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Alright guys, I guess the size of my post has put some people off. :biggrin: The thread's title was also not the best. But I made my post shorter so I hope it's more readable now.
And once again, do not answer every single question, answer whatever question you like or just tell me the information you think I can find interesting. I'll be more than happy to read your replies!


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Re: Need some answers! Any help matters


You are a lucky person with both your luminaries so strongly placed, the Moon in its dignity (in Cancer), the Sun in its exaltation (in Aries); and then your Dsc. ruler, Mars, is also dignified in Scorpio, and so is your Venus, you Asc. ruler, dignified in Taurus. Not only that, you also have Jupiter (good fortune) right on your Sun (your being and your career ruler).

How is career doing?


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Re: Need some answers! Any help matters

Chart Overall

Libra Rising, Aries Sun, and Cancer Moon suggests a relational person who has a tendency to be too selfish or emotional. Relationships are very important to you. The main thing that I see in your chart is a T-square. Mars Scorpio opposite Venus conjunct Saturn, plus both being squared by Neptune.. This means that your relationships will be the most influential thing in your life. Mars in Scorpio tells me that you can be strong and independent, while Venus in the 7th suggests that you need a relationship as well as Saturn in the 7th means that you'll have many restrictions or hindrances in your relationships. Mars opposite Venus makes you very attractive in relationships, but you need to find a balance between your "lovely" nature and your "aggressive" nature. Saturn is only trying to help you with this.

House Confusion

I don't know about that question. It will take more effort on your part to figure it out because what you said was a mouthful and I can't even understand because I'm a little lazy right now :lol:. You're probably overthinking it.. I would just count the planets as being in both houses.


Yes, you have three t-squares. I prefer to see it as one big t-square though instead of looking at each one separately.

First one) Mars-Venus-Neptune
Second one) Mars-Saturn-Neptune
Third one) Mars-Venus-Uranus

Sun conjunct Mercury

I wouldn't count it. For a general rule of thumb, a conjunction is no longer considered once an orb is greater than 8 degrees. On top of that, Mercury and the Sun are both in different signs, so it's unlikely that these planets would be expressing their energies together as a unity; which is what a conjunction means – a combining of planet expressions.


I don't know much about yods unfortunately. I think it basically means a lot of potential between the planets. A yod is just two inconjuncts that are sextile. So Moon inconjunct Pluto suggests an annoying feeling of emotional transformation, while Venus inconjunct Pluto suggests an annoyance towards transformation of relationships. Moon and Venus sextile points to harmony, peacekeeping, and being courteous. Put this all together and you can create harmony with these emotional and relationship transformations in a basic sense.


I'd say you come off or generally present as cardinal. The "big three" that make up the basis of your personality are ALL cardinal signs. The t-square in your chart, however, takes place in only fixed signs, so in relationships you take on more of a fixed and stubborn nature. The thing by walter pullen is helpful, but it's not always reliable or the best way to calculate modality, and sign percentages. I don't even know how the walter pullen thing calculates everything and because I can't see how it works I don't like to use it. I've noticed that things can severely change with the walter pullen formula if you change the house system.


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I would offer that there is apt to be a fair interchange in the type of modality, with both cardinal and fixed being quite dominant. The fixed t-square would provide for added determination, persistence and stubbornness, especially with the opposition involving Saturn/Venus/Mars. The fire and air combination dominates in terms of the elements, while Saturn in earth can be restrictive in terms of practicality.

I have had much time to contemplate the essence of the Yod, having one in my own chart. The inconjunct tends to create inner tension and much frustration as a result of not getting the results we want from situations. These inner frictions must then be resolved with the energies of the sextile, which often doesn't offer a great deal of help, being rather subtle by nature. It represents a theme or pattern that can be quite irritating due to it's repetitive nature.

Whenever we try to figure out the lessons to be learned from any configuration we have to always keep in mind, what houses are ruled by the planets involved; this shows where the tendencies are apt to show up in our lives.

The vexations of Moon and Pluto typically relate to intense emotional disruptions that have been incorporated into our conditioning from our childhood and parental influences, especially from the mother. Then as we mature we tend to encounter similar circumstances that create the same type of reactions and attitudes, of which we are not always aware. Pluto relates to power and control, and these are the typical issues we can struggle with from that. That could mean being intimidated, overpowered, abused or dominated and this in turn affects our sense of self and personal sense of empowerment. We can easily feel emotionally crippled from our past in some way.

