A short story :)


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Walking down a path, a pathway that leads to a beautiful garden...
Within the Garden lie all sorts of beautiful flowers, I desire to have one
flower, just one.

For whatever reason, the flowers wither and sway away with each touch
I give them. I figure they may not be watered enough, and so I begin to
water the soil. But they grow no more healthier

I then figure that they aren't being planeted correctly, and I plant the seeds anew. But the new, beautiful flowers wither away even faster then the flowers that were planted before.

Why is it that I cannot touch even a single beautiful flower? I walk down
further and further the garden, dismayed and saddened by the loneliness
that accompanies me. There lay in wake a Golden Flower, it's beauty
sacred and holy by nature. The first time I ever blushed at looking at a
flower, I thought for sure that by my presence that the flower would wane.

But wane it did not.....I thought could I possibly touch this flower? But it's
beauty is sacred by itself, if it should wane I would be the consequence behind it's untimely death. Eventually I gathered the courage to touch this flower, wane it did not.

Soon after, I would visit the Garden everyday, learning the Flower's likes
and dislikes, like me it had been lonely in the Garden, beautiful as it is, it
grew alone and distant and cold. Until it had met me.

We had enjoyed each others company and grew in each others arms
until one day I ventured into the Garden again, this time to find that it
faded completely.

I looked around for a reason, not enough sunlight? Or enough water?
Was it something I said? Like all flowers before her, she gave me no
answer. She simply faded away from me.

Though no tears flow from my face, they flow freely from my heart,
after all, I would have no Flower by my side.


Mr stellium

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That is actually a very good poem (although you call it a story) - why not send it to some poetry group/magazine/website to see if they like it. Or just send it as a letter to the editor of some newspaper to get it published.
P.S It needs title.