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Ok - need some help here. I just recently became aware of Algol in relationship to goulish (name source) events talked about in various astrology articles and most recently in the Gonzolo thread where Radu referneced the murders as the act of Algol. I apologize for the long post.

Algol is a fixed star at about 26 degrees Taurus right now. It can be linked to just about every serial murder and killing you can dream up as well as the French Revolution where Algol also became known as the beheading star. Many of the events related to the invention and executions of the guillotine have been linked to Algol. Losing one's head both figuratively and literally is connected with Algol.

Any planet that touches Algol is affected or should I say infected. Examples are Saddam Hussein with his Mercury on Algol (torture lover), Richard Speck, murder of 8 nurses had Pluto on Algol. Not all examples are negative as can be seen in this following list but Algol does add a different flavor for sure to these personalities:

Moon: Mick Jagger, rock star; John Calvin, religious reformer; Werner Von Braun, rocket scientist;

Mercury: Albrecht Durer, artist; Cole Porter, songwriter; John Browning, pianist; Oliver Cromwell, statesman/persecutor of Catholics; Byron "Whizzer" White, football star/Associate Justice, US Supreme Court; Pancho Gonzales, tennis champion; Zubin Mehta, conductor; Maraquita Platov, poet;

Venus: David Rose, composer/conductor; Prince William of England; Yogi Berra, baseball star;

Mars: General Andrew Jackson, US President; Mario Cuomo, Governor of NY; Charles Addams, cartoonist ("The Addams Family"); Franz Kafka, author; Salvadore Dali, artist; Martin Bormann, Nazi leader; Margot Fonteyn, ballerina;

Jupiter: N Lenin, communist dictator; Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialist philosopher; Samuel Pepys, diarist; P T Barnum, showman; Cecil B DeMille, filmmaker; Carolus Linnaeus, botanist; (Helio Jupiter: Tamerlane, conqueror); Pablo Picasso, artist;

Saturn: St Joan of Arc, warrior/martyr (burned at the stake-Saturn ruled her 8th house); Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Marcia Mason, actors; Richard Nixon, US President; Richard Speck, murderer.

Uranus: John Lennon (murdered), Bob Dylan, singers/songwriters; Samuel T Coleridge, poet; George Bernard Shaw, critic/playwright;

Neptune: C E O Carter, astrologer; Artur Rubenstein, pianist; Bela Lugosi, actor; Gen, George Patton; Neils Bohr, physicist; Ezra Pound, poet;

Pluto: Alexander the Great, conqueror; Joseph Stalin, communist dictator; Gen. Douglas MacArthur; Moses Maimonides, philosopher/physician/lingust/author of Mishneh Torah; Mata Hari, exotic dancer/spy (executed); Albert Einstein, physicist; Isadora Duncan, dancer (accidentally strangled); Wanda Landowska, harpsichordist;

NNode: Field Marshal Irwin Rommel; Ramakrishna, mystic/author; Winslow Homer, artist; Leo Delibes, composer;

SNode: Shah Reza Pahlevi of Iran; Manly Palmer Hall, astrologer; Sam Goldwyn, producer; Pierre Trudeau, Canadian PM; Natalie Wood, actress;

OK here's where I need some help. My Algol sits at 25 Taurus 35. This is 5 degrees before my IC at 0 Gemini. Also sitting there are my South Node at 27 Taurus 47 and my Part of Fortune at 28 Taurus 35. So I have the South Node within 2 degrees and the Part of Fortune within 3 degrees of this fun and frolicking Star.

I've attempted to tune into the ramifications of this for me and the story I'm supposed to get out of it. So far this is what I've roughed out. This life, I've had wealth removed from me as a result of a divorce when I was 8 years old. My father's new family became pretty wealthy but it was all held in trust and made available to his widow who will divide out most to her children when she's gone. Since she insisted in having him adopt her kids the trust would split out half to her kids right off the bat with the remaining half divided into thirds with me getting one-third and her kids getting the other two-thirds.

