Advice on career prospects (with Sun opp. Mars?)


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Ok so I find that I am very good at work in general, but I am having a few problems i want to try and find some kind of answer or insight to

1)a stable job/one that can pay bills sufficiently
2)finding a job I enjoy/one where i dont get bored easily and don't hate entirely
3)putting my degree to good use since i paid a lot for it

Here's my situation. I have a Bachelor's of the Arts degree in Video Game Design. Pretty sweet huh? Well I'm having a hard time finding a job. Well, a job that I actually qualify for. See, most place I look up are either hiring for senior positions (10-15yrs+ exp) or low level entry positions like QA that doesn't use any of my skills and pays something like 8-9$/hr and no where near what i need to make just pay my student loans, let alone make a living.

In the mean time, I've taken all all sorts of odd jobs (currently working for a clothing company in retail) just to get bills paid. I've been looking a lot for something more fulfilling but no luck yet. Well this month I think I won't be able to make my bills for the first time and it really bothers me. I'll probably have to ask my parents or friends for help but it's very embarrassing and humbling. I wish I could do more for myself, be able to do every thing on my own and not burden them but wishing and waiting does not create results.

Under my Scorpio boss, I had no problem making enough and getting by but with a new management team headed by a Taurus boss I have to leave. Nothing against him but the situation I am in will not work for me so I need a little perspective or even guidance.

So here is what I am thinking. One is I need to move and get out of the area. Currently I live at home with my parents because I can't afford loans + housing/rent + other bills (gas, food, utilities, etc). So I'll have to ask them anyway for money to move. I think it will be a good thing for me, especially with Sag in the first house, but I don't know if my Neptune is making it seem like a bigger and grander thing than what it really is.

I had really high hopes for college and the reality of it was nowhere near what that was. I'd rather not fall into that trap again. Even so I always get that feeling that something is out there, calling for me and waiting for me. I just don't want to be left out or always wonder "what if".

So here is what I've been thinking about doing for options:

1)move, but somewhere not so far and find a closer, more practical job, not necessarily in my field but one that could be related to it (like advertising)
2)move to canada where there is a well known company willing to hire newbies like me. don't know the starting pay rate but i'll be able to do what i love and make use of my field. good possibility of moving up or getting some solid exp under my belt
3)move overseas and become an english teacher for non english speaking countries like china, japan, s. korea, etc. the pay can vary from decent to great depending on the country i pick. sounds fun, and some countries even set up airfare and housing for you
4)move overseas, learn a foreign language of a given country and become a translator or interpreter for a big name company. they get paid a lot and can also double over if i get into a huge gaming company in japan or china

obviously, 1 is the safest, most practical and "boring" route, and every number that goes up tends to be more on the adventure/risk taking side than the last. There's a part of me that tells me to just go for it, put all my heart into it and do what I want/love and everything will work out. I really think this is the Sag and Neptune influence but by the same token, there is a small, nagging part of me telling me to pull back and really look into the situation before jumping. The overall reality of all of this is that I can't afford to move by myself at all and even if I could, I would have to work out something with my loans.

I guess I am just wondering if all these ideas in my head isn't just the dreamdust Neptune likes to sprinkle in people's eyes or if it's actually a good idea and I should go for it. See as farfetch'd as #3 sounds I know S. Korea will pay for housing and plane fare. I've talked about it extensively with a Gemini (in her 50's or 60's) who has family that lives there. As for #4 I've thought about just asking my parents to send me to the Philippines (where I have family), go to college again for a degree in a certain language (since the dollar is so much stronger than the peso, it's extremely cheap) and then apply to a foreign company as a translator.

But my mars in Capricorn REALLY wants some stability. i'm tired of going from different jobs trying to find something that can "just pay bills". I want to be able to work with a company for the long run and put several years worth of work into it, and have something to show.

The economy is one challenge in itself, but I know with my Sun opposite my Mars, they both have a lesson that much be learned from one another and that they may not always work in harmony. I think working or my job will be something that is always a challenge for me but it doesn't need to be a bad thing, just something I need to know how to approach.

