am i attracting chaos situations/changes?


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hi guys!

ive realized that i have experienced a lot of situations in life when
- the country's system
- the uni programme
--the company

underwent changes.

to start with, i was born at a time when the soviet union collapsed and my country underwent political AND societal changes. when i went to school - the education system was going through changes again (I was in the first generation that did not have to wear uniform at school).

Last year i did an intenrship in the organization where the director was "fresh", he had arrived just few weeks before I started working and there was intense atmosphere at work.

And now again, the company i'm working for, is changing ALL the management- people that were sent from abroad here to work for several years are leaving and new ones are arriving this week. I have just started working for this company and im already experiencing a turmoil and stress!

these are few situations to mention.

is there something in my chart that points out to constant changes or am i overreacting to a normal thing - i mean life is a change.

the natal chart