a young girl need guidance regarding education


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Hi earthlinks!!

anyone can shed light on what courses i should take for my graduation?

i am currently studying? psychology, social work.

but i am dissatisfied.:eek:

i need to know if you guys see that i should be doing something artistic?

please guide in this regard. i also have interest in politics, and law.

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I would look at your progressed chart to see where your 10th house is and its ruler.
Your ruler of the 10th, Jupiter, is disconnected from other planets with the exception of the inconjunct and appears to be your only air sign. The 6th house ruler, the moon, is mostly aspected thus your focus on work might be more 6th house related or seen as a labor. Its connection to Pluto and oppositions show your conflict.
Your progressed chart might show you more about where you are now and maybe help you see where your inner nature is striving.
Jupiter in the 4th in Gemini does show expansion, communication and things related to home.
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A lot of is cut off but she now has three planets retrograde that I can see including mercury...change of mind.
Saturn, the traditional ruler of the 10th, is also retrograde and will most probably stay that way.
It appears Mercury went retrograde and Venus entered Gemini when she was around 19 years of age if I have my timing right. So this is nothing that has appeared overnight. In addition, it appears that progressed Venus has just crossed her IC/MC axis. Maybe something from or a loved one has pulled her away from a path? Maybe an event? Indeed, the progressing sun has been in an opposition to her moon. The sun and moon can often symbolize a relationship but can also indicate a separation in ego and instinct or conscious and unconscious, or yin and yang energies. Progressed Mars appears to just past a sextile to Venus so again we have a relationship that may have pulled the focus of her energy.
Since Jupiter is in determent in the 4th house her seeming strength is the moon with Pluto in the 9th of research, higher education, and study ...Pluto is transformation, death, rebirth, or psychoanalysis. She seems to have a strength there supported by sextile from saturn and neptune in the 11th house of others or larger social research maybe not individual.
I'm a modern astrologer that uses Equal House system and you have calculated your chart using the default on astro of Placidus.. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at www.astro.com and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on astro.com in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more.

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

Now,in Equal house each cusp is same as Asc, and your Pluto is in the 9th house and Moon in 10th, sun/venus in 3rd and Mercury/Jupiter in 4th house

Your chart does lack the element of air, But you have lots of planets in 'air houses' which will help to compensate. What is more noticeable is lack of fire planets or planets in fire houses.
Will send you PM as the forum rules stipulate that only 100words can be used from another author without stating the author, book or website and as I don’t recall exactly where or who and don’t want to commit plagiarism, don’t have any choice but to PM as I do want you to have the full information or quote……

When we look for 'higher education' we look at 9th house and poss 3rd. Your Jupiter in Gemini is weak and in it's detriment and only aspected by quincunx to Jupiter
Jupiter Quincunx (Inconjunct) Uranus

Overly ambitious, you have an intuitive grasp of the big picture, which stems from optimum flexibility of your values. You are easily led by your impulses to quickly adjust to deep changes in your values. Without discipline you will be in trouble because your enthusiasm will carry you into uncharted waters. Expression of your energy can get you into trouble. Slowly, you learn to harness this expression into something truly creative.

Courtesy of http://www.cafeastrology.com/natal/quincunxinterpretations.html

Your Uranus has added strength being the Chart ruler and in its own house, but Saturn conju Netune has a fear of the unknown (or poss male/father nipped her dreams and aspirations Neptune in childhood) exaserpating these...So 11th house matters, ie; working for large organisations, groups, friendships all very important, plus 3rd house where sun/venus is located

When looking at career we look at MC in Sag, which is great for teaching, travel, the law, philosophy, travel etc. Jupiter placed in 4th suggests possibly working from home at some point. How we earn money is 2nd house ruled by Pisces/Neptune, placed in 11th house. Money prob not major feature or pisces things like nursing, working behind the scenes or even working with 'feet' or intuitively with psychic matters, tarot cards, healing etc.

Next we look at 6th house (what type of work you do) cusp/ruler Cancer/moon placed in 10th house. Cancer is very shrewd in business and good with money, very family orientated, sensitve, moody, nostalgic and bit or worrier. Now if she is emotionally (moon) upset, she may not be able to function 100% with co-workers,daily routines and health may be affected. The moon in scorpio will give lots of strengths and depths, but all water signs play on people's feelings, cos that's how they get results and scorpio is prob the worst for playing mind games and doing bit emotional manipulation.

Now Transiting Jupiter is soon to go over the Asc, opening few doors, opportunities for expansion, study or even travel.

Libra ruling 9th house cusp and venus placed in 3rd suggests she gets a lot of pleasure and satisfactio from studying.

Having mars in Gemini in 5th (same place as me, plus same Asc) suggests she puts mental energy into 5th house matters, love affairs, romance, children, self employment (but can be flirtatious)

you said,
"i need to know if you guys see that i should be doing something artistic?
please guide in this regard. i also have interest in politics, and law."

Looking at your chart I would suggest the Law, ie:9th house matters or politics would make great careers. Sag MC (same as me) I teach astrology, am trained legal secretary but now enjoy travel more, since my motherly duties have ended.....

good luck;)

Her mercury is challenged by two fairly easy oppositions (meaning other people) with Pluto in 9th


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11th house, to saree


You asked:
saree said:
anyone can shed light on what courses i should take for my graduation?

You have a strong focus on the 11th house, so here are some 11th house-type careers:
scientist, alternative therapist, sociologist, charity worker, mathematician, inventor, radiographer, television worker, astrologer, astronomer, archaeologist, humanitarian, civil servant, airport worker