For you, Pluto co-rules your 1st and 2nd circumstances. As such you may be quite self-defensive in expressing yourself externally which can easily be misinterpreted by others, leading to interactive problems with others. You may come across as being secretive, manipulating or overly concerned with power and control without intending to. Recognizing how you really come across to others goes a long way in improving our relationships with others.

The interaction of Venus with Pluto can also have similar effects, relating to our sense of inner self-esteem and personal sense of value [Venus mirrors what lies within]. Such distortions in turn contribute to further relationship problems. With Venus posited in your 7th H and ruling your 10th, these areas are likely to be arenas where such problems are experienced. With Venus joined with Saturn, this also serves to exacerbate the likelihood that you suffer from depression and low spirits.
Be sure to get help for that if it is problematic; it won't just go away on it's own.

Pluto is strongly connected to our karmic baggage from the past, setting up themes that often stem from genetics and cellular imprints; mostly we are not aware of such lessons to be learned and the key in working with these codes in the chart is all about increasing our sense of self-awareness and gaining understanding of what lies within us; what lies within are the things that affect our outer circumstances. We mostly read that Pluto is about destruction, crisis, death and struggle, but we should remember that in essence it also represents the Phoenix; that which rises from the ashes of destruction always has another chance for resurrection [as such,it represents The Soul]. It is only the true survivors that can manage to transform

In working to resolve the Yod, you then need to research more on how to go about accessing your Venus/Moon energies, as mentioned in the previous post.


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Thank you for your short, yet very sweet reply. You genuinely made me feel very happy as I was reading it. :joyful: As for my career, I entered the university this year, though I don't really feel like working in this area later in life... It's not that I hate it, no, but I'm afraid that it will take me too much time to find a job and even if I do, I will probably die of boredom there. :unsure: I guess I want to express myself more in creative ways, travel to different places and overall have a more fulfilling and interesting life, but right now it's impossible for me. I have some sort of a plan but it's way too early to talk about it. If it will work out in a couple of years, I think I will drop out of the uni, if it won't, I'll think of something else. :)...
Yeah, I kept it short, since I did not want to make the same mistake by keeping it long and then you would not have read my note.:p

On a more serious note, I do not know what you are upto career wise, but here is what your chart tells me, in general. Your Sun rules your career house, the 10th house. The Sun, as already mentioned, is exalted in Aries, so this indicates success. However, the Aries energy is quite impulsive and freedom-loving. It hates routine and, more than that, it dislikes being told what to do and when to do. This is further endorsed in your particular case via Leo on your career house. I also think that you might do something creative career wise, since the 10th ruler, the Sun, is in the 5th house and aspected by a very strong Moon in the 9th. What you do could also be linked to the overseas or long-distance travel in some way given that the Moon is in the 9th.

You said something that you might drop out of the uni. My personal suggestion, but obviously your own decision, if you do not like what you are studying, change after the first year, without wasting too much time. However, I for certain believe that dropping out of the uni without getting your degree/diploma is not a good idea and you might even regret it later (Merc square Jup). The thing is that our 9th house (higher studies) ruler, Mercury, is in Pisces. Now both Gemini and Pisces are quite indecisive and nervous energies, so the temptation to drop out, out of feeling lost (Pisces) and boredom (Gemini) will be great, but I suggest you overcome it and complete what you are doing.

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Heres the sabian symbol for your ascendant of the 8:47 birth time. The ascendant is the WHO so it should resonate with your sense of identity, if the times is correct.

From Dane Rudhyar's "An Astrological Mandala"

Does it resonate with you?


KEYNOTE: The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.

The butterfly is the ancient and traditional symbol of the results of the process of spiritual rebirth. If the butterfly has three wings instead of two, a special development of an aspect of the spiritual life is shown. Three is a symbol of fulfillment. Some power has been added to the normal spiritual life of the individual person. The left side usually refers to the instinctual field of the consciousness, but it is also the heart's side. A new strength is shown, perhaps as yet unrealized.

