A Technique for Erecting a Past Life Astrological Chart

dr. farr

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Bring in the meanings of Spica and Arcturus: since these stars are on the PLC ascendant, their meanings and indications would apply strongly in further illuminating the nature and character, or essence, of the personality in the previous life, and would also shed light on the bodily health in the past life.

The meaning of the star connected with the Sun could shed additional light on past life matters relating to the house in which the PLC Sun is posited, and also the star meaning would further illuminate all solar-ruled/related/connected issues and\or events in the previous life.
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Arian Maverick

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Just a thought, couldn't the same techinque be applied to the past life chart to get a chart for a life before? I actually haven't given this much thought, but I suppose if you do it 12 times, you'd get a chart same as current one....

This is an interesting theory, but how many of us know the exact date we were born in a prior incarnation? I only know the date and approximate time of my death...

Arian Maverick

dr. farr

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For those who accept Tarot symbolism, further investigations of the influences operative in the past life can be made by converting various data in the Past Life Chart (such as, for example, the PLC ascendant) into affinitive Major Arcana Tarot symbols: I have outlined the simple conversion method in my latest thread in the Spiritual Realm section under the heading: "Conversion of astro-data to Major Arcana Symbols"

A particularly valuable application of the above method in looking into the PLc is as follows:
-in the PLC, find its "essence" (the ancients considered the "Foundation" or "Pillar of the Horoscope" to represent the essence of any individual-or event) The "essence" or "Pillar" is determined by this calculation:

Ascendant + Part of Spirit - Part of Fortune = "essence" or "Pillar of the Horoscope" sign degree

-now, convert the place (degree of sign) where the "essence" or "Pillar" falls in the PLC, to it affinitive Major Arcana Tarot symbol (see my referenced thread for the method)

-if desired to find additional Major Arcana Tarot connections:
a) find the antiscion of the "essence/Pillar" degree, then convert this antiscion degree to the affinitive Major Arcana Tarot symbol
b) find the ramification (Pauline dodekatemorion) degree of the "essence/Pillar" (done by multiplying the "essence/Pillar" degree by 13, then subtracting 30 from this total for each sign going forward in the zodiac from the "essence/Pillar"'s original sign degree)
Convert this dodekatemorion degree into the affinitive Major Arcana Tarot symbol.

Any element or group of elements in the PLC can be investigated via the Tarot symbols using the astro-Tarot conversion method outlined in my thread on this method.
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Lion o ness

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I did my PLC..

Some interesting aspects.

The only thing that doesnt make sense is the generational planets.
They are in
Pluto = Virgo
Uranus = Virgo
Neptune rx = Cap
Jupiter rx = Cap
Saturn = Taurus
Chiron = Pisces H10
At what time where all 4 of these in these signs at the same time?

Asc = 9Gem
Sun/moon in Cancer in H2
SN/Pluto in Leo in H3
Merc (rx)/Mars in Virgo H4
NN in Aqua in H9
Venus in Taurus H12

What I find the most interesting is comparing (synastry type of comparing)
my PLC to my Natal

PLC to Natal aspects (PLC first, then current natal)
SN conjuncts Mars
Sun/Moon conjuncts IC and Saturn
Jupiter conjuncts NN
Mars conjuncts Vertex
Mercury conjuncts Dsc
Mercury conjuncts Uranus

Neptune in the 7th current chart ruler
PLC Chart ruler now in the 6th
PLC NN in the 9th in Aqua, Aqua rules my natal 12th, Plus I have Uranus in the 7th.
Current Chart Ruler in the 9th.

This of course if I did everything right..
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Who Cares

3 flaws:

1- Whole signs all house whatever is ********.
2- I did it to me and found an impossible chart, never happened. It can be my first life... i give the benefit of doubt on this one.
3- I know who is the reeincarnation of a great astrologer, and in his past life his moon and venus and mercury were on the same spot. So the -30º idea goes down.

This is wrong. Simple. Does not work.

The number 2 is the most important, you will almost every time find an impossible chart- even if not using the outer planets- that never happened.

I don't want to be rude. We're on aquarius age, age of astrology, innovation, discoveries, exaltated mercury... it's time to clean the garbage. I know many of you, i do, have uranus in capricorn, so we go look for traditional astrology, and we do well, because much can be found there, of great value; but that is not the case here.


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I have my own doubts about the procedures that are proposed here, but I also think that your rebuttal, "Who Cares," is just as nonsensical and opinionated as the original propositions. Please put forth a better system of past life chart determination or at least restrict yourself to specifics in criticism. In the best case scenario, we should put together a system that provably works. That is our goal.

