Alright Uranus Atmakarakas - Gather 'Round...


Let´s talk about this.

Who´s got Uranus at the Highest Degree?

Let´s share and compare our thoughts and feelings and observations/experiences and research.

Be as real and raw and open about it as you can (or feel comfortable with)

(And yes, I KNOW that traditional Vedic Astrology doesn´t count Uranus as Atmakaraka - but based on my personal observations/research, I would STRONGLY disagree...)

So - Is this as much of a pain for you guys as it is for me?

I mean, you just can´t seem to, "Get in Sync" with anyone or any thing?

Are all of you equally as "Alone" as I am?
(And you know what I mean. Not like, "Boo-Hoo, I have no Girlfriend/Boyfriend" I mean like, "I am a Minority of One." kind of alone... Which is very different, and in my opinion, faaaar worse...)

Are you all also incurable rebels without a cause?

Do you despise and rankle against authority and bureaucracy as much as I do?

Are you also one of those, "I don´t like these rules - so I´m making my own!" kind of person?

Does the society you were born into make any sense to you at all? Or are you always finding all kinds of faults with it, outdated and in need of revision everywhere you look?

Are you obsessed with thinking about how to set up new systems for a perfect Human Utopia? (But not just pipe dreams though, I mean yer like, "No REALLY. This could ACTUALLY function"...) O_O

Are you always the one who feels ready to the point of bursting to be "Innovate" and change up your surroundings (or whatever) and yet always stuck around people who are super stagnant and don´t want to change?

Are you always the one to speak out in the group, only to have everyone stare, or act suddenly awkward, as if you just said something equally as awkward or out of place? When to you, it didn´t seem that way at all?

Do people often think your ideas or beliefs are quite radical, when to you they simply make the most logical sense, and would make everything better for all?

Do you also feel as if you have masses and masses of information to share with people, yet no one ever to say it to?

Do you find that you spend obscene amounts of time on the internet, even when you don´t even want to?

And if not the internet, then just otherwise preoccupied dealing with, "overwhelmingly large amounts of data" ?

Does your life always seem to be lived on, "Shifting Sands"? So right when you feel ready to,"Leap" something critical changes underneath your feet, and so you have to pull back into your mind again, and reassess, killing your forward momentum?

Do you often find that, "You had plans for the day, but the day had other plans" ? Do you find that, you spend a tremendous amount of time in your head, preparing for what you need to do, yet for some reason, it never plays out in reality how - or when - you thought?

Do things often happen in an obnoxiously out-of-order, rushed, jarring, or spontaneous fashion? Even when you specifically prepare against it?

Do you find that you´re often on the wrong, "Schedule" in comparison to everybody else? When you´re ready, they´re never available, and vice versa?

Are you also incredibly scientifically minded, and sometimes even put people off with how detached you can be? Like, immediately begin reassessing how things have changed, and what that might mean, even right after someone has just died, or some other such sensitive matter?

Do any of you have chronic nervous system problems? What about long term insomnia, or sleeping issues? C´mon now - I know all you Uranus Atmakarka people are Insomniacs, just admit it... Seizures perhaps?

Is there something noticeable or unusual about the way you speak, or move your body? Like, when you hear a recording of your voice, or see yourself on video?

Do you sometimes think or speak about things and ideas so far in the future, that the other people just can´t relate to them, or to you?

Do you often wish you were at an intergalactic space station Bar/Lounge/Club at the edge of the galaxy, dancing all night to some good space dub, with various species of Aliens, and the drinks would be glowing neon colors, with mist billowing out the tops, and the Bartender who served you was a Green colored Octopod with 8 tentacles, who was floating in his little hover chair?

Cuz I sure do!

So, let´s hear all you Uranus AK people - What´s it´s like to be you, and live with this placement??

I am extremely curious to hear all your answers.

But remember - this isn´t just about sharing our stories.
I want the point of this thread to be, "Right, okay, but, what do we DO about it?" or "How can we best cope with this or overcome it?"

Are we all doomed to be a Minority of One forever?

Or is there some hope for Uranus Ak´s after all?

Hopefully, our conversation might shed some light on that...

Thanks for reading everyone.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.

May you find the liberation you seek,

- Zero


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Sidereal or Tropical it is the highest and in both within a degree square the ascendant.

Yeah, a real barrel of laughs.

I don’t know if there is an overcoming, as their is an acceptance that this time round, such is.

I can’t change the government thing, that began to cultivate at the age of six. I will never trust them.

I know a lot of people, I am popular, married, and not alone totally, as my husband shares the aspect to ascendant but from the bottom. Different, but similar monster.

I listen to music most of the day. Dance a lot, most anywhere.

And yeah, I see a lot of rolling eyes of, I guess fear in their eyes if I really talk about anything that I like. Astrology scares them. First people are intrigued, then they get that look.

One said to me, "Why don't you stop astrology and find god." And I discover, that I have found God, in my religion. Another, goodbye friend. Actually, she is actively running a campaign against me right now. I don't strike back at her. She is old. And apparently stupid.

Uranus in Leo. In the 9th.

By the way, my other highest planet is Pluto. Another barrel of laughs. The third highest, is Rahu.
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I don’t make plans, it doesn’t work out.

No seizures. Severe allergies though.
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Interesting too, that you sound very sarcaustic, I know I am.

How tight is your square?

As one book said of the square, you appear normal, but you aren't, people are drawn to you strongly, then repelled, by the "differences".
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Mhh... *nods, smiles* Thank you Opal.

I appreciate these little snippets of how these things operate for other people.

Uranus in Leo in the 9th huh? Hm, that sounds like it could be a fun combination! Are you athletic at all, or like Hiking and things like that?
Sounds like that could be quite a vigorous combo...

I understand the dancing thing though. That's one thing I didn't write.
In my research, for whatever reason, I've discovered that Uranus/Aquarius loves what you might call, "Clubbing"...
As in, a massive amount of people, all dancing and blending into one big crowd, gaining mutual enjoyment of each other and the music, except not necessarily needing to be "good friends with anyone specifically".

I think Uranus/Aquarius people just simply like to see and feel that electric and almost palpable form of energy that you can only feel when a large number of humans all gather in one place.

And for some reason, I didn't think of Sarcasm as a particularly Uranus trait, but perhaps you're right. I dont know. I'll have to watch and see.

And wow. That Uranus-Pluto-Rahu pecking order you're talking about seems pretty intense. That's a heck of a "Governing body"...

Thank you again for your contribution to the conversation, Opal.

May you find peace where ever you are.

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I am at peace with, me.:smile: Thanks!

I am and have always been very active. Hiking, swimming, work in construction, spend a lot of time outside.

In a crowd, there are people that sit, and people that visit tables, I am considered to be a hostess of sorts, people want my husband and I to visit all tables, we are well known, and until covid, pretty well thought of, you know, the government thing, what are the chances that i trust what they say. Some have got strange with my freedom of choice there, even with medical reasons. Oh well.

Sarcasm could be Pluto. Conjunct MC and north node, and ruler of Ascendant.

And with my "governing bodies" it may be why I am so independent. Never could rely on people, therefore I don't.:happy:
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