A talk about myself and mars in detriment. Explaining how i work.

It's ok talking about how someone is by just reading what someone has typed, but how about from someone who is highly self aware?

Well mars is a big deal to me since mine comes into play a lot, this is why it is in the title.

Placements and aspects.


Sun in V
685 Conjunction Sun - Jupiter
-316 Opposition Sun - Saturn

Moon in II
-81 Square Moon - Mercury
34 Trine Moon - Uranus
138 Trine Moon - Neptune
-310 Opposition Moon - Pluto

Mercury in VI
-8 Square Mercury - Pluto

Venus in IV
32 Trine Venus - Ascendant

Mars in II
31 Trine Mars - Uranus
43 Sextile Mars - Ascendant

Jupiter in V
-311 Opposition Jupiter - Saturn
2 Trine Jupiter - Pluto

Saturn in XI
37 Conjunction Saturn - Neptune

Uranus in XI
80 Conjunction Uranus - Neptune

Neptune in XI
52 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

House II in Aries
House III in Taurus
House IV in Gemini
House V in Cancer
House VI in Cancer
House VII in Virgo
House VIII in Libra
House IX in Scorpio
House X in Sagittarius
House XI in Capricorn
House XII in Capricorn

So, i see myself as a Cancer, but not your typical Cancer, nowhere close to as up and down with emotions and i rarely if ever have mood swings.

Things i can say about myself.

Highly sexual.
Highly grounded and steady.
Spontaneous (depends on mood)
A somewhat grandiose view of my own abilities to love. (fuelled by the loss of my soul mate Scorpio)
Physically robust but not unbreakable.
Strong willed.
High expectations but not expectations i can't meet personally.
Can talk about anything with a huge lack of embarrassment, can get me into trouble.
Somewhat feminine (i communicate with females without any barriers in love or as friends)
Melancholic though i think this is more to do with depression than a true expression of myself.
A dreamer but is always accompanied by my own huge dose of practicality and reality, can snap myself out of it.
Massive stamina.
Positive outlook.
A leader in sensitive matters (people come to me to talk)
Defender of family and loved ones no matter if right or wrong.
Dangerous when angry (will get on to this later)
An empath (should come as no surprise being a Cancer)
Dependable but not when things are not right for myself.
Will always have your back.

Will continue in Post 2.
This video from Alyssa Sharpe is the best explanation of how my mars is.

How this works for me, Taurus mars is not an easy placement, it is black and white, there is ZERO grey area.

However i think there is a good blend with my placements, anger i do not like to express ever, it can get really bad and i will need to express it through tears but do it privately, Taurus mars is massively explosive, if i'm in tears, this is not weakness it's a sign you should be walking the other way, but i'm making this a bit dramatic and epic the way i am saying that haha.. Leo mercury... lol!

Taurus mars is physical, if that person is not physical at a point where anger should be expressed, then they have not lost it yet.

And this is why i am dangerous, when it does finally go, whatever it is that's done it is going to pay big time physically, which does mean my fist is going through your head, but this is not a 1 hit situation, you get back up i'm going to hammer you down again, again and again, because all that Taurus mars see's is someone that is not in their place, in the ground 6 foot under.
Taurus mars has no sense of management with anger once the anger is released. And the mass amount of stamina and energy.. it's impossible to subdue unless you physically are able to handle me.

The way to deal with it is to challenge it before it happens which i do mentally and constantly, i can induce fear in myself of the outcome, Cancer sun brings up emotions from when i have been hurt and i can feel compassion at the same time as not liking someone because the Cancer sun is running water over the mars with emotions.

It works, but it's not always the best method, doing something physical helps a lot, working out, or even doing something mentally like i dunno puzzles, reading, video games where you require skill.

Anyway, that's how i deal with anger, it's complex but happens seemlessly in reality.

However, that mars.. sex.. it's on my brain 24/7, even if i'm not thinking about it, it's lingering. Sex is revitalising for me, it's healing and energising, it's a completely different experience to what would stereotypically happen where a man just wears out and goes to sleep... nope.
But my Cancer sun is strong, devoted, loyalty, i can't do 1 night stands and be over it, never done it because i just can't do it, i require something deeper than most can fathom.