A fourth stage symbol usually refers to some kind of technique or technical achievement. What is implied here is that the contact with the revivifying Life-force (cf. the first stage symbol) can result in the appearance of a new faculty, the use of which may not as yet be consciously evaluated. Indeed it is the establishment of such a contact which constitutes a technique for ORIGINAL MUTATION."


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Wow, thanks for such a long and detailed reply! :w00t: You're amazing.


It's interesting that you made such a big accent on relationships and said they would be very influential. I've never been in a proper romantic relationship yet (well, I'm still quite young haha) and it's partly due to my self-esteem issues (I guess it's always been a part of me but some specific events made it worse) but sometimes I really wish I would be dating someone though right now I'm perfectly fine on my own. All in good time I guess. :)

Whether you're dating or not.. your chart seems to have a lot of emphasis on relationships. And don't worry about not dating anyone and it's good that you're fine on your own.

So you say I have 3 T-squares... Maybe you're right. One of the reasons I asked was because AstroTheme and some other sites don't recognize them as such. I guess these two squares I mentioned fall into the "grey" category where some people say they exist and some people say they don't.

Yeah.. astrology is a very gray subject.

Thanks for clarification on Sun-Mercury conjunction! I also always thought that it would be weird if they were classified as being conjunct but different sites calculated they were. Can you comment on my unaspected Mercury then? :lol: I heard that when a planet has no aspects to it, it expresses the qualities of a sign it's in more freely and purely but I'm not sure.

Well you just have your Mercury in Pisces in the 5th house. I think that makes sense that an unaspected Mercury would only express Pisces because it's not being influenced by anything else. An unaspected Mercury probably means that your cognition and communication skills are neither interesting nor lacking; they are kind of just plain. Mercury-Mars talks fast. Mercury-Venus talks politely. Mercury-Jupiter has too much to say. Mercury to nothing has nothing important or unimportant to say. Mercury in Pisces in itself however creates an imaginative, creative, intuitive, and vague speech and thinking. With Mercury in the 5th house this points to writing, speaking, communication (using your mind) as a hobby or pleasure for you.

Also thanks for the modalities comment. I'd say that overall I feel myself more cardinal than fixed (if it can be a thing lol) but the fixed undercurrent is also noticeable.

You're welcome! :tongue:

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I am not an experienced astrologer and I have my own theories about all kinds of things in life, so only believe in what I say if it resonates with you.

When I look at your chart, what stands out the most to me is that you seem to be destined to dive deep into and transform your sense of self-worth. Pluto is at the apex of your Yod and it is situated in the second house. It is also conjunct Chiron which shows a wound within us.

Do you feel drawn to financial security and do you feel an attachment to possessions?

People often look for these things to compensate for a lack of inner value, security and safety. However, in your case you should both work on your inner self value/security and focus on the tenth house (career, public persona), so I am not saying that you should not seek for financial security. Your north node is in the tenth house and if you look at the T-square with Neptune, you see that the missing link is your Midheaven. This is also showing a need to balance your focus on your emotions and family life with the focus on your career, not only one or the other, both.

You may feel afraid of being rejected in relationships and that makes it more difficult to relate to girls but I believe that you are a loyal person (Venus conjunct Saturn) but you need freedom as well. Venus quincunx Pluto shows that you need to find an inner sense of your value and not sell yourself short. You need to learn to have equal relationships. Mars quincunx Jupiter can make a person give too much. Your ascendant in Libra may make you considerate and diplomatic. Venus square Neptune can make you idealize, be to accepting, long for a fairy tale romance and so on. You may be drawn to someone fiery and willful and that can be a challenge. You have Neptune in the fourth, perhaps you learnt as a child to kind of tip toe around someone. Perhaps you could not take up a lot of space and be fully you and have your needs met? Did you/do you idealize the home/the family/ a parent in some way? Has there been some unstableness in your home, problems between your parents or a divorce? Uranus is rebellious so you may be detached from your family to some extent.

You do not have to answer these questions here, I am only asking them to make you think about your childhood and how it has influenced you.

