A wonderful explanation of the Yod configuration


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I've found this in an FB group by Victor Sverelkin.

My thoughts about Yod, how it operates why and when it becomes active or remains dormant. Many questions about Yod in natal charts have to do with how to recognise it in one's life or take guidance from this aspect.

Yod stays dormant until significant transfers activate it but many Yods remain dormant the entire life. Do understand why let's take a look at what Yod is.

It's a formation of 3 aspects, two of which are minor aspects, namely inconjunct aspects. Minor aspects differ from the major ones precisely in this feature: unless discovered by the person they will remain inactive in their life. [quote over 100 words, against Forum rules - Moderator Note: please provide a link to the source and do NOT copy out long quotes from other sources]

What are your thoughts? :)
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Hi! Could you pass me the link to the text? I would like more information about the configuration of the yod
gracias !!