In tune with each other, emotional understanding, steady, motivating, sexually in tune, feeling, touching, breathing, all of this, smell... it's all part of the experience.

And here is where my grandiosity comes into play, i am amazing at sex.
Not from my own perception though it just works in the bedroom, and to an extent where people are mind blown, being able to intuitively read a womans body on the fly.. where to touch, what to do is something even i was surprised at when getting the feedback doing the deed.. A virgin at the time (me) with an experienced partner, was the best she ever had, and that's from that Scorpio, she don't lie, Capricorn moon, Cancer mars.

I have Eros in Taurus which errm well.


If you have Eros in the sign Taurus then you'll understand love and sex as an extremely visceral and dominating physical necessity for your well-being. Eros in Taurus will experience the most erotic and soul moving love and sex with a partner who can tune into his or her physical needs. Knowing exactly where and how to touch your lover may be an instinctive gift you have but you also crave this same type of psychic physical stimulation in return. With Eros in Taurus sex can be enjoyed without love however you tend to fare better when you have a steady sexual partner to love and hold in the dark of night. Eros in Taurus can love forever and tends to experience deeper levels of sexual joy with a partner who is there for the long haul. With Eros in Taurus you might be extremely gifted as a lover.

So i i think this is my mars placement covered anyway, it's good and bad... kinda extreme lol.
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I am a 3rd Decan Cancer born in 16th July.

Cancer-PISCES July 13-July 22 – 3rd Cancer Decan

Ruler & Subruler: Moon-Neptune

The spiritual planet Neptune is the Subruler, which joins forces with the Moon, ruler of Cancer, to accentuate an impressionable and romantic nature. Neptune, as the ruler of Pisces, brings to Cancer-Pisces an element of disguise. This planet of illusion combines with Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, and often produces a character that literally seems to change in front of others. Many Cancer-Pisces change their looks so frequently or their style of clothes on a regular basis. Cancer-Pisces adaptability to different kinds of people is one of their secrets of success. Cancer-Pisces know how to wait, watch and listen.

Whether at work or at home, Cancer-Pisces usually exerts a powerful force behind the scenes, or as team members. In relationships, they would sooner be alone than enter a dubious or unstable partnership. Cancer-Pisces beginning a relationship will be honest with the other person from the outset, rarely pretending to be something they are not. Cancer-Pisces often need to take part in activities and have an active hand in shaping and forming whatever is going on. The best suited for Cancer-Pisces would be a solid, practical partner, someone who lends structure and emotional stability.

Cancer-Pisces presence can bring a sparkle to the room; an evening spent with them can sometimes be like a ride to heaven. Cancer-Pisces have an open, receptive quality that is permanently endearing. The fact that they are so rarely the same makes them equally entertaining to have as friends and acquaintances. For a Cancer-Pisces, it is just as important for them to share the wealth. They are compassionate in the extreme and though they may not like to travel too far from home, they’ll go the distance for someone in need.

Erogenous Zone: Cancer-Pisces have sensitive feet. The erotic aspect of having their feet touched or nibbled is either a hidden or known favorite past time.
My moon.

Taurus Moon Man
Here is a man who guards his feelings quite strictly outside. He talks to only few people to avoid any kind of awkwardness and intruders. It usually takes him more time to open up. He must first know if the territory is safe. Just see this man like a cat. He prefers only those whom he can trust. This is true even at home. If his siblings are rude to him he will remember that almost all his life and make sure that he is away from them. He will also make sure to not trust them again unless of course they sincerely ask him for forgiveness.

Secretly, the Taurus moon man takes pleasure in building things of beauty. Depending on his taste, the task might include creating lyrics, carpentry or drawing. Apparently, Taurus moon bestows its carrier a toned voice. So it is possible for him to also enjoy singing. Professionally, he is more interested in finance. As a matter of fact, he will often take time to weigh whether he is getting paid enough for the amount of job he is doing for the company.

