Am I going to get pregnant with A?


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Thanks for getting back to me.

I would look for your significator (moon) in relation to the ruler of the 5th house, which is Mercury. (Sorry--I said "your significator," but in a way it is, if you think about pregancy in the mother's body.)

It's Mercury that's not in great shape. I don't mean to be alarmist, but I don't know how you would read a planet that's in detriment, combust, &c.)

I'm not saying poor people shouldn't have children.

I am saying that I think a prospective parent should want to give a child the best start in life s/he can.

If "your man" is nt on-side and may not be very responsible, would you spring a pregnancy on him out of the blue? I think most men would think the woman should at least discuss it with him first, before putting him on an 18-year program of child support payments for a child he may not want. [Which is why I asked about birth control. I am not saying you would do this, but some women would stop taking the pill, for example, and not tell the man.]

Then what about a little kid with no real dad in the picture, who learns that dad didn't want him/her?

Realistically think about the time and financial commitment. Do you have a job that pays maternity benefits?

If it's Just You as a single mom, do you have a mother or sister nearby to help with childcare? Can you afford day care? Or is the plan to go on welfare?

I have two wonderful adult children. Their dad and I were married and owned our own home when they were born. Believe me, it is still really tough when your teenager acts out and doesn't come home at night. It is hard when s/he starts failing school. So think ahead 15 years or so, not just the part about the cute little pink or blue bundle. Oh, and he and I got divorced part way through their childhood, so I understand the single mom part.

Sometimes lonely women want a baby to fill an emotional vacuum in their life. But a child may not provide that for you. They have their own needs.

To me, an Aries moon suggests that emotionally you are prepared to go it alone. But before you make that choice, please think through the practical considerations. They can bite you.
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Ah you were meaning Mercury. Yes Mercury is not in great shape, the chart is a clear no. I do not see it as alarming in terms of my ability to ever get pregnant through.

I saw Mercury and the Sun as symbolic more of the potential I had to get pregnant at that time.Sun being the life force rejected Mercury. It could signify the ovulation process. Plus, it is widely combust the Sun and separating. It is also only 2 degrees away from being out of detriment and into the sign of L7’s rulership. Although the chart is a no, these things are positive. Plus, although Moon is in independent Aries (I do indeed have no problem going it alone), Moon’s next sign will exalt the Moon.

I think if the chart was saying I could never get pregnant, Mercury would be applying to the Sun, and not about to change signs. Because it will soon be in Saturn’s rulership, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did get pregnant by him, in the future.

However, I have had a change of heart in that regard. It’s been very on-off between us. 2 weeks ago we reconciled, he was kissing my hand saying he just needs to sort himself out and is ready now. Last Saturday, he made plans with me and got drunk with his mates instead. We reconciled on Wednesday and had a lovely evening together but he wasn’t sure what he wanted. This Saturday he was partying again, so I ended it. Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto and a Full Moon will do that.

Btw, on Wednesday he said to me, ‘I want to get you pregnant.’ I didn’t react or even respond and he said ‘oops I shouldn’t have said that.’ He has no idea how much I have recently been wanting a baby. But his Uncle and himself have spoken to me about it before. His Uncle said I would never be short of a babysitter because his Mum would take over and my man said just recently his Mum is going to buy him a house soon (they are looking) and I should move in with him.

So, it’s not like I am secretly planning to having a baby behind his back type thing. But anyway, I finished it. I decided I deserve better than his on-off feelings and lack of attention he was giving me.

The point is though, I don’t need a Mum or Sister to have a baby. The partner I do end up with will hopefully have a loving family, that will be a bonus for me to become part of their family too. I just think it is very wrong if I were to go about questioning my right to have a baby just because I don’t have a loving supportive family. Even if the Dad didn’t, I still should not give up the desire to be a mother due to a lack of babysitter. There is such a thing as being too practical.

Which brings me on the my next point. I’m always going to have an emotional void, a baby isn’t going to take that away. I am used to having a void within me, so it’s not really going to be anything strange when a baby doesn’t fill it either. When you have had to fight for everything your whole life, you’re going to be able to pass on that wisdom better than say a woman who had everything handed to her her whole life, and who has a babysitter on tap.

I have a wisdom about life that most people don’t have precisely because of my wounding. I have an awareness more than most of the importance of doing your inner work and ridding oneself of dysfunction (as much as possible).

As for if this is the correct timing for me to have a baby, I will be finished my degree in spring. I will only have a year’s teacher training to do, which I could defer for a year, or steam ahead if this guy’s mother really would love to babysit. I work for a really good company, I have just won an award for being the ‘most valuable player’ in terms of my sales targets, not just for the first year but the last 6 months too, and I won by a good margin. I’m a clear winner.

