Afflict 7th Lord Antar Dasha, Death or Marriage?

Hi dear friends,

I hope this thread will be accepted as my previous two were not posted. I would like to know from the Vedic astrology perspective if I have any chances to find another husband? I had two failed marriages and I was wondering if I will ever have one that will actually work? By my own researches I concluded that I have a very heavy karma regarding relationships as my 7th lord is in the 8th house in conjunction with Saturn also in the 8th house. I read that this is a very bad placement and although my first relationship was a very good one the second was completely the opposite. This year I will enter the Antar Dasha of my 7th Lord and I am very concerned as what to expect since my 8th house will be activated. Could you kindly look into this and give me your honest opinion about what this year brings? Will I find someone during my 7th Lord Antar Dasha or will I lose someone as it falls in my 8th house? Will someone or myself die this year?

My birthday is 25/03/1988 and I worked out the time of birthday as 11:20 am Penapolis -SP Brazil.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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