All The Nadya Suleman (Octomom) Astrology You Can Eat!



Do you think its possible she staged all this?? Maybe she wanted to have all those babies because she knew she would be in the media spotlight and the offers would start rolling in! I mean if she had 6 kids the first time then she knew it might be possible for her to have more the next. I wonder if the doctor was in on it too- one big publicity stunt. She seems to enjoy all the attention for a mom who has just had 8 little babies.

Matthew The Astrologer

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I have no doubt she likes the attention... but speaking as someone who dropped a lot of money on psych and counseling courses, the thing that REALLY comes across to me in any interview I've seen with her is her relatively "flat affect"...

(And while we're at it, a little alogia too)

...which is usually a sure sign that something is going on with someone, psychologically... much more than just simple attention-seeking behaviour.


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