What about his love life? As mentioned before, Taurus is a sign ruled by the planet of love, Venus. So inside the mind, the man will always be romantic. But at the same time, when without a companion he will feel very love sick. He just has a need to be in a relationship. During his early age, this will compel him to be with a few wrong women. But as he will mature he will become more aware of who he really wants.

Typically, the Taurus moon man prefers to find someone who is beautiful to his eyes. Recall Taurus values beauty! Next, she must be kind, educated, homely and mentally stable, and have defined goals just like him. This man sure is tolerant, but not of tantrums and ill tempered pushy people. Can he cheat? As long as he gets plenty of love in his relationship and has a stable family background he will not stray. Although individualistic, this man brings to relationship all that he learned from his parents. Tradition is the key here. Despite this, it must be noted that since Taurus moon is too fixed and guided by favoritism in love, its carriers are not capable of dating two or more people at the same time. So in a way, Taurus moon men can be taken as very faithful.

This is very true, i also have issues showing true feelings in a public area even with someone i love, i like it to be very private, i feel vulnerable when i do that.
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A write up on Taurus mars which seems to fit in more with how i explained it.

You're a do-er, but it might take awhile to get the wheels moving. Once you're on the move, it's hard for you to change tack -- you are fixed on your path, and can become inert or stuck at times.

And Mars in this earth sign are naturalists, with heightened senses.

Do you know your Mars sign? You can find it by putting your birth data into the chart generator.

With Mars Taurus, you're a sensualist, with a natural attitude toward sex. You have bodily presence, and fully surrender to the physical side of life.

Your style is direct and uncomplicated. For you sex is as fundamental as eating -- and just as necessary. Because you're confident in your body, you have less hang-ups, and can be an uninhibited lover. Few people can match you when it comes to endurance, once you get going.

Your tastes tend toward the organic and no-frills. You don't need a lot of gizmos, just a relaxed place to let your hair down. Pleasing your partner is important to you, so you're usually willing to follow your lover's lead. Your motto could be, "if it feels good, do it."

You prefer natural looks to someone made-up and smelling of perfume. You're the slow hand, who likes to draw out the appetizers of intimacy, before the main course.
FIRST DECAN of PISCES Rising (00.00 - 10.00 degrees)

Copyright © Dell Magazines [Dell Horoscope] -- Online version Copyright © 1999 - 2017 - Elbert Wade [Author]

This Pisces/NEPTUNE decan is, of course, the most typical. Very much of what was covered above applies fully, but there is more. Pisces makes for versatility and adaptability, and enhances your sense of rhythm. You are attuned to the "beat" of life. Neptune's influence can soften your personality and your appearance. Seldom are you aggressive or offensive as you go about handling everyday matters. You know that showing kindness and courtesy will usually get you what you really want and need. Neither do you respond well to or appreciate those who neglect to use kindness and courtesy in dealing with you.

You may be among the most attractive of all those with other decans of Pisces rising. Dark, perhaps curly hair; deep, pool-like and expressive eyes; a smooth complexion; generally delicate features are common. Neptune's influence can add a certain type of dreaminess to your appearance and expression. Your movements are normally graceful, smooth, soft, rhythmic and well coordinated. Your smile is ingratiating and covers your entire face.

Fortunately, the additional sub-influences of this first decan can add a lot of energy and drive to aid your success in everyday matters. The twelfth-house influence demonstrates itself by causing you to value your right to privacy. Have some time alone in order to "charge your batteries"; otherwise, you tend to become nervous, irritable, discontented and unpleasant. However, don't overdo your right to privacy to the point that others start to think of you as a recluse -- or, even worse, that you are hiding something of importance from them. You need to find an outlet for your creativity, as you may have artistic talents in abundance; however, you may need to learn how to cash in on your expression of them.

I am 6 foot tall, around 180 pound in weight right now, green/blue eyes, soft looks, a sort of Aries eye brow where they protrude from the forehead, i once got told i must be manicuring my eyebrows because of their natural look lol.
A bit odd for a male to tell a male this but that happened.
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