a T-squares party in my friend's chart


Hi all,
I just introduced myself in the newbie section.
As mentioned there I am not an expert, but like to study some friend's charts to get more familiar with astrology. Didn't have big problems untill now.
A girl friend of mine has quite an odd birth chart and while I could figure out many things because of what I know of her, still I don't feel I have quite a grasp on this and because she's not into the subject really, I want to send her by some pro astrologer, but to make her understand astrology can help her, I'd like to give her some decent introduction, some hints that might motivate her to dig deeper with a better experienced person than me.
This said, please tell me how many T-squares you see here, because I think I'm seeing double and don't know where to take it from there...
Whatever hints you wanna throw in there, I appreciate very much, thanks!


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I'd say this is only one T-Square with a conjunction at the apex. Too, although it's not in orb to create a Grand Cross Saturn does oppose the conjunction significantly to help with the solution of finding a release for the tension. That can be very helpful. You might want to be more comfortable understanding it yourself long before you share the ideas of anyone else in case the information generates a question beyond your ability to help create understanding. Maybe you could use your grasp of the technical part to locate some online explanations and interpretations you can link with clarity.


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learning astrology, to


You said:
make her understand astrology can help her, I'd like to give her some decent introduction, some hints that might motivate her to dig deeper

If you want to introduce someone to a simple way to understand astrological basics, go to the link below this post.

Trying to help,

It's interesting to see this because I just posted about a T-square party in my own chart. I would be interested in helping you but if possible could you give me your friends Birth date, time and place. I don't prefer the chart you loaded from astro.com because it's hard to see the lines.

- Kristin


thanks Tim, interesting link.

Eternallycomplicated, what can I say, I see that you're at the begin too, but if you want to share some ideas thanks. The datas are in the pic, 21 july '71
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yes of course... sorry, it seems I was distracted while replying.
I did read it and appreciate the opinion, guess I thought I would have checked it later, in fact I have to dig some info because I couldn't really follow it all.
The fact that I asked "how many" is because from a software I use, it pointed out like 7 T-squares of sort, in order:
Mer square Jup, Mer opposition Mar, Mar square Jup (T-square)
Mer square MC, Mer opposition Mar, Mar square MC (T-square)
Mer square Jup, Mer square MC, Jup opposition MC (T-square)
Mar square Jup, Mar opposition Asc Jup square Asc (T-square)
Mar square Jup, Mar square MC, Jup opposition MC (T-square)
Mar square MC, Mar opposition Asc, Asc square MC (T-square)
Jup square Asc, Jup opposition MC Asc square MC (T-square)

and I lost Saturn in there, or I had to reconsider anyway so I figured I had to study it a little longer, but had no time.
Well, same now, I'll have to be back on this.
Thank you again.
It's interesting, your friend has a grand square with, what appears to be three extra t-squares. Coupled with that fact she also has two 12th house planets. A very complicated chart. I also have a grand square with an additional T-square and two twelfth house planets; very very difficult. I'm curious at the fact that you said you want to send your friend to an astrologer because you feel she can get help or guidance or what not. Is it because you see some of the challenges in her chart appearing in her day to day life? And if so, is she aware of them?

Ever since i found the T-square in my chart and grand square I've been doing tons of research. Basically what I found is that they are challenging aspects in that the already squared planets, continue to make squares with other planets, so that 4 planets are involved creating one massive square across the chart, and pulling the energy back and forth into all four sections of the chart. The problem is the energy is never settled, it's a constant battle. For your friends chart her grand square is fixed. Basically all of the planets involved in the square are in fixed signs, such as leo, and scorpio. On top of that, your friend has additional T-squares. I really empathize with her. I'm going to assume that she's either an extremely successful, hard working individual, with a LOT of struggle behind her. Or she's just a mess of nervous energy, unable to find an outlet, and pretty stuck with herself.

If you want to let me know any other information that would be very useful. It's good to see I am not alone in this, so perhaps we can find some resolution.