Who Cares

Well, Mark, i will ignore all the **** you said, and focus on the good stuff:

"In the best case scenario, we should put together a system that provably works. That is our goal."

Let's do it. I would love to find the right method, if there's any. The only way we can do this is by gathering at least 2 persons charts' that "know"(let's hope they really do) their past life, or by regression, or by some other method. And find connections between the charts, and try to find a method, astrological.

I have one great astrologer who in a past life was also a great astrologer. I deeply believe in this astrologer, but, it is private, i can't use it here.

I remember reading, somewhere, that someone in canada believes being the reincarnation of Marylin Monroe...? Do you know more cases? Let's put them here and find a method ourselves, why can't we?

dr. farr

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This method was presented for the interest of AW readers, and for those few who might want to experiment with it and come to their own conclusions based on their results. Note that the past life chart (erected by this method) is NOT supposed to represent the birth chart of the "previous life". The delineation of the past life chart is (supposed) to indicate the NATURE and EVENTS and attitudes of the past life: it is NOT claimed that the past life chart shows the actual specific positions of the planets at any given time during that past life.

I have no interest in defending or promoting this technique. It is not my invention nor my insight: as explained in my initial post, this method was told me by members of a certain esoteric group which has long used it in their special field of endeavor. I presented it because the technique cannot be found in any book, journal or internet source, and I wanted AW members to be able to know about it, as a matter of general interest. The technique has worked well for me when I have applied it ; for me this is the only justification I require.

Let the technique be experimented with by those who are interested and let each person come to their own conclusion as to whether it is of any value to them , or if, as characterized by member Mark, it is merely "nonsensical and opinionated", or, as member Who Cares so delicately put it, "garbage"...
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Who Cares

Hi there.

What you're doing with the planets, to erect the PLC, is a precessed profection. That chart will maintain the same aspects of our natal one, not providing any new information in that parameter. All you do is walking every planet to the previous sign. I do not see how that will reveal intel on our past life.

Now, about the way you find the PLC ascendant. It is interesting. But what is done is basically adding the 2 points on the chart connected to past lifes. It is an interesting concept- adding 2 points and find the position on the horoscope- perhaps it has a meaning. Perhaps it is the way to go.


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My only criticism of the technique presented is that it is scientifically untestable, so it can't be proven or disproven. That means that we can't treat it as a hypothesis and must seek to see only whether or not it provides some useful information. In that context, there is nothing wrong with it. I appreciate that you've posted it, dr. farr. Much wordspace has been wasted on things less meaningful than the pursuit of new information... such as the Playlist of the Week thread that seems to consistently be one of the most longevous and active threads on the whole forum. That thread also deserves to be there, but it is of little astrological value. At least a stab in the dark might hit something.

Referring to the link our newly-banned associate posted, I must say that I am rather wary of incidents in which people are told that they are the reincarnation of someone who looks just like them. Not all people incarnate as the same gender consistently. Why should the face necessarily look alike? We know that the form of the body will be determined by the role of the body throughout a particular life; i.e. you have certain things with which you must deal, so your body will be built for those activities. In some lives, you may suffer paralysis. In others, you may be strong and slow of mind. You have a certain "bag of attributes" that are yours, but you don't carry the whole bag through every life. My thinking is that your body, and therefore your face, will be customised to every incarnation. Perhaps some of them may look alike, but I can't say that all of them will. In fact, if we could lay out a series of 10 incarnations of a soul and see pictures of the face from each, I would expect to see more variation than consistency. Then again, I could be completely wrong about that.


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Yes, very interesting!
If I done everything correctly my PLC Asc is at 17 Scorpio.
My PLC NN/SN axis at 24 Scorpio falls on my Juno rx/Anti-Vertex/Vertex axis at 26 Scorpio. I suppose it's Karmic indeed! My father's Sun conjuncts My Natal vertex at 25/26 Tarurus and so my PLC SNode...I wonder if there's any relation to some Karma issues.(He's my hero!) :)

Do you use the Vertex axis on the PLC the same way as the Nodes? I mean moving them forward? Coz if they go backwards it falls on Natal ASC/NN axis...