So I think the Part of (Mis)Fortune piece is related to this situation as the circumstances that drove it. My first take on the South Node piece is that this situation arose as a result of a past life situation in which I may have played an Algol role myself in causing some kind of pain in others. In fact, several years ago a psychic told me that she saw the people I was having the worst time with in this life, who kept pulling the rug out from under me, where actually people I had created problems for (could not pinpoint what I had done but thought I was in a powerful position - perhaps religious within the middle age period where I was influencing the affairs of these people in a heavy handed manner). Evidently, she believed I'd paid the price and that this karma would be lifted and sure enough my life became less adversarial as the people involved moved on - some step-family, family and work associates.

It would be easy for me to wrap this up in a nice bow and call it resolved in my mind but it isn't. I don't recall any of that lifetime. I have "lost my head" with my sister numerous times while growing up (3rd house Algol) and feel the closeness to my 4th house cusp and IC relates more to this life 's past memories of growing up in a dysfunctional family than past life memories.

Home life was very painful with memories beginning at about the time Uranus squared Algol from 25 Leo in my 7th house. Pluto which sits in the 7th was also in an exact square with my Saturn at the MC. I was just about to turn 4 and had also recently begun to talk (this grouping in h3). Memories were of parental conflict, violence and rage that would come and go. My mother going after my father with a kitchen knife, threatening to kill him, threatening to kill herself and threatening to kill me at times. I would fantasize later on that they were all killed.

My father left us when Transiting Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo in my 7th house opposing transiting Pisces in my 1st house forming a t-square with my natal Sun/Saturn midpoint in 10. I had just learned how to read handwriting and found his goodbye note on the refrigerator basically saying he couldn't take it anymore and had left. I went into a bathroom and just sat fully clothed on a toilet in shock.

Later that month Mars opposed from 9 and close to MC and I started a fire in the backyard that soon overtook the neighbor's garage. I had liked playing with matches for some time and had felt like digging a hole and building a just got out of control.

Neptune in Scorpio opposed Algol within 1 degree of my father's remarriage. The family life I had known was now totally dissolved. Uranus was also squaring from my 10th house.

The following year my mother remarried and Neptune in exact conjunction to Jupiter was now exact in opposition to Algol. Pluto was within 1 degree of squaring my Sun before it's final run in retrograde. This remarriage was filled with deception, manipulation, boundary crossing and powerplays.

Neptune moved to this exact position a year later and we moved 2,000 miles way where my name was changed to my stepfather's last name and my sister and I were to call him Dad. I found out later that all the cards, letters and presents that were sent to us from my father's family were refused and the phone calls never returned or they would say we were not home. While this went on we were told they didn't care about us and needed to get adopted by new dad so we would be a real family. I was close to 13 when this happened. My Bar Mitzvah was scheduled the following year but when it came time for the ceremony the party was moved to a couple of weeks later so my father's side of the ceremony would not come. This decision was made when Mars squared the Algol group from Leo in my 7th house. They didn't come.

Several months later transiting Saturn conjuncted the Algol group. My best friend decided to declare to the school that I was a homosexual. I was devastated as natally conjuncts my midheaven in Sag - my reputation was everything to me. Neptune was conjunct the midheaven as well with Jupiter (the big lie).

I have to tell you that I felt like was under Nazi persecution. I was labeled, laughed at, ridiculed and treated as an outcast. The only friend I had was a real homosexual although I did not find out that he was for another dozen years..just before he died of AIDs. He was in the closet then and he was a good friend.

I overdid my attempts to prove my masculinity to everyone by playing Varsity football in my freshman year of high school. We didn't have a b team so my 5'10" 135 lb frame took hits from guys 6'5" 250 lbs. Transiting Pluto was on my Jupiter in 8 which represented the meanest most sadistic coach I'd ever played for. He was a state trooper in the off-season and loved to humiliate kids. I was small so I took a lot of abuse.

