chart is also helpful.

The reason is because inter-aspects in synastry have orbs, just the way individual chart planetary aspects have orbs.


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I forgot to ask if your birth times are accurate.

But generally, I look for:

suns that are sextiled or trined.

moons that are conjunct, sextiled or trined

inter-aspects between Mars and Venus that are conjunct, sextiled or trined.

Then Jupiter is a "feel good" planet, and compatible Mercury aspects are good for communication.

Harmonious inter-aspects among the above plus the ascendants are helpful.

Oppositions and squares are definitely connecting, but these can be stressful over time.

Without the main inter-aspects the two people probably just don't connect.

Probably the most helpful aspect you have is the broad sextile between your two moons, which gives emotional compatibility.

His sun trines your Venus. That's nice.

You two have birthdays which are close together, which accounts for the conjunctions in your pairs of outer planets. I wouldn't make to much of them because you share them with everyone else in your age year.

To me, the synastry suggests pal-ship rather than romance.

However, you might try a midpoint composite chart. It shows how two people operate as a couple, rather than as two separate individuals. It sometimes gives a more promising picture.