Advice on planets and their gems plz?


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Hello Members,
This is with regard to Gemstones and general predictions as to marriage, work and friendship while interpreting my kundli. i have attached my kundli below please give your precious time to it. There are certain areas which i am looking to be advised on. some are listed hereunder :

1. issue as to health of my mother. She has diabetes and has not been keeping well for quiet some time now. Remedies ?

2. My marriage. when is it expected? is she from my community or others and into same job as i'm in?

3. Issue related to my personality. I'm into govt job and while working i have realised that i lack certain characteristics which constitutes a good speaker as i stammer a lot, my learning skills are weak and i lack confidence and intelligence as my mercury is weak i guess? Remedies are welcomed on this point.

4 what gemstones suits me? i was suggested emerald, diamond and blue sapphire. Just to have second opinion which finger and setting should i get them.

5. Last but not last, i lack friends. i have few but they dont remain with them for long. In general terms, if i can say, i lack charming personality resulting in living alone without friends. Remedies, if any?

6. you are most welcome to give your personal suggestions and interpretation.
details :
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