algol in synastry


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I have a conundrum it seems a bit unrealistic that anyone having a planet or placement conjunct algol in their natal chart would also have these placements conjunct the algol of everyone which would cause probably major synastry issues with any potential partner. How is this possible?
Algol is synonymous with decapitation. How I’ve seen this play out is the native losing his head over the matter signified by the planet conjunct it. So in synastry, it would depend on how each individual is affected. Their interactions can be based on this common “wound” or it might hinder their ability to bond due to each experiencing the same trauma.


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It is difficult to say if a fixed star plays a role in synastry--I think before anything can be contributed to fixed stars, deception should be detected int he Davison/composite/synastry by looking to bad neptune/pluto aspects, or even tricky Uranus. I always think of fixed stars as the way our destiny takes up space in the stars--Regulus conjunctions serve as great example for this when it comes to world leaders, or Sirius and Spica for performers and artists. It makes more sense to consider fixed star synastry within the context of the lunar mansions/nakshatras because those signs often encompass the quality of the fixed star in question--i.e. magha/regulus.
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