Pluto has to do with power, transformation and rising like a phoenix from the ashes. It has to do with the subconscious parts of us. When we grow up we are programmed with a self-image up until the age of 12. Then we try to fix our self-image through our interaction with others but other people can no longer program and reprogram us at a deep level like they could when we were little. By giving other people the power to dictate how we will feel about ourselves at a surface level, we are giving our power away. If we instead see other people as mirrors/triggers of the wounds in our self-image and if we try to be present with everything other people trigger in us so that it can be processed and healed, we can let go of pain and false beliefs about ourselves and we can form new ones. This is the kind of power we all are really looking for, the power to bend and shape our reality. When we reprogram ourselves at a deep level, situations that used to trigger us no longer affect us and we attract other kinds of people and other kinds of reactions from others. And we start believing in ourselves and in our power to create the life we want to have.

When I was younger and I had feelings for someone I was obsessed with thoughts like: “what does he feel for me, what does he think of me?”. I gave my power away. Nowadays I focus more on how I feel about me in different situations.

Everyone is trying to improve their self-image/worth.

The bully, who tries to make someone feel humiliated, ashamed and powerless, does it because it makes him feel better. Deep inside, the bully feels humiliated, ashamed and powerless. His mind creates the illusion that someone else has those issues instead and the projection gives him a sense of relief or of strength/power or he may feel a kick. Conscious people don´t have this option. Once you know the truth which is that every time you abuse someone, your REAL self-image becomes worse instead of better and once you understand that you cause yourself emotional pain by hurting others you can´t stand even thinking about doing it. You know that what you do to others you are doing to yourself.

There are very many ways to try to improve your self-image through other people. Someone who sacrifices him/herself tries to be good and lovable to get their needs met. Someone who tries to control others feels a fear of losing people who make him feel better by for example giving him love or letting him project some emotions. Some people control others because they were neglected when they were children and they don´t think that there are any other alternatives for them to get what they want from others.

Read about some of your lovely aspects like Moon sextile Venus, Moon trine Mars, Sun sextile Neptune and Sun trine Pluto. I believe that you are compassionate and that you can be loyal and feel that you want to stand up for and protect the ones you care about and underdogs. Sun conjunct Jupiter helps you to be optimistic and positive about life and it helps you to attract luck and money.

About mercury, I read that Gandhi had an unaspected mercury :wink:


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Oh and by the way, the last couple of days I've been experimenting with the sidereal system because I found out that although it's not as popular as the tropical I used here, a lot of astrologers use it and some of them switched to it because they found it more reliable and accurate. (?) The thing that bothers me is that using the sidereal system in my case means losing almost all of my planets from their dignified positions and also these planets subsequently acquire new qualities to them. For instance, Moon in Gemini or Venus in Aries do not seem to fit me in sidereal at all while Cancer and Taurus in tropical explain me well. I tried comparing tropical to sidereal in all of my friends' charts and also found tropical to be much more on point. But if so many astrologers use sidereal, then maybe I am wrong and not them?? :crying: Perhaps if someone could provide a description of my Vedic chart (since they use the sidereal system for calculations, right?), then I would change my mind because I've heard that the sign's descriptions are also somewhat different. I can make the chart myself (if you link me the site) or PM my birth info.

Can you give your birth details if you want a vedic reading?


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One thing I did not understand though is that you mentioned that the ruler of the 9th house is Mercury, but isn’t it Jupiter?
Per the Placidus-house system, which I normally use, your 9th house of higher education is in Gemini and so ruled by Mercury. Jupiter rules the opposite-lying sign to Gem., which is Sag.

Oh and by the way, the last couple of days I've been experimenting with the sidereal system because I found out that although it's not as popular as the tropical I used here, a lot of astrologers use it and some of them switched to it because they found it more reliable and accurate. (?)...
If you are a beginner, and are now fascinated by the Sidereal system, stick to it, so that you can go deeper into it. If you keep hopping from one to the other just to see what *seemingly* fits your chart best, you will learn neither properly, if you are really serious about Astrology. :) Oh, and one more suggestion, stick to mainstream planets and aspects, etc. until you are a little more well-versed in the subject. Don't get into asteroids etc right now, or you will get so thoroughly confused.:surprised:
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Tripleloo, regarding your question to me. There is a sabian symbol for each degree of the zodiac. The sabian symbols have proven themselves to be extremely accurate in my years of study.

The ascendant point progresses through all twelve signs in the course of a day, or approx two hours per sign, so it changes its degree every couple minutes.

