Am I ill again?


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Two years ago I had endometriosis surgery. Now the symptoms before the operation have returned and I am a little worried. The doctor says it's okay but I don't feel like it would be and the chart shows some problems. Please let me know if I have interpreted it correctly.
Ascendant is in Saturn terms means problems. I am the Sun exalted in Aries; meaning I am exaggerating the problem? Sun sextiles Saturn, L6 meaning I am sick. The Moon, L12, the hospitalization is in the first house and opposing Saturn , Mars, Venus, not very good. At least L8, Jupiter do not do any major aspect with Sun.
Ant what means that Moon, Pluto and IC, MC are in the same degree?

Thank you in advance.


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Please keep in mind that I am an amateur astrologer and not a substitute for a qualified medical professional.

Your health looks to be reasonably good.

With Leo rising, you are symbolized by the sun. Your 6th house of health is ruled by Saturn its potentially bad effects are somewhat mitigated by Saturn's domicile in Aquarius. The sun applies to a sextile with Saturn, so that's to the good.

The 8th house rules reproductive organs but it is tenanted by an exalted Venus and domiciled Jupiter.

The moon is void of the course, suggesting that if you don't have confirmation of endometriosis now, you probably don't have it.


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Thank you very much, Waybread,
I was looking forward to a positive response. I've calmed down now. I do not have a diagnosis of endometriosis at this time, I hope that the symptoms (mild pain in the area of the excised ovary, etc.) will disappear over time.
I wish you all the best!