A Technique for Erecting a Past Life Astrological Chart

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Very interesting!

Can this technique reveal WHEN in time previous life occurred (approximately)?

No, to the best of my knowledge the time period (historical dates) of the previous life cannot be gleaned from this technique.


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dr. farr

Excellant article you have presented . Vedic astrology says your past life is represented by 5th house in your native chart "Poorva Punya Sthanam" i.e. Poorva means "Previous" and Punyasthanam means "place of deeds")and future life by 9th house.On this basis your 5th house Ascendant in your current chart should be your Ascendant in the plc. Keeping this in mind I worked out the plc using the above method and found plc Asc. as Virgo. I am Tauras and my 5th house is Virgo in my native chart. This means my Ascendant in plc should be Virgo. Surprisingly this tallies. May be this is just one sample. other members can verify this in their charts



same here. my natal 5th house cusp is Aquarius and i ended up getting aquarius as an ascendant

im not really sure how to interpret the PLC though...

also would you still ADD 30 degrees to the NN if it is DIRECT in the natal?

know this is super old but jsut came across it

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No if the Nodes are direct (which they occasionally are) then you would subtract 30 degrees from the NN in the natal.
You would read (delineate) the PLC as if it were a simple natal chart, only realizing that the delineation is not about potentials or possibilities or tendencies (like with a natal chart) but rather are descriptive of circumstances and actions (regarding the character and also the various areas/departments of life) which occured IN THAT PAST LIFE.


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This esoteric tradition emphasizes including stars posited with 2 degrees of any PLC angle or planet or node, in the Past Life analysis. This tradition also believe that the PLC 12th house-and anything in it-describes the situation/condition of the incarnating ego during the period between physical incarnations (that is, the "other world" state of the individual prior to their current physical incarnation)

I am finding this thread more and more interesting.

I don't know if it worked out this way for everyone because that's how it works mathematically? but my PLC sure seemed to know a lot about my natal chart.

(also guess i calculated wrong on the PLC ASC i messed up by four degrees which puts me at 2 degrees Pisces for ASC the rest remains the same.... not sure what that means! hahaha)
PLC 1st house contains Mars (conjunct PLC ASC 5 degree orb) and Moon=Natal Mars and Moon (Aries)
PLC 3rd house contains Jupiter (exact conjunct PLC 2nd house cusp-natal its in the 8th) and Venus= Natal Jupiter and Venus (Gemini)
PLC 5th house contains Sun and Mercury= Natal Sun and Mercury (Leo)
PLC 8th house contains Pluto=Natal Pluto (Scorpio)
------ also PLC Pluto is a 5 degree orb of natal ASC
PLC 12th house contains NN= Natal NN is in Pisces

(Saturn, Uranus, Neptune retrograde in my natal chart so maybe that's why they didn't end up in the corresponding houses?)

like I said... not sure if thats just how its magically supposed to be but it was sure interesting.

It was mentioned that planets in the 12th describes the incarnating ego... I have PLC Neptune in 12th conjunct the 12th hosue cusp (natally my Neptune is conjunct my IC opp MC square ASC/DSC) and my PLC NN is there as well... and then it does direct in my natal chart. I read somewhere that direct NN in natal "MIGHT" signify meeting karmic goals this lifetime... so maybe it being in the 12th house kind of signifies that?

I really want to read more about the Tarot symbolism. I just wanted to write this down before i forget haha.

Im still so new to this... I'm not entirely sure how to interpret it, if the aspects (other than the outer planets) are the same, and the signs to describe my "energy" are not what i was expecting at all, so would the house placements be more indicative?
I guess i'm still just not sure. this is definitely interesting though :) ill prolly have to re-read this thread and some of the other threads that got mentioned in here a few times. thank you though :)
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Delineation of past life is not an easy matter, regardless of what particular method would be used; the houses of the PLC, based on the signs on them and planets in them, would tell a good deal about the circumstances (in the past life) regarding the areas/departments of life signified by those house (eg 7th house, the sign on it and planet/s in it in that sign, also the planet dispositing that house/sign, for marriage situation in the past life, etc) The PLC is therefore more applicable to delineating the events/circumstances of the past life, than to deciphering the mind/character traits of the person during that past life...

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I remember using this technique some five years ago when I found it. In my case, it actually corroborates with the modern doctrine of the nodes that the south node is characteristic of the past life. South node is in Aries in 4th in my natal (sometimes I think of it as "fighting for the fatherland"), and this technique gives me a very militaristic looking chart. A cool synchronicity there.

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I came across this old thread of mine (from 2010) and thought it might be of some interest to a few of our current AW members.


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I should have a 0-1' Aquarius concerning what my past life was and the sabian symbol is of an old adobe mission in California (my home state it turns out). It falls in my 7th house while it'll cusp at 8' Aquarius and no planets can be found in that house, but the Saturnian influence of both signs are there.