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Hi Stargazers,

I am thinking of taking a Massage Therapy Course this Spring/Summer and work as a LMT while going back to school. I was wondering if this would be a natural fit for me. I was thinking of also getting certified in prenatal massage therapy and working with a midwife or OB.GYN. I was also considering working the opposite end of the spectrum and work as a LMT in a hospice environment. I am very good at giving massages, and I enjoy making people feel good. What area of Massage therapy would be best for me?

My other question was whether I should pursue a degree in Psychology, I am interested in Hypnosis and Reiki, and other alternative practices for mental health healing... or does my chart indicate further talent in a field such as Information Systems Management (Computer Systems Analyst) I understand computers and technology well.

Thanks so much!!!



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I think with Neptune conjunct MC in Sag, definitively something geared to imagination, or some kind of higher learning.

Jupiter in fifth house is also about creativity, and Sun in 3rd house about communication.

I can see potential for both ICT and massage therapy, as both are about using novel techniques. You have a lot of Earth planets though, so you need to account for that. Maybe ICT would be better suited to this.
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