I've always thought I was a man in my previous life and having a PLC Sun in Aries in the 5H may indicate that! Something to support this in my Natal (I read this somewhere) Is the ASC/NN square the Moon in Cancer- Trying to incorporate very feminine traits in this life time... My Natal South Node suggests to me that I should leave the comfort I have with male friends and seek female friends in order to develop my sex gender in this life time.
Actually, only 5 years ago this start happening more...I used to find girly talk boring and used to hate pink since I know my self...lol
In spite of that I've always been very feminine fisically...:devil:

I was reading on a site the other day and the Astrologer who wrote the article made reference to the MC and planets conjunct it to be our mission, what we told God we would come here to do in this life time...I really like the way she puts it.
And I think what I came here to do was to become a mother, I always had the urge since very young. And I am...It's the best thing I've ever achieved in my life! I suppose the PLC gives you hints along with the Natal that supports theories and I find that with the Draconic Chart you can take it further into greater detail...

The Draconic is said to be the sum up of our previous lifes and when checked against the PLC might give hints on our last one, no?
I'm not an expert and I'm just trying Astrology in order to find awareness into my soul evolution.I'm sorry if sometimes I muddle up and don't express myself correctly (English is not my mother language as well).
I think I tend to use my intuition more when relating to Astrology and I'm not very assertive.:sad:

PS: Do you think there was souls living in a future ahead from ours and possibly returning back into the past when re-encarnating?
What kind of aspects/placements would you think could suggest this?


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Thanks Dr Farr, very interesting regardless. I'll have to dug up the link to a forum discussion I came across elsewhere about a technique for determining what year (or century) one was born in, in a past life. I think it involved looking at Pluto's sign, but me memory is vague on the matter...

I would love to explore this for two reasons:

When I was about 10 or 11, my mom and I travelled to Berlin to stay with my grandmother who was a fellow at an academic institution there. We arrived to her guest room and I was tired, so they left me to sleep and went off somewhere. I have never had such a vivid and disturbing dream in my life (and had never been prone to such dreams previously). The dream began in the aftermath of my having killed someone. It was not graphic, but I was walking in the street with this immense weight of guilt on me, unbearable it was. I know it's nothing very remarkable, I know, but it stayed with me until this day, the feeling was so strong and so alien.

The second reason is that one of my recurring dreams is of me walking in the street, and I've been shot multiple times and cannot find anyone to assist me. I know I'm dying, and sometimes it's as though I can feel the life draining out of me.

I only mention these two dreams (the first only happened the one time, and the latter began much later in life and sometimes continues to this day), is that I've never been a morbid person, and these dreams have always alarmed me in their intensity... and given my natal chart and it's heavy karma, it has got me thinking if these could be past life memories. I'm not sure I really want to know! But I'm hellishly curious :whistling:


Idk if my calculations are off (never been good in math anyways) but the degrees for the planets remained the same but in a different sign..? Am I doing something wrong? Haha.


Account Closed
Without intending to be cryptic, I can say that this tradition is alchemico-hermetic in regard to its metaphysics, that it is a "Western" oriented tradition (as opposed to Vedic, Taoist, Buddhist etc), that it is quite secretive, and that it's members claim it to have originated in Europe, founded by the immediate followers of Paracelsus.
I myself am not a member of this tradition, but I have had contact with a couple of its member and I have been permitted access to some of its material.

For the sake of discussion, we may refer to this tradition as the "Paracelsic Esoteric Tradition" (or PET for short) This is the same tradition from which I have taken the "3 sealings" concept described in my postings under the "Descent of the Soul considered Astrologically" thread, and also the "blood-line karma chart" described in my posting under the "Family and Group Karma" thread.

Some kind of additional reference would be good. Either here, or by private message.

dr. farr

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Well, its an oral teaching originating from an esoteric order-I have never seen any available literature on this technique (other than the "order papers" describing it) nor any reference literature about the "Three Sealings" or "Blood Line Karma" concepts/methods which I have outlined elsewhere.
Same with the "Conversion of astro-data to Major Arcana symbols" technique I have elaborated elsewhere: this technique also is derived from "order papers" of a certain esoteric group.
Actually the same with some of the Vedic methods I have used-these I obtained information about from an active oral tradition among Jaimini adepts (and a couple of Nadi practitioners) of Ponmudi Forest, in Kerala. I believe that there might well be a good deal of astrological methodology "out there" still unknown or largely unknown because it remains the "property" of groups which have chosen not to publish their "knowledge" to the general public. Over the decades I have found some of this material (been given it actually) and have experimented with it, and have elaborated a bit of it here on AW.


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Very interesting!

Can this technique reveal WHEN in time previous life occurred (approximately)?