So I'd really like any kind of take on this. Even if you don't read my chart and just have some "words of wisdom" I'll take it all and digest it in my brain.

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But my mars in Capricorn REALLY wants some stability. i'm tired of going from different jobs trying to find something that can "just pay bills". I want to be able to work with a company for the long run and put several years worth of work into it, and have something to show.
This mars is 'exalted' in cappi BUT it's retrograde....
Retrograde planets
Pluto retrograde in scorpio above

Mars Retrograde
* reconsiders before expressing anger
* finds competitive situations hard to handle
* tends to repress and so ....
* can become depressed

Money & you
career significators
Professional & Destiny

Career options are assessed by MC any planets conjunct, where the ruler of MC is placed, it’s aspects, then 2nd house ‘how you earn your money’ and planets there, ruler of cusp and where it’s placed, then 6th house of ‘type of work you do’ any planets there and how they are aspected.

Researching rulers of houses will help you understand more where I joining the dots so to speak

So, MC ruler mercury is in 8th house and square pluto suggests a good researchers or working in 8th house matter fields..

You could work from home moon/jupiter conj IC in 4th house. Saturn rules 2nd and is placed in 12th and retrograde, showing father/male archetypal influences were missing or unstructured in setting boundaries and influences..

Saturn in the 12th house
· Serve or suffer are the keynotes here and the individual can choose which way he will take: but choose he must. Always a subconscious wish to retreat.
· Craving for solitude. Great sensitivity.
· A deep seated selfishness has to be dissolved through suffering.
· These people need a sense of inner purpose and make good behind the scenes organisers. They often suffer from an inexplicable fear of authority or concern about the future, and should find a way to develop self‑confidence.
· Capable of bringing stability into other people’s lives, by helping and organising those less fortunate than yourself.
· Don’t like to acknowledge figures of authority (including parental)

Venus ruler of 6th house and placed in 9th suggests work connected to 9th house matters..


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Feature, just a quick reply, cos I'm about to go out.

I'm thinking that you have some really good options available to you - you have listed them in your post. Transiting pluto is currently conjunct your Neptune, and about to fully oppose your Cancer Sun. This will be a time when you will have to try something different - even when you don't particularly want to.

Being 24 years of age it is too early in life for you to be `settling' on one thing. With other options, and with that Mercury-Pluto square (which one of my sons has, and draws him to do a kind of obsessive life-long learning) you will need to keep your mind occupied, and any new skill or area of work opportunity is going to benefit you in the long term. Don't limit yourself to just video game design - and yes, this is sweet, but obviously not all that practical at present.


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Yeah thanks for all the advice, and sorry about the length of my happens all the time, my mercury gets carried away.

i just need to find a better way to utilize my mars energy i think, because i seem to go between polar opposites with it - either i am lazy and can't be bothered to do something or i dive into something and put 250% into it with little to no rest. when this happens, my works turns out to be something really nice because my mars and neptune can pull strength from each other.

i also just realized recently that my mars was in retrograde before reading this. what a bummer. so not only do i need to work hard for my sun and mars to be able to work together i have to overcome that obstacle as well. Guess I better get started then? After all, there ain't no rest for the wicked, and money doesn't grow on trees.

the link you gave me about career indicators is a little confusing though. i didn't really understand the part about the houses. i know that 10th house is a factor in that but what did it mean with the leo and taurus reference?

@raven - you know the weird thing is i always feel like i am "too old" at 7 yrs old i was "too old" to be afraid of bugs and at 24 i feel that i should already have myself well established and settled. so yeah, it bothers me that i am not. i really hate settling but here's the thing, i didn't settle when i picked my college and now i am racked with school loans i can hardly payoff and a dwindling job market. the economy was still good when i started so it seemed like a good choice at the time but with reality setting in (and my pisces moon really hates that) i am more hesitant now to take that leap of faith to do what i want.

i've been told i would be an excellent candidate for the military but i really, really do no want to. that should be my last resort really, so i am a little worried by your prediction with my sun.
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