A trine in my natal chart?

turkish girl

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Hello everybody!

I try to learn reading my natal chart and I find aspects between Moon in Leo, Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sag. Is this a trine and what means it?

This is my chart:

Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks!

We call that aspect as a grand trine.Your link has expired so i could not see your total chart.House position and also other planets which have aspects to that trine are important too.Generally grand trine leads to comforty life without difficulties but on the other hand it can give laziness to the individual.Cause people you know learnes life with lessons and some difficulties.
And also grand trine gives an easy energy to flow.And in my opinion instead of neptun would there be another planet it would be more effective on you cause,i mean not an outer planet,like sun or mars etc.


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Thank you very much for the answer. I attached my natal chart to this message. Please look on it of you don't mind.
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