Afflicted planets in natal chart


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Hello all,

I am curious about so called "afflicted" planets. When a planet is said to be afflicted, does that mean it has difficult aspects, like squares or oppositions, to other planets? For example, I have Saturn squaring both my natal Moon and Venus (Moon and Venus are in conjunction with each other). Would it be accurate to call my Moon and Venus afflicted?

I'd like to invite folks with afflictions to talk about how they've dealt with these energies, lessons learned, etc.


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Hi there,

Afflicted to my humble understanding means that the planet has no natural dignity in a sign e.g. Venus in Libra has natural dignity, or by house e.g. Jupiter in the 9th benefits from 9th/Saggitarius connections. Furthermore, a number of harsh aspects (often challenging any present positive aspects, or outnumbering them by orb and dignity etc.).

There are also different levels of affliction, and this is also related to how this interacts with other planets conditions in your chart too.

So, if your Moon is not in natural dignity, has no positive aspects to mitigate the negative ones you mentioned; my understanding is that it's afflicted.

P.s. My Moon and Venus are opposed and both square Saturn. The opposition and square, and even an inconjunction with my Sun are my Moons' only aspects, in which case I've widely seen others call it afflicted or 'unstable'

I suspect I'm being verbose and lacking in detail right now; I may edit later!