Oh and today, I completed a course I’ve been doing, a level 2 in business administration (it’s like high school level). It was at a different college to my university and it was home study (I work from home too), I did it for work’s purposes. They already said I am going to be promoted to manager soon, but I will show them this new qualification, which has modules specifically relevant to my work.

So I have been studying my last year of a degree, working 40 hours a week, and I took on a separate qualification for my work.

I certainly don’t act like I am entitled to a baby and expect the government to pay for it, or other people to babysit for me or the baby.

I am not on birth control. I came off it because me and the guy were off and I haven’t gone back on it. I don’t want to go back on birth control, I want to have a baby because I have been sleeping with someone I love, even though I just broke up with him. I think there is something better out there for me, I wasn’t about to accept the box he was trying to put me into. When I start dating someone new, I may go on birth control for the first few months, I might not because I really want a baby now.

I don’t know what’s going to happen between me and this guy. It’s been passionate and on and off. He’s a nice guy, he parties a lot but he also listens to me and respects me (I must thank his mother if I ever meet him). But at the end of the day I realised his behaviour wasn’t enough and it wasn’t actually a relationship despite what he said to me when he was kissing my hand and saying he was ready, it was an on-off casual sexual affair, and that is not what I want from him.
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I know that you will be a fantastic mother someday, Poohbear. :love:

There is at least one soul up there, awaiting incarnation, and wanting to choose you as their host. They will choose the time. :cool:


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My husband and I really wanted to have children. We had a really solid marriage and a cute little cottage near the beach in Southern Cali. We both had good jobs....we felt so ready to have a family.

But I had a bad incident with an IUD which caused and infection and scarring on my Fallopian tubes when I was in college. So I had the surgery to clear them and open them, and we then had fertility treatments, and we felt optimistic.

But tr Saturn was going back and forth over my Cap Moon in the 8th----so we did get pregnant a few times, but had early miscarriages each time, over the next 3 years. :pouty:

Some of my metaphysical friends said maybe I wasn't 'supposed' to have a child---and it really rattled me emotionally. I have Pluto/Leo in my 4th, apex of a T-Square....were they right?

I just couldn't accept it. I felt 100% certain in my heart and soul that we were going to have a family and be great parents.

I got married during my Saturn return. As the Tr Saturn square approached, we had all the fertility work done and had the ensuing miscarriages.

But after the square perfected, I had a miraculous, cosmic incident, in which a pregnant woman , a friend of a friend, came to meet us and asked if we wanted to adopt her baby, who was about to be born!

In fact, he was due at the same time my last miscarriage would have been born!

Suddenly, we had a child coming. One month later we were in the hospital, and I watched my son being born. Took him home 2 days later, 100% health, happy newborn baby boy. With his Moon conjunct my Ascendant exact...:love:

The same type of thing happened with our 2nd baby, our lovely daughter. We have Venus conjunct Ascendant exact. She was meant to be my baby.

The truth is, these were meant to be our children. When we shed all those tears over the miscarriages and all that, I would cry and ask the higher powers WHY is this happening?

And years later we all realised that we were meant to be a family and our kids were coming to us, it was just not in the usual way. All of that previous stuff had to happen for us to decide to adopt and then reach out ---and miraculously find our incoming babies.

Now I even have my first grand baby! :love:

I never lost hope and stayed with what was inside my heart. Both our kids are amazing young adults and we are very close to them to this day. I can't imagine my life without them.
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Good luck with this, UKpoohbear.

Thank you Waybread, I appreciate where you are coming from, I forgot to say that. You made a lot of good points about considering the practicalities and not just jumping in blindly. I did listen to it.

I know that you will be a fantastic mother someday, Poohbear. :love:

There is at least one soul up there, awaiting incarnation, and wanting to choose you as their host. They will choose the time. :cool:

You saying this to me makes me believe it too.

Thank you for sharing your story about your adoption experience. It really did sound like fate even if there was a lot of pain at first. It did dawn on me about if I could not have a baby and how I could turn it around into fostering or adopting children and your story shows how special it would still be.

I feel really lucky to have all this positive female energy around me from different perspectives. It’s a bit cheese I know, but I feel it will help manifest me being a mother and it is a good sign. I can literally feel it manifesting. :love:


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I wanna say - you need positive female energy around you IRL to be a happy mother. It’s very unnatural to raise a baby on your own. Manifest the energy!!