I quit the team after that that and found my way into the drug scene. Saturn squared Pluto from the IC and part of the Algol group and Pluto was moving back and forth over my Jupiter in 8 getting ready to oppose Moon/Mars in 2 and t-square Mercury in 11. This was it. It was all coming to a head as Neptune moved closer to Saturn. Transiting Saturn opposed my Sun in 10 from 4 which caused me to feel totally fatigued and tired of life in general. Neptune hit Saturn exactly and I began my first experiments with hallucinogens. I was 16. Less than 1 year later, my mother and step-father decided to move us out of the city and into the country about an hour out. It might as well have been a planet out for someone like me struggling to survive and now not knowing anyone going into junior year. At this time my two natal t-squares were filled into grand crosses with transiting Mars and Transiting Pluto.

I tried to fit in with some kind of crowd in the school and path of least resistance was the drug crowd. I acted cool buying my hit of acid and dropping it before I went home. The experience was a complete nightmare. Every sense of wounding I'd ever received came to consciousness without the ability to process. I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for not following the family program because I had resisted adoption and was supposedly causing all the problems because of this. I saw no way out. I took an overdose of sleeping pills, wrote a goodbye note and woke up about 3 days later in intensive care.

Algol was nowhere to be found except for an inconjunct Uranus in Libra in my 8th house within 1 degree of the exact aspect. Considering that Uranus rules my chart as Aquarius is my Ascendant, I would have to say our friend Algol was there trying upset the apple cart and ultimately putting me on the road out of the family and into the full-time working world at the age of 17. I quit school, moved out although I came back a few times to test the waters of flexibility and acceptance to only find the same old powerplay dynamics.

The South Node returned to it's natal position when I had moved back to California and work in my father's fashion business and had begun to work towards living independently. Saturn squared again while I was in Israel living on a Kibbutz from my 7th house in Leo and I began to feel the pain of not having a relationship with anyone including family so I set myself on a path to find that along with a career so I could live a normal life. I came back and enrolled in college where I continued to work on my degree in business and entered the metaphysical world where I was taught the tools that would enable to sort through my thoughts and beliefs to reorder them and begin to reconcile all the internal conflicts I'd developed.

Uranus opposed Algol from Scorpio and 9 in 1980 when I was 23 and all hell broke loose. The metaphysical group filled me with so much Kundalini that I was bouncing off the walls. Neptune was transiting my Sun I found myself to some kind of mysterious white powder I had no clue what it was and I took it. I started hearing voices and feeling dimensional overlays. I heard German and even smelled a time there that seemed during the Nazi years. I felt my bone structure change like a personality was trying to rearrange to fit of my body by breaking through areas that didn't fit. I was writhing on the floor of the apartment I was at thinking I was being watched in an arena where everyone was laughing and enjoying the state I was in. I began to pray and to ask for forgiveness for everything I had done to anyone and to myself. It began to ease up but all the energy I had held in from the long time ding the group meditations exploded and I tried to shoot the energies into the air and saw little crosses coming out in my third eye. I heard car batteries popping or at least thought I did. I did find out later that people I knew had experienced some kind of weird electrical surge that had taken some batteries out as well as some other things. The leader of the metaphysical group asked me to leave the group as I had created quite a disruption (many of the weird happenings affected them). I know this sounds absolutely unbelievable and maybe I just distort the memory of this but it does correlate with Uranus in Scorpio opposing Algol I believe, whether actually manifesting in this reality or in a parallel one.

I clamped down on the kundalini energies and began to normalize and tell myself that I would find enlightenment in a much safer way, one step at a time methodology and that I would need to live a more normal life while I would work towards this. I knew I had to shut down my third eye and too walk around spiritually deaf dumb and blind for awhile so I could ground myself.