You can look up the degrees here. Because the chart reads 0-29 and these degrees are 1-30, look for the next degree up. For instance an ascendant at 24.52 libra is the 25th degree of libra:

http://www.mindfire.ca/An Astrological Mandala/An Astrological Mandala - Contents.htm

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Thank you for giving us all response and thank you for the compliment! :happy:

About your T-square, many astrologers would say that it doesn´t count. But in your case it does not matter that much if it does or if it doesn´t. Since you have your north node in the tenth house you already know that the tenth house is something you should put focus on. I personally would love to have a T-square, the people I know who have them are driven to take action towards a certain direction and they usually reach success. I only have two squares, Venus and Mars square Neptune (I can tell you that they are not very useful and helpful) and then I have many inconjunctions and a couple of oppositions. My path is not straight forward and I have always felt lost.

About the sidereal system; Western sidereal astrology works best for me and I use the placidus house system. Vedic astrology is influenced by a culture that is very different from mine (I live in Sweden). I believe that there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom within the vedic astrology, but it´s best to choose one method and I have found the one that suits me the best. I believe that if an astrologer starts off with the tropical, he/she will get so familiar with it that the sidereal won´t seem correct. I began with analyzing both charts and I resonate totally with my sidereal chart. But I may be wrong, perhaps I don´t see myself clearly and perhaps the tropical system works better.

To me it seems logical that the actual placements of the stars when I was born would be more correct. Thousands of years ago astrologers created a system and it mirrored how the stars where placed at different dates and times during that year. Then they connected these placements with the months of the year. Why were those exact placements that year the correct ones? If they would have created the system 10 000 years back it would have looked different. If the seasons are dictating our charts it would be more logical if they would have created a system where Aries belongs to January, Taurus to February and so on.

I would not worry about having dignified planets. Some people with their Sun in Aries are serial killers. Charts are very complicated and every sign has different levels of maturity ranging from horribly low to extreme wisdom and maturity. A really high version of a Gemini for example would be some sort of Guru type who can spread a lot of wisdom to other people. A more immature version would be someone who is very double sided, someone who is flighty, mental and who wants different things all the time. Cancer is double sided in a more deeply emotional way. The more complicated ones can have many ups and downs emotionally and act like someone who has a borderline disorder or someone who is bipolar. They can react strongly to small things. A higher version can be very loving, nurturing, family oriented and a great parent. Angelina Jolie irradiates the Cancer vibe IMO. She is emotionally unstable and she has had some self -destructive tendencies, but she loves children and really cares for people who are suffering and she has a huge family.

Your Venus is more difficult for you to analyze since you are young and have not had relationships yet, but a man´s Venus shows what kind of woman he is attracted to. It would make you be attracted to Aries women, you may meet someone who takes the initiative to start a relationship with you. Venus is of course also influenced by its placement and its aspects. Saturn gives you traits of Venus in Capricorn.

Mars in Libra is airy, pleasant, diplomatic and the confident ones can be charming players depending on other parts of the chart. Mars in Scorpio may seem calm, they usually do not engage in alpha male games, but if for example an alpha male wants to try to tease this person, he will regret it. Their reactions can be really intense.

Your tropical chart is more intense than your sidereal chart, it would make you more emotional and more easily triggered.

In your sidereal chart, I believe that Chiron would be placed in Scorpio, which is very different from having Chiron in Sagittarius.

According to the sidereal chart I have my Sun in Aries, but it is conjunct the IC in the fourth house so I am not the typical Aries. However I have always seen myself as the leader in my family, my parents did not seem like grownups to me so I took it upon myself to fix things. I am dominant towards my family. According to the sidereal chart my moon is in Taurus. I resonate with many things like needing security and stability and fidelity. But since I have Moon opposite Uranus 0 degrees as well as some other things going on in my chart I have moved around a lot and I have not had stable and long lasting relationships. However I am very trustworthy, faithful and loyal, people trust me and feel secure with me and nurtured by me. I am sensual and physical and I LOVE massage and chocolate. Even though these placements are so called dignified, my tropical chart shows an easier life.

Look at both of your charts and then pick the method you resonate with the most! Since most people at the forum are into tropical astrology, I focus on the aspects and the house placements when I am making comments. That way I say things that would be correct regardless of whether someone uses a sidereal or tropical chart.