Am I pregnant again?


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I have a feeling that I am. My husband and I were stupid and didn't use protection last week. I started having some headaches and my breasts are beginning to swell. I'm not thrilled because this would be an April due date and my sister is getting married in March and I'm the Matron of Honor and we live on different continents. But I digress.

NN in the 5th house square Venus (5th house ruler) in the 8th - miscarriage? I'm Saturn but my husband is the moon in Pisces... so maybe I'm just old haha. I don't know. The last time I was pregnant the significators were in Virgo so I am not surprised that my 5th house ruler is Venus in Virgo. What do you all think? I won't know for another week, but I'm praying for a period.

I'm too tired and old for this :crying:


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L1 is Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Pregnancy is L5 Venus in Virgo in Fall. There is perfection - Saturn does receive Venus by Face and Venus doesn't receive Saturn at all. Moon does not perfect with either significator. No you are not pregnant.