While Uranus was hanging around opposing Algol and friends Chiron came in for a visit. Chiron sits natally at 8 Aquarius with BLM Lilith and True Lilith at 11 Aquarius near my 14 Degree ascendant in 12. Saturn was now opposing my Moon so it seemed like the time to deal with all the repressed sexual aspects that I had deliberately polarized against to make sure I wouldn't be seen as the "fag" that I was supposed to be. I learned in my studies that whatever gets repressed will eventually come out in a big way. This was coming for awhile so I had to find a way to vent it and then learn what was true and what was the result of the repression. I gave myself opportunities to figure this out for myself and began to see that I could go either way but truly wanted to be with a woman to have my own family. I just had no clue how to accomplish that since my self-esteem was so low.

I went to seminar conducted by John Grey and Baraba De'Angeles who were married at the time called Making Love Work. John went on to the Venus and Mars books later without Barbara who ended up doing her own Relationship guru thing. It was a powerful seminar and I began to give myself permission to love and be loved. I followed up the session with other workshops they gave and learned tools that would help me express myself emotionally appropriately.

Chiron finished it transit over Algol by introducing me to my wife of 20 years. Of course there was a whole drama attached to that and lots of hills and valleys over the years as I continue to evolve to where I am less influenced negatively. I just looked up the polarity point for Algol and of course it's very close to my North Node - it reads:

SWIFTLY, INDIANS ERECT THEIR TEEPEES, CAMP IS BEING MADE Ability to feel at home in any outer or inner environment. Efficient functioning. Retreating into the familiar and the known.
___*When positive, the degree is unusual resourcefulness and a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations, and when negative, unambitious acceptance of things as they are.

So there you have more than you ever wanted to know about me but I wanted to give a sense of my experience with Algol and to try to understand if this is a curse or both a curse and a blessing as it seems it is in my case. If this is true then maybe it really doesn't matter if I understand the past life dynamics that may have driven it.

I attach my chart for reference



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Me, too, but is that because those stars stay fixed in their constellations and we all have Aquarian rising?
.This is the first I've bothered to look into the Algol thing.
Thanks, Kite for sharing your personal experiences so we can all grow from them.

Laura Elizabeth

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Thank you Kite for telling your story and explaining how Algol works within someone's chart. It's given me a great deal to think about.

I'm trying to remember - isn't Algol also associated with Lilith?


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By coincidence, Algol was discussed today in the astrology course I'm following. It was said that a 1.30 degr. maximum orb is effective.

Perhaps the name Lilith is linked with Algol, 'the beheading star' , because of its own reputation in myth as 'the evil one''. How many people 'lose their heads' when irrational feelings take control over self discipline.....and that seems to be part of Lilith's meaning.

Laura Elizabeth

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Kite said:
Your welcome Luara Elizabeth. I've not heard about a linkage of Lilith with Algol.

I found a couple of descriptions:

History of the star: This star, beta Perseus, marks the head that the Hero Perseus is carrying under his left arm. Algol is the "Head of Gorgon Medusa".

Algol changes its brightness, because it is an eclipsing binary - every 68 hours and 49 minutes the demon "blinks" for roughly 8 hours as the dimmer star of the pair passes between the brighter star and the earth. Ancient Arabs thought it was spooky, and called the star Algol, or Al-Ghul (1), which means "The Ghoul" or "Demon Star", and Ri'B al Ohill, the "Demon's Head". It is said to have been thus called from its rapid and wonderful variations. Algol is the most famous of the eclipsing variables and the only one known of in ancient times. This behavior was attributed to a pulsing eye of the Gorgon Medusa.

"the Gorgon's head, a ghastly sight, deformed and dreadful, and a sight of woe" - Iliad.

"The Blinking Demon", "the Spectre's Head" are common names. Al Ghul literally signifies a "Mischief-maker".

The Hebrews knew Algol as Rosh ha Sitan, "Satan's Head", or "the Devil's Head"; also as Lilith, Adam's legendary first wife, believed to have been in existence before the creation of Eve. She is believed to be the nocturnal vampire from the lower world.

