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I had been wondering for a couple of days about a purse I could not find. This morning I looked for it almost since I woke up (I had some earrings inside it I wanted to use also).

So before I got out to run some errands, I made an horary.

After I returned, I kept looking for the purse.

The chart's end of the 10th house was in Piscis 11 degree, and 10th house is ruled by Aqua.

My last memory of the purse had been that I had taken it out of the car, maybe climbed some stairs, maybe put it in the 2nd floor, but since I had looked all over, I had no idea where it was now.

The Piscis sort of sugested that it may be near water (now looking at the chart, the Aqua 10th related to the fact that, in fact, the purse was upstairs).

The end of the 10th house , in Piscis, was in the decanate of Cancer (second decanate matters relate with the mind, Cancer also deals with memories). So water, again, but also home, so I thought "kitchen" (this was before of the realization of the posibble meaning of the 10th aqua house). It was not there. I also thought there because of the 4th house Leo (near fire?, maybe hanging missplaced somewhere?).

I also thought "Bedroom-maybe near the master's bath?" (this is a bath that we almost do not use, it has to be remodeled, etc, ). Looked and looked and could not find it.

So I finally, while looking, made a little prayer to my guardian angel to help me find my purse. Kept looking a little more. Finally, when looking againg in the master's bathroom, I was starting to loose faith in finding it, so I said: "Maybe I lost it...". In that moment, I noticed a white clothe's baskets that was in the floor of the master room's bathroom, near the door. It had inside a green comforter (I had moved there the comforter the day before, arranging clothes to later make the laundry, and had put the basket there). When taking out the comforter, the purse was there, near also some shirt and pants of my baby girl. The place near the door where the basket was: beside a bidet that is no longer used.

Looking at the chart again: The Moon in the 8th also sugest "bedroom" and too some extent the function of the bidet :eek: :sideways:. Maybe also to some extent the comforter and the basket itself (white basket, a cozy comforter inside, it also kind of looked like a nest).

The 2nd house ruled by Gemini: the purse is in two colors: one side beige and one side black, ruler of the 2nd in the 12th ( it was hidden). The ruler of 1st house Taurus is in 12th also. In the first house, near the cusp of the 2nd house, there is Jupiter, the ruler of the 8th house. But the 8th house Sag. kind of puzzles me. Then I looked for the definition and origin of the word "bidet": an old french word that means "to trot". LOL:lol:

Could the Sag 8th also mean the little prayer and the angelic assistance? ;) Maybe? I like to think so. I am grateful.

The Uranus in the Aries, the ruler of the 10th house, in the late degrees of the 11th house: Maybe it shows that I made the horary in an impulse, because I was loosing patience wityh the matter of finding my purse.

Anyway I am glad and relieved that it appeared, and leave this little domestic/astro adventure, that it may help as a learning tool (maybe another Sag 8th relation to this event). :joyful:

If someone wants to also check the chart to help analize it, to also help in the learning, it will also be appreciated.


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Nice chart

I never have much luck with 'lost and found' charts, but here are a couple of observations. Mercury ruler of the 2nd is in the 12th, and the 12th house rules bedrooms according to some sources. Too, Mercury is in Aries which is a 'moveable' sign. So finding the purse in a basket in a bedroom seems to fit

And, Jupiter is just a couple of degrees away from the 2nd house cusp and you found the purse in a couple of days. You used the Placidus house system for this chart and it is more 'traditional' to use Regiomontanus - but given your latitude it probably does not matter much what house system you use, the cusp positions will be in much the same place.

(It is actually quite easy to extract the time and location of the question from the chart itself, so hiding that information in the hope of anonymity will give you a false sense of security.)