The Chinese gave it the gruesome title Tseih She, the "Piled-up Corpses". Astrologers say that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. (Allen).

The Lilith Star
Lilith has given her name to yet a fourth astronomical entity. The star Algol in the constellation Perseus, has a reputation as the most evil star in the sky. Most often envisioned as the Eye or Head of Medusa, Algol was also called Lilith by Hebrew star watchers.* (R.H Allen 332) Such an Eye perceives "with an objectivity, like that of nature itself and our dreams, boring into the soul to find the naked truth, to see reality beneath all its myriad forms and the illusions and defenses it displays," writes Sylvia Pereira as she describes Ereshkigal¹s sword-like glance of death. When the Sumerian underworld goddess fixes her gaze upon us, our illusions about ourselves are stripped. Our motivations are bared. We see the truth and stew in our own juices, as we let go of self-deceptions and illusions. As the Wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood, "All the better to see you with, my dear."

Stellar Lilith, in the realm of the fixed stars, is located at 25 Taurus 28 in relation to the zodiac and culminates, or reaches its height in the sky, at 18 Taurus. Both of these points are potent Algol degrees, creating another kind of Lilith corridor. You may have your own position for Algol rising or setting, depending on where you were born.(see Brady) This star brings us into a large mythic drama, that involves Perseus and Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Cepheus, Pegasus and Cetus. The well-known Greek story has more ancient roots in Ethiopia and Libya, in the prehistory of the Amazon culture and the High Priestesses of Africa, revealing more dimensions of the power of the Great Mother.

night orb


Hi Kite,

I am happy to read your post about Algol, because it gives me courage to "survive" the next 4-5 years when my extreme experience with Algol will be hopefully over. I guess i feel sorry for you that you nhad to go through such an experience (s) from early childhood and yes i think you can "thank that" to the Algol influence. You seem to be a better expert about this thing than I am and you can consider yourself "lucky" that you survived those years. For me (since I just started to get more involved in astrology ) Algol influence is hitting me right now (of course i am a late bloomer because i am in my "midlife crisis " period ) regardless Algol's influence was always with me since my Jupiter is at 27. 42 at Taurus. Huh! Life makes sense now since Jupiter has a bloody happy giving magnifying effect now, doesn't it!? I can understand now why my life seems to be on a rollercoaster sometimes! Extreme good or extreme shitty! And now for half a year now my moon and mercury is closing in on algol> Well the moon is (thanks God) a fairly fast moving object so the emotionally hellish era hopefully will be over in another half a year but mercury is pretty slow moving and it is lingering for a few years close contact to algol. Of course lilith is nicely harmonising with this aspect from 20.32 capricorn. from the 10th house. lol: I am wondering why are my thoughts are so dark Nowadays? (just kidding i know) but if i did not know it i might be in the looney house by now or worse!!

And another really good aspect ( now this is ironic of course) in the next few years since I am an aries the so called uranus pluto square is hitting right down on my sun merc. and venus! Isn't it peachy?

so thanks for your encouragment you went through your own personal hell as I can see it but hopefully you are ok because your posting is 6 years old. Well anyways I tried to answer your post and I think you are a great guy and of course i believe you are stronger by now then you were in your youth. Well if there is 1 good point to this star that it makes you stronger after going trough all that s##t! (Sorry this is Algol speaking:) ) Well take care!


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I wrote a long article about Algol. You can check it out here: :)

I'm glad you've shared some of your personal story. I was searching for a question, but couldn't find one.

You've got POF Conjunct Algol. Being that POF is usually one's part of fortune, it's unfortunate you've felt unfortunate or received misfortune through the influence of Algol. :/

If we look at what Algol can do for us, POF wise, and in the positive... we may see that you can find fortune through passion. Through getting totally absorbed into a, preferably Taurean such as art, love, or financial, pursuit.

I know you wrote this years ago; however, hopefully you're doing well and have worked through most of your demons -- and on a straight and successful path.

Warm regards, Abella
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